Tempted by the Rogue Alpha

Tempted by the Rogue Alpha

By:  Bee Diaz  Updated just now
Language: English
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The night of Lara Taylor’s engagement to Vaughan Dabrowski changes the entire course of her life and leads her down a path from which there is no return. Not only is she betrayed by the one person in the whole world that she thought she could trust, she also finds her fated mate, a Rogue Alpha named Dex Russell, who is as dangerous as he is handsome. Dex tricks her into thinking he is in love with her, and after deciding to be careless and impulsive for once, Lara finds herself in a complicated situation where she is the butt of the joke. After the events of the horrendous night cause her to be exiled and hunted by her own packmates, Lara finds herself in unfamiliar territory with an insatiable thirst for revenge and hiding a terrible secret. Years later, Lara is given a lifeline by a stranger. His request is simple: he wants her to seduce a man and extract his darkest secrets from him, secrets that will uncover the intentions of a secret organization designed to destroy powerful packs. Lara accepts the offer, not knowing that the man she is meant to seduce is the man who fooled her all those years ago, and who on top of that, doesn’t recognize her. In this way, she is given the opportunity to avenge herself and ruin his life just as he ruined hers. Will Lara see the task through and ruin Dex, or will she be tempted by memories of the past?

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This story is interesting and promising, especially because the male lead is the worst I've ever seen. I do not like him at all and wonder how his redemption arc will be. I'm still invested in the story and hope that the author won't make the plot boring.
2024-07-02 21:34:12
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Maria Santos
Strong start for sure. Liking the story but I hate the ML so much. I see no redemption for him. FL deserves so much better.
2024-06-25 19:12:15
56 Chapters
001: Engagement Party
Lara Words can't describe how bored I am of this event. It's my engagement party and it's supposed to be the happiest day of my life but the truth is that I'm not at all excited about being Vaughan Dabrowski's mate. He's the future Alpha of our prestigious pack, and he's a Lycan like me, but I'm not in love with him. In fact, I feel like I'm being forced to be with him simply because of our excellent family connections. I take a sip of champagne. It's the only thing carrying me through the night. I look around for someone familiar in the sea of faces but see no one. How many people are in the lobby of this hotel? Five hundred? A thousand? "Wipe that frown off your face," I hear my brother, Finch, say to me. I turn my head to fix him a look. He slides into the seat next to me and puts an arm over my shoulder. His dimpled smile never fails to make me smile as well. "You're going to be officially mates. I don't see why you're cranky." "I'm not cranky," I argue. "Just tired." Lo
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002: The Rooftop
Lara For some reason, I feel my blood pooling at my feet and I grow dizzy. I stumble out of the elevator when it opens and hold onto the wall next to it to catch my breath. I only give myself a few moments before I keep going. Finch saw me, so he's probably going to come after me. I can't face him, not after what I witnessed. I take the stairs to the next floor and then keep going until I reach topmost floor which leads to the rooftop. I need all the air I can get. I can't breathe. I push through the metal doors and they swing closed behind me. I take deep breaths of air but they don't make me feel less breathless. Finch and Vaughan? I'm reeling. I move to stand near the rooftop wall. There are potted pants along the wall, which gives this place a botanic vibe. My view of the surrounding landscape is limited because of how dark the sky is tonight. I've been coming here for the past two nights for the simple purpose of relaxing, but that isn't happening tonight. What am I s
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003: Exiled
Lara I keep staring into his eyes and can't seem to figure out what's going on. Why has his demeanor changed so quickly? Why's he looking at me with so much...contempt? "This was easier than I thought," he says, though his voice sounds far from gentle and seductive. It's cold and hard, like a rock. "I'm pretty disappointed. I was hoping for a challenge." I frown. "What?" "They say rogue women are cheap. That they'll do anything for a dime. But what is your excuse, Lycan? I thought you were better than us." My anger flares. "Excuse me?" He stares at my face intently before asking, "What, are you offended by my words? You came all over my cock, Lara. You have no right to be offended." I try to step back but find that my back is already against the wall. I stare at him in disbelief while I try to figure out what exactly I'm feeling at the moment. Anger, betrayal, sure. But regret is shining brighter than any other emotion. I shouldn't have done this. I shouldn't have given myse
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004: Triumph
DexterI stick a cigarette in my mouth before cupping a hand around it to light it. Things seem to be going according to plan. I’ve taken the first step to ruin Victor Taylor and it’s only a matter of time before he finds out. The envelopes were delivered about an hour ago. As per my calculation, shit’s about to hit the fan pretty soon. I stare at the view before my eyes. Tall trees, yards and yards of freshly cut green grass. Rose bushes. Intricately carved fountains. I have it all. It’s funny how sometimes, your life can change in the blink of an eye. One day, I had nothing, and the next, I had everything I could’ve ever wanted. My phone begins vibrating in my pocket and a small smile tugs at the corners of my lips. Finally. I thought he’d never call. I reach into it with my right hand after transferring the lit cigarette to the left. It’s an unknown number. I know it’s him. I made sure to leave my number for him to call. I couldn’t risk missing his rage. “Son-of-a-bitch,” he s
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005: Lost
LaraIt's been raining for about an hour and I'm soaked. I'm not allowed entrance to the hotel. I don't think I've ever felt this kind of humiliation before. Everyone who walks past the hotel sees me standing right outside, soaked to the bone. I wonder if they know who I am and whether they're gossiping about it. Who cares, anyway? That's not my biggest concern at the moment. I have to convince my father that last night was a mistake and anyway, things weren't as they seemed. I didn't think he'd judge me for what happened, especially after he understood that Vaughan and I could never be together. I wish I'd explained to him earlier but panic made me shut down. My face is still stinging from his slap, but I try to convince myself that he's just angry. He'll apologize once he understands. I'm putting my faith in that. So, I wait. Some of the guests have already started leaving so soon enough, they'll walk through the doors. All I need is a few minutes to explain my situation and ma
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006: Home
LaraAnd so, my journey to Elwood begins. On the way, I sell my dress. It's designer and worth a good penny. I sell my shoes, too. They won’t help me where I’m going. I buy second-hand clothes and keep the rest of the money for food. Before, I used to have all the food I wanted, and now, I'm struggling to even have a meal a day. I’m still a long way from Elwood and basically hitchhiking until I get there. I have to do a ton of walking every day and wait for a car to stop by. Nobody drives to that area—Elwood is specifically for rogues. The only reason why I know my grandmother is there is because I heard my father mention it once over the phone. ‘Not sure how I can be her son when she chooses to live like a rogue in Elwood and I wouldn’t touch a rogue with a ten-foot pole.’I don’t know what awaits me at the end of my journey. Will I even find her there? Is she still alive? I’ll only find out when I get there. It never crosses my mind to turn back and go home. For some reason, I’
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007: Goodbye
LaraMy grandmother stirs sugar into her wild herb tea as I conclude my story. I can't tell much from the look on her face. She has the kind of face that is impossible to read. Maybe if I knew her better, it would've been easier for me to differentiate between her emotions, but I've not seen her often throughout the course of my life and when I became a teenager, I didn't see her at all."I'm not sure what your father has said about me," she begins, putting the teaspoon down on the saucer. "I'm not sure if he ever talked about me to you."I shake my head. "He never said a thing.""I want you to know the reason why I left," she states. "It wasn't for no reason at all. My mate—your grandfather, whom you never met—was what they called back then a 'typical' Lycan. He was proud, selfish, and arrogant, and although my father was also the same and I grew up surrounded by such men, I never agreed with it. "When I was a little girl, I had a common werewolf friend named Anne. She was the best
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008: Savior
LaraI glance over my shoulder and see Ander sitting on the bench outside of the shop, just like I told him to. He appears to be distracted and that's exactly what I want; I don't want him to see what I'm doing here. I'd never recover if he did. I turn back to the shelf in front of me, my grip on the hand basket I'm holding slipping because of how much I'm sweating. Although I've gotten fairly good at this, it never fails to terrify me. Besides, the shop-owner is eyeing me suspiciously and that makes me even more nervous. To make matters worse, the store is practically empty. I'm the only one here. I put a bag of rice in the basket but slip another one in the pocket of my coat. The money I have is limited and won't be enough to buy everything I need. Selling fruits and vegetables isn't that profitable, and there's a lot that we need, like toothpaste, rice, and lately, protein. Finding animals is getting harder and harder, even when I shift and prowl around the forest for hours on
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009: The Offer
LaraI keep staring at this man who claims to have a proposition for me. He removes his beanie, revealing platinum blonde hair that is neatly brushed. He extends a hand, which I hesitantly grasp. "First, I believe I have to introduce myself. My name is Ambrose. Ambrose Logan. For the record, I would like to add that I am a Lycan. I feel the need to say this because many people don't trust Lycans."My hand stiffens in his and I pull it away. He raises his hands as if in surrender. "I want you to know that I'm not like them, which is why I have revealed the truth to you. I don't work with or for other Lycans. I am self-employed, but I have been approached with an offer that could change things. Do something good for the world.""I'm not interested, thank you," I tell him. "If there's any other way I can pay you back, I'd be much obliged. You can even take the groceries, if you'd like.""That went be necessary," he replies calmly. "I would just like for you to listen to what I have to
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010: The Club
LaraKearwood is just as I remembered it.It's what people like to call a cosmopolitan city. A lot of different types of people can be found around here, and Lycans love this place. I vividly recall my father coming here for business trips when I was younger. I never knew what he was coming to do, but it's a name I've not forgotten. It makes sense that Ambrose has a strip club here. It is said that people are more open-minded here.I've been raised to look down upon such things. Prostitution. Stripping. Dealing drugs. But the man who taught me to never indulge in such things abandoned me and didn't care if I lived or died. He's a man with no moral compass, like all Lycans. I'm not against to the ways of the world. When I was living in the streets, before finding Elwood, a lot of women I encountered had to use sex as a means to an end. I never considered it because I was pregnant and wouldn't want to harm my baby in any way, but I saw it happen. Saw women climb inside cars of men who
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