Te Amo, Mr. CEO

Te Amo, Mr. CEO

By:  Champi  Ongoing
Language: English
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Te Amo, Mr. CEO is all about love, grievance, hatred, and a dark past. From the title itself, it tells us that everybody can love anyone they want, even if it is the CEO of the most successful company in the world. Love is not impossible for the synchronized hearts of two persons---this story will prove that to you. "Life is hard," was one of the common mottos we are hearing from others. It was hard, especially for a single mother, Ramina Maxine, who wants the best for her daughter. That's why she made the best of it and applied as the secretary of a ruthless CEO of Mattheios Company, Percy Bysshe. As they work together, she would know a lot about his life. Contrary to her belief, she didn't know that he was living a miserable life. She was there on his darkest nights. She was there during his vulnerable times. When he fell for her, a revelation was revealed which rocked their world apart. How were they involved from the past? Would it affect their relationship in the present?

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33 Chapters
Chapter 1: Introduction
"Ms. Montalvo."  Ramina looked up when she heard a voice behind the door of her office. Thinking that it might be her officemate, she told her to come in.  "What's up?" Ramina uttered when she saw Danielle, one of her friends in the small company she works at.  Danielle looked unhappy so Ramina immediately worry over her. "Are you okay?" Ramina asked.  Danielle sighed and slowly walked towards her. She put a document on Ramina's table and motioned her to read it.  Ramina on the other hand was so confused at first until she read what was in the document. "W-What is this?" Ramina stuttered after reading the paper. Her heartbeat is getting faster every moment and she feels like her chest is drowning. Danielle shook her head, getting frustrated. "I don't understand anything either. This matter will be discussed later before we leave," Dan
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Chapter 2: Confession
"Mommy, you were having a nightmare..." Prescelle pouted.  Ramina gulped nervously. It felt like a sin especially that she dreamed of that!  "I'm so sorry, baby... Did I disturb your sleep?" Ramina softly asked. She went closer to her daughter who is now sitting on the bed, adjacent to where she's laying.  Prescelle nodded and softly gasp. "But it's okay, Mommy. I know you're tired from work... I will sleep now," Prescelle said, sleepiness is evident in her voice.  Ramina sighed and guided her daughter to sleep. She laid her down on the bed and tugged the comforter on her body.  "Sleep tight, darling..." Ramina whispered. "I love you... mommy..." Prescelle uttered before finally dozing off to sleep.  Ramina just checked if her daughter is already asleep before going out of their room. She then went to the kit
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Chapter 3: Encounter
Anton always thought that Ramina is a straightforward kind of woman. She will not gonna lie to someone if she found that person attractive. Anton knew that she was not lying the moment she told him she doesn't want anyone. But still, Anton did not give up.  With his eyes teary because of disappointment, he faced her. "For all those years that we're together... you really did not l-like me?" His voice broke. "Even a bit? Huh, Ramina?" he desperately uttered.  His heart is breaking as the second passes by that Ramina isn't responding. For others, silence means yes, but Anton couldn't apply that one to their situation right now. Anton knew that Ramina isn't answering him because she don't want him to get hurt by the truth she'll gonna tell him.  Anton sadly smiled. "Ramina... Do you l-like me even for a bit?" he asked again, even with a broken heart.  Ramina did not look at him, she
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Chapter 4: Deja Vu
Ramina was secretly scolding herself for acting unprofessional earlier. She couldn't believe that she just talked with the CEO of Mattheios Company! She scolded herself for not researching enough about the CEO of the company. She just knows its name but not the face!  As she lines up for the interview for the position: of CEO's Exclusive Assistant, she can't help but sweat buckets. Her hands are kind of trembling and she keeps on gulping from time to time.  "Mrs. Ramina Maxine!" a staff called her. She immediately stood up. "Correction, Madam. It's Miss Ramina Maxine," Ramina told her. The staff nodded. "I'm sorry for the misunderstanding," she said.  Ramina just smiled before entering the room where the interview takes place. She'll be talking with the hiring manager first and when she pass this interview, she will be interviewed by the CEO she's going to work wit
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Chapter 5: Work
"When are you going to work?" Yaya Grace asks Ramina.  They were eating lunch at a restaurant near the school of Prescelle. Since Ramina won't be able to do this more often with them once she started working.  The interior of the restaurant is designed and painted green which creates a good ambiance. It's refreshing especially since the temperature inside is not so cold. It feels like you are eating in the middle of a forest. Prescelle is busy playing on her phone while the two ladies sat beside each other to talk since their order is still in the making. "On Monday, Yaya. By that, I will leave Prescelle to you once again," Ramina says.  Yaya Grace smiled then nodded. "Congratulations. I'm so happy for you," she sincerely said.  Ramina's lips stretched to form a smile. "Thank you, Yaya... Always," she says.  Ramin
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Chapter 6: Accident
Ramina did her work very well so her boss won't say something wrong with her. She doesn't want to experience what happened to the employees that day. Ramina was in her office, reading some documents on her email when Percy suddenly called her over the telephone. She certainly holds the telephone and put it in her ears while still reading a document. "Do you want anything, boss?" she asks. "I want coffee," he said on the other line before ending the call.  Ramina's lips parted. She was sure that his boss is cold and ruthless as hell but doesn't he knows how to say 'thanks' at least?  She was frowning all the time as she make his coffee. She should be professional but right at that moment, she just wanted to throw the coffee to his boss. She doesn't like what happened the other day. A boss must not treat his employees that way. They work for him and he must be thankful fo
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Chapter 7.1: Strange
Days passed like a blur, Ramina was busy working to give her daughter a comfortable life. Sometimes, Percy will be rude to her but she chose to understand. All of it will be worth it once she gives her daughter a comfortable life. As usual, Ramina woke up early in the morning. Except that today, her eyes were puffy because of crying her frustrations last night. She went directly to the bathroom and did her thing before going out wearing only her white robe. Prescelle was still sleeping deeply in the bed when she glanced at her. Ramina went in front of the vanity mirror to apply some make-up on her face. For a moment, she busied herself watching her reflection in the mirror. It's been a long time since she saw her reflection, she didn't have the chance to because she was busy. Ramina has a natural contoured hairline making her face look intimidating, angled eyebrows that made her look like a rich momma, angled cheekbones
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Chapter 7.2: Failed
Ramina roamed her eyes around to survey the environment. Everybody was busy minding their own business. There wasn't anything strange about them.  Ramina sighed. "I guess, I was just overthinking." On the other side, the chef was seen in the kitchen cleaning up a table. A mischievous grin was plastered on her lips while doing so. 'All people are so easy to fool, especially the workers of this company with a bunch of stupid people,' the chef said in her thoughts. A moment after, the earpiece she was wearing vibrated, a sign that someone was trying to contact her.  "[How is it going, Rabeya?]" The woman named Rabeya started to roam her eyes around to see if anyone was listening to her and when she noticed no one, she started to take off her apron.  "My job is done, Dad. The CEO will be gone soon," Rabeya whispered. 
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Chapter 8.1: Owe
After the turmoil or let it be the 'incident' yesterday, Rabeya Tisha Llardo became the gossip of the employees in the company. Everywhere you depart, you will give attention to her name. Every time you will go out, you will notice her face in a newspaper naming names about her.  Ramina did not foresee that the incident would go out that fast. She never assumed how momentous and well-known their CEO is. "Ramina! Can I have some of your time, please? I just want to talk to you about the incident that happened yesterday." Ramina immediately stopped walking when Mrs. Fujimoto appeared beside her. Ramina glanced at the files she was holding before providing the lady an apologetic smile. "Can we do that later during our hiatus? I need to ratify these papers to Mr. Mattheios," she said.  Mrs. Fujimoto nods her head understandingly. "Yes, right. Work first. See you later!" she uttered before leavi
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Chapter 8.2: Dinner
The atmosphere between the two people inside the office was heavy as they converse about what happened yesterday at the company. Ramina, who was sitting comfortably in a chair, and Mrs. Fujimoto beside her were the ones talking.It was their hiatus when Ramina came to Mrs. Fujimoto's office just what they talked to earlier. Ramina told her what happened without neglecting even a sole detail. "I was at the cafeteria to order a lunch for Mr. Mattheios. While ordering, I noticed that our chef had changed. It was usually the old woman serving and cooking the foods, right?" Ramina uttered. Mrs. Fujimoto nodded. "Yes, it was Chef Amelia. She worked for our company for almost a decade now. She was out for work yesterday because her grandson got sick," she pinpointed. "How did that woman even enter the company?" Ramina confusedly raises a question.Mrs. Fujimoto shook her head in a manner that showed how unhappy she was. "I don't know either.
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