Dumped- Lia Dean's Point of View

        Dishes flew across the room, smashing against the living room's aqua colored wall. My emotions were all over the place and it was due to my fucking husband, Carter Dean.

          "Calm the fuck down!" He shouted at me. "You're always fucking lashing out at someone!"

           "No, fuck you!" I shouted back at him. "You thought I would be okay with you asking me for a fucking divorce?!"

           I grabbed the papers and threw them at him. He moved out of the way, his eyes glaring at me with annoyance.

          "You're fucking draining me!" Cartwe shouted. "I can't fucking breath! Every fucking night, Lia! Really?!"

          "You're my husband!"


           He huffed at me.

           "You're being ridiculous." He told me. "That's another reason why I'm asking you for this. You're unstable and your fucking temper tantrums make things worse! On top of that, I can't fucking work without you thinking that I'm cheating on you! I've never cheated on you!"

          My arms crossed over my chest as I listened to my husband bicker and complain about every negative thing about me. There was nothing good that came out of his mouth. Just fucking bad things. 

         "The real problem with this fucking relationship is the sex." He said. "It's like you're taking and taking my energy. I can't even work, properly. What the fuck are you?"


        Truth be told, he was right. To him, I was a normal human being with big perky breasts, a big ass and a small waist. My eyes were a blueish-green color that captured him the first day we met. My long burgundy hair that smelled of the lavender shampoo I had in the bathroom shower made him relax every time he came home from work. To him, that's what he considered normal. However, I had another side of me that he had no knowledge of. There was a reason his energy was depleting after a sexual night with me. If he even found out I was from the underworld, he would think I was lying. But, how else was your life slowly disappearing before your eyes? 

         "I'm just a regular woman." I lied. "How could you think I'm something else?"


         He shook his head at me.

         "Whatever." He said. "You need to fill those papers out. I'm done with you and this damn relationship."


          He grabbed the papers off the ground and handed them to me. I snatched them from him and tossed it on the table.

         "I'm sorry it didn't work out." He said.

         "You're a fucking liar." I huffed at him. "You're happy to leave. So, since you want to leave my house so damn badly, then leave my damn house. NOW!"

         He nodded his head and walked towards the front door. He opened the door and stopped.

        "I'll be back for the papers on Friday." He said without glancing back at me. "Please have them filled out by then."

        He walked out the house, slamming the door behind him. I stood where I was in nothing, but my red lace bra and panties set that I wanted to surprise him in. Today was our anniversary. What a fucking way to start the night off. Leaving the shattered plate pieces on the floor, I walked upstairs into my room. I was in no mood to clean up that moment. I took one look at the burning candles and the rose petals on the bed and groaned. All of that went to waste. I walked over to the candles and blew the flames out, then I grabbed the blanket off my bed and shook the rose petals onto the floor. 

         "Some bullshit." I whispered to myself as I wrapped the thick blanket around my and flopped onto the bed. 

         I could feel myself getting weak from lack of energy. He would divorce me at the wrong time. Now I needed to find another human to take from, but the way I was feeling, I was going to need to have someone come to my house to do it. There was no way I was going to leave the house that evening. Reaching over to my nightstand, I opened the drawer and pulled my phone out. If I was going to feed, it needed to be someone I was close with. I was not into girls, so I went to the men's name in my contacts.

         "David, no." I said the names to myself. "Brian, no. Steven, hell no. Gabriel… Hm."

         I dialed Gabriel's number and put the phone to my ear. The phone rang and rang a couple times until I heard Gabriel's husky voice on the other end of the line.

        "How are you, beautiful?" He asked me.

        "Are you busy?" I asked him. "I could use some company other than my husband's."

        "Hm, for you, I'll do anything."

        "I'll unlock the door for you."

        I hung up the phone and got off the bed in a flash. Gabriel was right around the corner, so I had a little time to clean up and freshen up. I sped down the stairs, straightened up the living room and once I was done, I raced to the bathroom to check myself out. As soon as I turned on the light, my heart dropped instantly. Wrinkles were beginning to appear under my eyes and around my mouth from my energy intake running low.

        "Oh my god." I whispered. "He can't see me like this."

        As if things could get any worse, the doorbell rang. I began to panic. I was not sure how to hide any of this from him. I groaned as another sound from the doorbell sounded. I needed to figure something out fast or else he was going to leave. 

          "Just a minute!" I shouted.

          I raced back up the stairs and back into my room. I grabbed all the candles that I had brought out and rushed them downstairs. I placed all the candles around the leather black couch and lit them up with the snap of my fingers. I walked to the door and pushed the light switch down before I unlocked the door and opened it. Gabriel walked in with a huge smile on his face as he checked out my outfit. Shit, I was checking him out as well. His caramel skin tone was nice and smooth. His jet black hair was placed in a low ponytail. His hazel eyes stared back at me with complete lust and the way he licked his bottom lip at me made me shiver. 

          "I swear I thought you flaked on me." He said, flashing his pearly whites at me.

         I smiled at him, feeling more wrinkles popping up on my face.

         "I could never do that to you." I told him. "Follow me to the couch." 

        He shut the door and followed right behind me. His hand gripped my ass as we went to the couch. I grabbed his hand and forced him down on the couch. I straddled him and immediately, I began to rush it. I forced a kiss while working on his pants. He removed the white tank top that hugged his body, revealing his toned abs and tribal tattoo that was sitting there on his chest. When I sped up the pace, he pulled away and stared at me.

         "Um, are you okay?" He asked.

         "Yes, I-." I stopped talking and covered my mouth.

         My voice had changed. It was not my ordinary voice, but it was more so older like a elderly woman's kind of voice. Gabriel looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

         "Are you feeling well?" He asked, getting worried.

         "Mhm." I said. "Something's in my throat."


         He just stared at me. I grabbed both his hands and led them to my ass. He grabbed both of my ass cheeks and gave them a tight squeeze, but as he was doing it, he was making a very disgusted face. He pulled his hands back and shook his head at me.

          "Something's not right." He said. "Something's wrong with you."

          "Baby, nothing is wrong." I croaked.


           Damn it, I just need a fucking kiss you asshole, I thought to myself. Not caring about anything else, I pressed my lips against his. He tensed up for a second, but then he gotten into it. But all that shit ended when he ran his fingers through my hair. All he did was grab a fistful and when he yanked it, it was like I was wearing a damn wig the whole time. A big ass handful of hair was taken out and as soon as he seen it, that was it. He kicked me off his lap, screaming at the top of his lungs. The energy from me was gone. There was nothing left and I had transformed to a damn pruny old lady. He jumped off the couch and backed away, glancing down at me as I crawled to him. 

        "Don't leave…" I said, my voice shaky as hell.

         "Get the hell away from me!" He shouted. 


         I reached out to him, grabbing him by the ankle. He panicked and as he turned to break my grip on him, he slammed into the wall, knocking him out in the process. I gasped and crawled to him without breaking any of my fragile bones. Once I reached him, I placed my head on his chest and sighed with relief when I heard his beating hard, thumping in his chest.

         "Now… To re...regain…. My strength…" I stuttered to myself.

         I placed both my hands on his shoulder and tried to pull myself up, only to hear a cracking noise from my back. I stopped pulling and cursed myself. If I kept going on I was not going to be able to move ever again. But, if I did not do this, I was going to be old. Without a second thought, I pulled myself up to his lips once more and I heard another cracking noise. However, I did not stop. Once his lips was in my view I slammed my lips down, without checking my position, only to land on his chin. I rolled my eyes before I slid my mouth to his lips, leaving a trail of saliva in the path. I finally felt his lips against mines and I was able to do things right. I kissed his lips for what felt like eternity until I felt a sudden burst of energy slowly rise within me. I felt my body return to its former self and I was could not be any happier. Once my body returned to itself, I removed my lips from Gabriel and glanced around the area.

        "Now to stage everything." I said. "He can't remember everything that happened a while ago."

         Without a second to lose, I staged the perfect set up that would confuse the hell out of him. Once I was finished, I sat back down next to him and began to cry out loud. Gabriel's eyes snapped open and he sat up. He glanced around the area, rubbing his forehead before he directed his attention to me.

        "Lia?" He called my name. 

        I glanced up at him, sniffling and letting the fake tears fall from my eyes down my cheeks.

        "Ow, my head!" He exclaimed. "What the hell happened?"

        "You came over and we were drinking." I lied. "All of a sudden you started acting different and… and…"

       Gabriel got up and he pulled me up as well. 

      "You were really rude, Gabriel." I sniffed again. "If you didn't want to spend the night with me, you should've said so."

      "Wait, what?" Gabriel asked, confused. "What if Carter came home?"

        I shook my head.

        "Carter and I are divorcing each other." I told him. 


        "He said I was draining him. That I wanted sex too much."

       I sobbed uncontrollably and Gabriel held me close to him.

       "This was supposed to be our anniversary. I hate him!"

       "I'm so sorry, Lia. I didn't know. If you need anything, I'm here."

       I wiped the tears from my eyes and glanced up at him.

      "Will you sleep with me?" I asked him.

      "Of course I will."

     He grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs. As we walked, I could not help, but to smile the whole time we were walking to my room. What a sucker, I thought to myself. Now, I could grab a little more energy for work tomorrow. Those damn kids were stressful, but at least I'll be prepared. Perfect timing, Gabriel. Perfect timing, indeed.


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