Taming Mister CEO

Taming Mister CEO

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"I'll build you thousands of empires and mansions, adore you with precious pieces of jewelry, you will be the only known queen of this ruthless man," Azrael Thorn Execroz whispered words that marked Andromeda's heart. His minty breath lingers in her senses, particularly in her nose. She wanted to be consumed by the fire of his heart, deep until they can no longer grasp for air. His shoulder shuddered in the darkness, while his body remains to cage the woman who captivated his iron heart. "Azrael..." she said softly with her heart beating erratically. "I...I don't desire your wealth nor your heart," she replied, slightly shivering. She was lying to the young man but mostly to herself. "Then what do you want?" he replied with his eyes beginning to shine as the tears warn to fall. He is breaking. "Let me leave," Andromeda spoke, each word like an arrow piercing through his heart. Sliding her right arm to his chest, she tiptoed momentarily to whisper what ended them. "Free me." And with that, the mighty and dignified Azrael Execroz felt his world crumble into small shards of glass. She tamed him. She was his escape. His solace. And now, she's gone.

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This book is underrated! Good job, Author <3 Do you have any social media that I can follow?
2021-06-23 19:48:01
66 Chapters
Andromeda Seline Fuentez has hated the humans ever since her friends and family died one by one due to the recklessness and greed of the people on the surface, or most commonly known as the humans.  She despises them so much that what was deemed impossible became probable. Her strong will to avenge her fallen sisters and kingdom led her to make a decision she never thought she would regret.  "Are you sure about this, Princess Andromeda?" one of the elders questioned for the ninth time. They knew what lies in the surface, 500 feet above, sickly and wicked humans.  Andromeda knows it well, although no one succeeded from turning into a human, many mermaids and mermen died before in the hands of the creature with two feet.  The people of the Sutra kingdom is also aware of the ungodly acts the humans had committed. They saw what happened vividly with their own eyes, the tragedy that oc
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Resurfacing on the land
The coarse texture of the sand with a bit of graininess in it was the first thing the woman felt upon walking bare feet in the land. Her long bright golden-like straight hair glimmers under the hot sun. Finally, after all their failed attempts, she is now free to walk in the land where humans reside. Looking down at her legs, down to the pair of feet she has acquired after agreeing to the great elder's demand, the princess of the dying ocean successfully infiltrated the enemy's territory. Her mouth remained sealed as she scans her surrounding, various trees can be seen and some luxurious ships are approaching the port nearby her, maybe, she could ask them questions later. The ocean breeze swept beside her with a gentle warm feeling as the soles of her feet began to slightly burn. However, she remained her straight composure despite the unusual foreboding that crept into her system, she is after all,
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The Qiong Family
Heaving a long sigh, Xiulan Qiong can't help but scratch his head upon the request of his older sister. "Why should I be the one who will carry that stranger?" he questioned, quite annoyed. The reason why they have bodyguards is for them to do the tedious stuff! And besides, he's busy finalizing some arrangements on the auction that will be happening on their island two weeks from now. The Qiong family needs to sell some of their antiques and valuable properties due to the fact that their business is slowly falling and may need to acquaint potential investors in the said gathering. Selling to gain capital and meeting big shots in the said event will be like hitting two birds with one stone for the clan of Qiong's. They belong to the top ten wealthiest families in the whole Guijing city, however, Xiulan is not satisfied with their fast-falling ranking, selling some of their unused wealth to turn it in
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Waking up
The tepid water has been the cause of the awakening of the dazzling lady. Being unconscious for two hours while sleeping in the wide bathtub rendered the owners of the mansion to feel anxious.The girl is burning with a fever the whole day!They laid her first on one of the beds in a guest room, but oddly enough, instead of the temperature going down, it has risen more up to 42 degrees Celsius!The maids of the Qiong family started to panic, their hearts have been restless ever since their young master brought home an unfamiliar person and with no clothes on for a fact!What will they do if preposterous rumors about their young master will start circling around again?The madam of Qiong family will be disheartened and the mood on the mansion will turn sour upon arriving back home at Guijing City."Which family do you think this madam belongs?" The youngest maid, Keela, questioned.What great luck this girl possesses, to think that she
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Yan Qiong
"Kyaaaah! You are finally awake!" the newly entered woman squealed like a five-year-old child. Wearing a long silk bathrobe, and with her hair slightly messed up, the maids guessed that she has been woken up from her deep slumber.It's too late for a Sunday evening to still be up, yet the earliest for a Monday morning.Yan Qiong scrutinized the features of the young maiden, and each second she does so, the air thickens and it becomes more awkward."Woah, you're really beautiful, are you a foreigner perhaps?" the eldest daughter of the Qiong's questioned eagerly, her dark pupils light up in amazement. However, Andromeda kept her mouth sealed.'Foreigner?'Is that some kind of fish? A coral? Seaweed?Ah! She doesn't know."Look at your hair, it's gold! If it's not attached to your body, I would've mistaken it as pure  and real gold!" Yan Qiong once more exclaimed in awe.  Her hands found its way to the girl's silky long hair,
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The Kelp
"Here is the salade aveyronaise you ordered, Madam," the head chef said, serving a delectable dish. It is a classic French salad that Yan Qiong assumed to be the easiest and fastest dish that can be made at this time of the day.Wearing a bathrobe similar to Yan Qiong, the head chef, even though he already has a wife and three kids, can't help but be mesmerized at 'Nixie', the name of the woman according to their master."You're dismissed," the young miss said.Usually, she would hate staying up late, or destroying her sleeping schedule, but this is far more important than her usual routines.The dining room of the villa is a splendid sight to behold, with a white big Strauss-crystal chandelier above their heads and a glass table where the four columns are created using oak-tree. It is wide enough for eight people to seat.This scene portrays those of in the medieval era, only that, it is made of modern materials. It's not even a mansion yet the in
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The Shrapnel inside the Princess' heart
Do you hear it, Andromeda?The bombs that kept exploding and your friend's and family's voice wailing deeply in sorrow.With every explosion that happens, their tails got ripped off, their soul would start vanishing into thin air as they uttered the word, "Escape, Andromeda"The moments you shared together, those laughs, each meal you had together can no longer happen again because of the selfishness of other people.Why must we suffer?Why should my people be drowned in agony?That day, the sea looks palely blue, it should've stayed that way, but with a sound that resembled a thunderstrike, the blue seawater turned bloody red.The screams echoed loudly and clearly...Revenge...yes, the sole reason why she's here, in the land.Do you remember, Andromeda?How you take care of that one angelfish you loved, you gave her a name, Sammy...and she was pregnant, ready to give birth to a thousand more of her kin...she was
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Getting to know more of the Qiong's
A lone figure clad in an azure silk gown stood at the balcony of the Qiong's villa. The entire room was filled with gloomy atmosphere, it was dark with only the sounds of dripping rain resonating throughout.It was just an awful dream.'I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part that we, humans and mermen, can co-exist peacefully, then sooner, I'd reveal myself to their world. I had high-hopes yet in a snap, it dissolved into bubbles.'As the cold wind stroked her body, she shivered instinctively but didn't move.Is this how feeble a human body is?With a little bit of coldness, one shudders their arms while in coldness.Their people thrive more.Her mind once more wandered to the thoughts she's forbidden to speak of.'Love can be deadly when given to the wrong people'This is the biggest lesson she acquired after what happened fifteen years ago and its aftermath to her Kingdom.It's been three days since she
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A Tour of Emotions
"There are six main bedrooms in our villa, sister Yan occupies the largest one on the third floor, beside her is the office she works in. She is lazy, so she doesn't get anything done anyway unless it piques her interest, she won't get up and get the job done" Xiulan narrated while sighing, he forgot that their villa is composed of many rooms. Now, he needs to spend half of his day touring Nixie.Well, he took the day-off so it should be fine…if only his eldest sister, Yan Qiong would help him, life for him would be easier.After all, if his sister wills to reach the top five of the inner elite circles, she can do it in a snap.Nixie nodded slightly, and this took Xiulan's attention from his stress regarding his sister. The fact that Nixie didn't even bother listening to his juicy gossips and rants about his older sister proved that she's not a spy nor an agent.This gained Xiulan's trust.His eyes once more pinned down against the beauty.
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The Qiong's Secret
It was already middle in the midnight when little footsteps can be vaguely heard all around the basement of the Qiong's.A little figure with a bright flashlight on her hand looked around curiously on the bare walls, she needed to go downstairs in order to travel down the basement. Unlike other rooms, this one isn't polished nor glistening with extravagance.It was dirty and full of webs, with brick walls that resemble ancient towers.It was a relief that Keela Chen, the maid, taught her how to use the flashlight, or else, there's no possible way that she can walk through the dim room.'A door?' she asked herself quizzically.She was toured by Xiulan Qiong earlier in the villa, however, a certain door caught her interest, when she inquired Xiulan about this, he said she was not allowed to go there.Curiosity indeed kills a cat.She ventured the rooms of all the family members, there was no room that she hasn't seen, but why is that sp
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