Tattooed stranger

Tattooed stranger

By:  Mira💜  Ongoing
Language: English
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“Why are you here?” “Trust me, I had no idea this was your house or you were the one needing a nanny” “It’s doesn’t matter who’s child, why are you offering to look after a child with the kind of live you lead?” “You have no right to judge me Mr Howard” “I’m not judging you ….” A club attendant lost her job but had heavy bills to pay so she ended up taking a high paying babysitting job but it turns out her employer is the same man she had a smoking hot sex a few days back. Will he let someone he thinks is a whore baby sit his precious niece thereby creating the chance for there love story or will he sent her away ? Let’s take this ride together lovelies Love you xoxo

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9 Chapters
Chapter one
Katherine pov For me, the sexiest spot a tattoo can be found is on a man’s rib and of course his fingers. I’ve heard a number of time how painful getting one on those spots can be, maybe that’s why I find it sexy. But is that why I can’t tear my eyes off this hot dude across this counter as well?And what could be hotter than the way he was rolling his drink within his tattooed fingers. The only thing on my mind right now are sinful pictures of how I wished to be banged by this man. But I can’t, mainly because he’s with someone and because my shift ends in four hours. He would have been gone by then for sure.“Hi, a drink please?” A young voice interrupted my thoughts. I tore my eyes off the man immediately to see a sixteen year old looking kid in front me.“ you shouldn’t be here sweet boy” I said with a smile.“I’m legal” he said almost anxious which made his lie obvious, I see young kids try to get drinks several times so I know how well to handle them.“ID please?” I said and he
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Chapter Two
“Urghh!” I grumbled out of frustration as I watch the tattooed stranger drive out of my street. The jerk made me beg him for sex only to turn me down, apparently he had a child to take care of and couldn’t stay but still didn’t make any attempt to ask for my number or even give his, such a jerk.I hissed and headed inside my tiny apartment, the emptiness welcomed me once again. It’s always been just me ever since Henry got hospitalized, we lived together after my graduation.Walking straight to the bathroom, I began humming cheap thrills by sia, nothing sounded better than hard clubbing and some good dick at the moment.My dirty mind was filled with images that how hard I wanted to grabbed by this tattooed stranger. Wake up Katherine!!!! I screamed at myself internally How can I be fantasing about a man I didn’t even know his name?!!!I had an apple and made my way to bed, sleeping is my favorite thing to do for the record, only if I could get paid for it.>>>“What are you doing?!
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Chapter Three
Katherine’s pov I stired with closed eyes trying to adjust to the rays of sunlight coming in through my crampy window.The bed was oddly cold, the usual feeling of emptiness filled my stomach once again. The tattooed man had drove me to get a cab home before driving off tó whatever business he was called for.I haven’t had a real sex in seventeen months and last night felt like I was actually gonna get laid and that happened so I ended up masturbating with my little toy. I went straight to the bathroom to wash off my body.The thoughts of the ordeal didn’t let me be, I think I’m going crazy because tell me why my hot dog was looking like a dick and made me moaned and wet over breakfast. No doubt about it now, I’m utterly fucked.My phone started ringing from my handbag from yesterday. I shuffled my hand blindly looking for it and when I did I was suprised to see my boss’s name flashing on the screen. Why is he calling so early in the morning on my free day? I wondered.“Good morning
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Chapter Four
Edward’s povIt took everything in me not to ignore Aiden’s call to grab the most perfect tits I’ve come across and suck them hard before releasing my sexual frustration in uhhh…. I sighed realizing I didn’t even know her name.No woman has ever got my body as hard as she has in years and I wanted nothing more than to bury myself deep in her.Work sure called at the wrong time but work comes first always. Some troubles needs fixing and that took the whole night again. Good thing there’s someone to look after…“Uncle!” My little niece ran towards me as soon as I got inside, I carried her up and noticed she was looking so happy.“The smile is big Lily.” I pointed out and she nodded, she looked around before placing her tiny hand beside my ears,“The nanny is leaving” she wispered“What? But why?” I asked her“I don’t know” she shrugged avoiding my eyes“Lily?” I called“Uncle!” She called back“This is your fifth nanny in two weeks, what did you do this time?” Asked with a cocked eyebro
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Chapter Five
“I have to be in London in less than eight hours” he said “London? That’s a nine hour flight” i said suprised “Exactly, so I need you to babysit her for just three days” he pleaded “Okay, I will…. You’d pay in the advance right?” I asked to be sure he wasn’t lying.“Yes, you will get the money right away, I just need you to make sure she’s okay for the three days I’ll be away”“Sure!” I said happily.Finally I will be able to pay for my brother’s bills and shut Gloria up back home, what more could I ask for. I smiled happily as I followed him back inside the building, he asked me to wait in the living room while he went upstairs.He came back after a minute with the little girl from earlier. “So Katherine, this is my niece Lily” he said pointing to the little girl behind him. I flashed her a smile and she returned it with a fake one. Wow! She doesn’t like me.“Lily, this is Katherine, she’ll be taking care of you till I’m back”“Hi baby girl” I said with a smile“My name is Lily
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Chapter Six
“You gotta be chill Katherine,she’s just a little girl after all” Kara said after laughing at me“Kara you don’t get it, her attitude doesn’t come close to that of a little girl” I almost screamed into the phone“Whatever girl, you got this”“Phewww! I’m not so sure, I don't even know how to handle her”“You sure got it Katherine”“So how do you wanna get the money to your brother?” Kara asked“I’m not sure, but I really have to cash the check at the bank first but I’m not sure how I can do that with this job”“I wish I could help somehow”“I will talk to you later Kara, I think her majesty’s pizza just arrived.I was right, the pizza had just been delivered and now I have to get her to eat, Hugh!! God did she have to be this rude? Can’t she just be a cute, shy little girl? I held the pizza in one hand and knocked on her door and thankfully she responded.“Who is it?” “It’s Katherine, your pizza is here”“Alright “Alright????????? What was that supposed to mean? I wasn’t expecting
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Chapter Seven
My decision to leave Lily in the care of that woman wasn’t easy but I knew I had to. I had no option. I I couldn’t bring her with me to London on such a short notice. “Edward!” Lucas Dumas, a rich arrogant business minded son of a bitch. He has always been a major investor at Howard empire since the time of my father. I wonder why he wants to pull out now. This is definitely not a good time to lose any cash, not now that my father seemed to have increased pressure on me. “Mr Dumas, good evening” I greeted stretching my hand towards him“You’re late” he said “I flew as soon as I could” I responded not wanting him to keep pestering me about being late. It’s just thirty minutes.“Considering you had to come from New York, I will let it go this one time” he said, raising a glass of wine.“That is nice of you Mr Dumas” I responded, taking a sip of the wine in front of me.“So how is business Edward” he asked, with a sly smile. “You said to discuss your reasons for wanting to pull out i
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Chapter Eight
“Was that my uncle?” Lily asked the moment I dropped the call, I nodded. “Ohhh, he must have heard. Is he mad” she asked “Sure he is, but you don’t have to worry” I assured her with a smile Only if I could tell her that anger is better that the state of mind her uncle is. Has he always been like this? Why would he think of the dumbest thing? Feeding a six year old alcohol? Sexualizing her? Did he really think of me as a pedophile? The more I thought of it, the more anger I felt pumping up my chest, his accusations was not just disgusting but worse than any I’ve been subjected to before. My mom and her good for nothing boyfriend, the perverts at the club and the disgusting old fools that has insulted me whenever they couldn’t get what they wanted, all there harsh words and accusa was directly on me. Words like prostitute, whore, slut, twart, had always been said to me, but this was different, Edward had accused me of sexualalizing a child. All because I worked in a club or
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~~Edward~~“Uncle!” Lily screeched, running towards me. Her clothes are almost drenched, stained plus her hair and face covered in white patches. What the hell is going on here. What is this woman doing to my niece.“Lily, what happened” I asked bending to face her “Nothing, Katherine and I are making cookies” she said happily “What? You need to take your bath and change princess” “No!” She pouted “I want to see the cookies”“Katherine will get the cookies to your room ….” “No! I want to see it we made it together” she insisted with a determined look on her face. Not knowing what else to say I looked to Katherine.“I need to have a word with your uncle Lily, I promise I’ll call you once it’s ready”Katherine said glaring at me.“Promise?” Lily asked happily “Of course I promise” she responded with a warm smile“Okay” Lily said before rushing out happily “What are you doing?” I sneered the moment Lily left “What am I doing?” Katherine responded in an angry tone. Does she even
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