Don't Waste Your Breath


Gabriele moved toward me wearing nothing but a robe—a nice one. Something made of soft, cool fabric so unlike the tattered robe wrapped around me. I had no idea what time it was, but he looked like he’d slept and showered.

At least he’d be clean when he forced himself on me, not that that even mattered.

“Take off the robe,” he commanded in an emotionless voice that sent a chill skittering up my spine. I hesitated a second too long and anger flashed through his eyes as he stalked forward and yanked me into a seated position.

I yelped as he slapped me hard across the face. I tasted blood but fought the urge to burst into tears as I remembered what I’d promised myself before I fell asleep.

Let him touch you. Let him have his way. Live, for the love of God, live as long as you can and get out of here! Live, so you can kill this man with your bare hands. Live, so you can stop this madness from continuing.

“What did I say about obeying me, bella?” He fisted my hair and forced me to loo
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