The Academy of Pleasurable Desires
The Academy of Pleasurable Desires
Author: Shantae Red

The Invitation- Eric's Point of View

        "Did you fuck her?" My best friend, Anthony, asked me on the phone. "Did you fuck Amber?"

        I smirked to myself as I walked home late Saturday night from Amber's house. My best friend knew how I got down. Sleeping with multiple women was my specialty and that evening, Amber was my next client.She said she wanted to Netflix and Chill with me and that's exactly what we did. I shoved my right hand into my pocket while my left hand held the Samsung Galaxy S10 to my ear. 

        "So?" Anthony asked into the phone.

        "Man, come on. You should already know I did."

        Anthony did not respond. I waited for a minute, but after a minute became minutes, I decided to see what was going on.

        "Anthony?" I called his name.

        I heard a envelope being ripped open in my ear. Then, there was silence. 

        "What the fuck?" He asked himself. 

        "What's wrong, Ant?"

        The other side of the phone was quiet. I continued to hear shuffling around on his side of the phone.

        "Anthony?!" I shouted his name when he didn't answer.

       "Hey, did you get a letter in the mail?"

       I raised my eyebrow when he asked me that. Why the fuck was that important?

      "Dude, what are you talking about?" I asked. "Why are you asking about a letter?"

      "There's a letter that my grandma had placed on my bed along with a box."

      "Okay, what's wrong with it?"

      "Did you get one?"

      "I wouldn't know. I'm almost home, though."

      I sped up the pace to my walking. I needed to check the mail to see what he was talking about. 

      "Dude, they even sent me a uniform." Anthony said. "Check your front door."

      "I'm walking towards the house now."

      I got to the driveway and rushed to the front door..When I hit the corner, disappointment was written all over my face. There was no package on the front porch. Not even a letter was there. I shook my head and sighed as I continued to the door.

      "Is it there?" Anthony asked.

      "Man, there's nothing here." I said as I took the house keys out of my pocket. "What color is the envelope and the box?"

      "The envelope is red and the box is big and black." 


      I unlocked the door and walked into a dark house. I shut the door and walked over the living,. turning on the light that was on the wooden desk next to the couch. 

     "What the fuck did you sign up for?" I asked as I removed my grey converses from my feet and placed them near the door. "And it came with a uniform? Did you sign up for college or something?"

      "Man, hell no!" Anthony exclaimed. "The fuck I look like signing up for college?"

       I sighed again. I wondered why Anthony was receiving this package? What was the school?

       "What does the front of the envelope say?" I asked.

      "Dude, the envelopes blank." Anthony said. 


      I walked down the creamy- white colored hallway, past my mom's room and headed to mines. I opened the white painted door and turned the light on before I walked in. 

     "Let me call you back." I told Anthony. "I need to take a shower."

     "Alright, man."

     I hung up the phone and tossed it on my King size bed. I removed my clothes and tossed them in my laundry hamper before I walked to the bathroom. I turned the warm water on followed by the shower head, then I hopped in, getting rid of Amber's Strawberry Vanilla body spray off of my body, permanently. In the mist of me taking a shower, I heard the doorbell ring. I turned the shower off and hopped out. I looked around for a towel and could not find it. 

       "What the fuck?" I asked myself. "Where the fuck is my towel?"

       The doorbell rang again. Cursing to myself, I rushed out of the bathroom, trying not to miss the mysterious visitor. I ran into my room and grabbed some boxer shorts out of my dresser and threw them on before I ran out the room to answer the door.

       "I'm coming!" I shouted as soon as I got to the door.

       I unlocked it and twisted the handle, pulling the door open wider than I expected to. A smile formed on my face when a very attractive female stood in front of me with a red and black school girls uniform on that covered barely anything at all. Her red tartan skirt with the matching tie with slits up the side that let me get a glimpse of her warm olive toned legs. Her white buttoned up shirt was not long enough to cover her perky tits. The buttons were proof as they strained, giving me small glimpse of her baby soft skin. 

        Just staring at that girl gave me crazy, sexual thoughts that very moment. Like how I wanted to grab fistful of her as I pounded her from the back. The freckles she had made me want to explore her body for more. Her full lips looked soft enough for kiss and bite on. Her honey brown eyes were mesmerizing. The way she stared back at me let me know she was thinking the same crazy ass idea. She flashed me a seductive smile before her eyes glanced down to my boxers.

       "Nice print." She said.

       "There's more underneath if you want to see it." I told her.

      "I can see that. Nice."

      We stared at each other for a few more moments before she shook out of her daze and handed a big black box to me. I grabbed the box and glanced at it. On top of it was a red envelope taped down to the box.

       "What is this?" I asked her.

       "A private school for the selected." She said. 


        I looked back at her outfit and smiled once more.

        "Will everybody wear uniforms like you?" I asked her, jokingly.

        "This is the women's school uniforms." She said. "It's required."

       She smiled at me when my eyes widened.

       "Also, if you accept it, you get a free room and board and the tuition is free as well."

        "Really?" I asked. "How long is it?"

        "Four years."


       I nodded and she turned to walk away.

       "Wait, I didn't get your name!" I shouted.

        She turned back to me and smiled.

        "That's because I didn't give it." She said. 

         She turned back around and continued to walk off. I walked back inside and kicked the door closed. I carried the box to my room and I grabbed my phone off the bed.I called Anthony back and as soon as he answered, I laughed into the phone. He must've thought I was crazy or something.

         "What the hell is wrong with you?" He asked me.

         "We have to go to that school." I told him. "That's a must."



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