The Boy who Circled Time

The Boy who Circled Time

By:  Ice Penguin  Ongoing
Language: English
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The Nation of Gryaz has fallen, crushed under the foot and the flying cities of The Empire.Red_Two, a scientist forced to recreate the technologies that had failed him, learns about the Time Travel Project, and makes a vow to steal the device to save himself, and potentially undo the destruction of his home nation. But as he travels into the past, and meets the kindest man and scientist that he has ever known, will Red_Two be able to truly carry out his original goals, considering what is at stake if he does so?Will the spy that he meets let him, or will she simply destroy his world, as he once destroyed hers?

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Tami Gosney
is this complete? I want too read it, but only if it's finished.
2022-04-30 11:18:32
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Ulric Efukor
Just started but already hooked. Simply Amazing
2021-09-02 07:15:09
user avatar
A very interesting book with very interesting title ?
2020-11-17 15:41:31
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Belle Cassy
The first chapter got me! Everything was grey! Even food! Will continue to read though! ❤
2020-10-30 00:04:47
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random j
dude do you even know we have to pay for your freaking gibberish every chapter???? save your author's note
2020-12-11 16:51:40
374 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Grey
The white lights, lingering above, glared through dirty glass of their bulbs, flooding the grey single tables, the grey food, and the grey floor below awash, seemingly revealing all. The spoons were grey, the plates were grey, and the chairs were grey. Everything was grey.The engineer's eyes were grey, his standard issue shirt and trousers were grey, and a few grey hairs sat in the overgrown ,bushy ginger cloud which lay atop his head. His sallow skin, once tanned and always flushing red, now held a grey hue. The bags under his eyes, however, were a staunch black.His head hung downwards, single-mindedly scooping the grey mush of his lunch into his mouth, swallowing without tasting and without thinking. He watched all the blobs of different shades of grey, from the strained corners of his eyes, ignoring the burn, documenting them in his mind to analyse later.The central food hall of one of the North Western Sýnnefa military research facility was near si
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Chapter 2: Stacking the Deck
The engineer was sat on a grey chair, hunched over a grey desk with drawers, at the side of the grey workshop. He was flocked by the now, lone mechanic, looking over his shoulder at the fire-damaged blueprints, as the engineer traced them with a pencil on tracing paper. All of the four tables and chairs, that weren't bolted to the floor in four rows, which faced the door, were shoved to the right side of the room, clearing the left side to simply house the empty carcass of what was the containment of the Type III Prototype Time Machine. Born from a theoretical, throwaway design concept of one, long gone Gryaz physicist, whose budget and time was re-allocated towards war. The engineer claimed, during his compulsory project interview, that he did not understand the use for a time machine at all. The past was the past, and Sýnnefa was his future. Yet, Sýnnefa was obsessed, halting most other on-going projects, to create the time m
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Chapter 3: Whose Victory?
Every night at 20:00, the same two guards waited at the west block dorms to scan the same ID cards to allow the same individual prisoners into their identical rooms for the night. They would then patrol the area until midnight, taking the first shift.The engineer looked at his shoes as he walked, right hand in his pocket, before widening his eyes, freezing. He used his left hand to check his other pocket and found nothing, swallowing back nothing, throat dry. He checked the pockets of his trousers and found nothing again, shaking and sweating. The guard, hand stretched out, ready to take his ID card, stood, impassively, shoulders relaxed.The other guard was sharp, extremely angular, and had a long, stretched neck, bulging with nerves, and veins. He towered over the engineer, forcing him to gaze into the abyss of the black visor, stark against the vision of greys which made up the walls, floors, and uniforms of all the people."Could you confirm your identity?"
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Chapter 4: Blue
The sky was an awesome blue, from this view.It was a giant canvas of solid, crystal azure, the grand beginning for the masterpiece, made by God's hand. All for Red_Two to gaze upon at, and weep.The clouds above were rolling. They were a pure, angelic white, with the smallest of grey shadows, reaching down towards him, bordered by, and held together by, a shining silver. They bloomed high up, and so far away, crafted into dragons, into trumpets, into turtles, and into halos. They carried so much free water, ready to burst like one of those fabled grapes, and allow those crystal droplets to fall to earth like diamonds.Heaven was up there, as a garden of riches, glistening gold, and so, so bright. And so, so warm. The clouds framed it, like a spiral staircase, of which mortals like him could use to pull themselves up there, or maybe fly themselves up on that burning dragon. It could breathe fire, and warm him up in those cold, cold clouds. Would the water taste
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Chapter 5: Back to Zero
When he awoke, Red_Two found himself shivering, laying down on his stomach, on a soft, albeit cold, bed. He didn't feel a blanket over him, and he could feel a cold breeze on his feet, but not his legs. Without opening his eyes, he slowly inched his right hand towards his torso. He felt the intersection of two lines of bandages. An engulfing warmth surrounded his hand, and moved it back to his side.He was alive. Red_Two blinked his eyes open slowly, looking down at his pillow."I know you're awake," an unknown voice rang, slightly high pitched, light and cheery, definitively male, and speaking in English."I'm awake," Red_Two replied, voice slightly raspy, turning his head towards the right, in direction of the voice. He was on a bed with white pillows and sheets, with a bedside cabinet and chair next to him.On that chair was a man with an average build, matching his own, in a lilac shirt and dark blue trousers - part of a matching suit with the shiny,
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Chapter 6: Can't Runaway
The bedframe was grey."Oh,"Red_Two stopped moving. He stopped breathing.He was in Sýnnefa. In the past. Back when it was a small island.The bedframe was grey.He could still carry out his revenge. He could kill all the people on the island and prevent the future of happening. He could save Gryaz. He could save his mother and father. He could save the dead man in the library, and the second mechanic. He could save everybody. He could stop all the deaths from happening, and stop the gorge from being destroyed. He could save those deferent, purple mountains from being levelled. All he had to do was kill everybody.The bedframe was grey.But he couldn't kill. He couldn't hurt. And he didn't want to hurt the ocean-eyed man, the man he was preparing to die in the arms of, after waxing beauty about his eyes. He had a crush, didn't he.The bedframe was grey.The bedframe was starting to go black. The whole world was g
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Chapter 7: The Seeds Were Here
"Should I kill you?" echoed Red_Two's hollow voice, as Emmet strolled the room with breakfast, balancing a tray of two porridge bowls and spoons on one arm. Despite the entire night of tranquiliser induced sleep, Red_Two looked exhausted, pulling himself out of the blanket shroud he had made himself, like life itself was a taxing effort.Emmet laughed, then smiled brightly at him, shutting the door, filing away the comment to analyse later, during his mandatory nanobot project shift.He twirled around to place the tray on the table. "I didn't know what fruit you liked, so I put a little bit of everything in here, then added honey to sweeten the pot, and get your blood sugar levels up," Emmet explained cheerily, bouncing over to pull the curtains open, flicking open the window to let the morning sea breeze run amok.Red_Two shivered and pulled himself under the blanket hoping to shield himself from the cold wind, and the world. Emmet turned back to him and watche
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Chapter 8: Maybe Our Dreams Can Come True
"So, what do we do now?" Emmet asked, looking down at his half empty bowl.Red_Two struggled in his arms for a moment before looking up at him, still appearing somewhat dead. His eyes were still wet, red rimmed, and in pain.To Emmet, his eyes were like mercury, reflective and clear, and so different from the drab grey of the bedframe.His mouth moved to attempt making words before sealing shut. He had retreated into his mind, where Emmet couldn't follow him. Emmet tightened his arms, bringing Red_Two into a proper hug. He just wanted to learn all he could about him: his story, the world of the future, and what he was going to do in the past.But, if the world was that painful, Emmet wasn't sure if he even wanted to know.Away on their tiny island, cut off from the rest of the world , it was almost possible that they could ignore what was happening outside, but now, that wasn't possible. He placed his hand over Red_Two's head."Why do you wa
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Chapter 9: Standing Up on Both Feet with a Broken Leg
When Doctor Johnstone arrived to fix the damage of the hug, she first glared at Emmet, accusing and without saying a word. This time, Emmet was sure that she was going make good on her prior threats to put laxatives in his coffee.Doctor Johnstone had resewn the torn stitches on Red_Two's upper back and then tightened the bandages to the point of restricting his movement, pulled out his IV and had conducted her tests, silently, unreactive to any of the duo's attempts to stutter out apologies.The whole process took twenty minutes. Twenty long, awkward, silent minutes where not even the howling wind outside dared to disturb her.Red_Two looked down, despondent at upsetting her. She had moved him back to his original position whenever he shifted to alleviate the pain of his cramping legs, unrepenting, regardless of his apologetic expression.Emmet sat still on his chair, with his own legs crossed in solitude for the full twenty minutes, taking every opportu
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Chapter 10: Drawing on Maps
Emmet Islington, much to Red_Two's surprise, turned out to be the facility director, and the head scientist, and had been neglecting his work: hours on the nanobot project that had been neglected; papers and reports had piled up on his desk, and the many spreadsheets on his computer needed to be reformatted with graphs, and summaries.He also had the best office on the island. A single door leading into a rectangular room with a set up of sofas and a coffee table in the centre, flanked by two walls chock full of books, and desk at the far end with a computer with a fancy swivel chair, the computer screen facing the final wall: a sheet of shining, translucent glass looking out over the cliffs of the island and directly into the sunset.Unfortunately for Emmet, swathes of piled papers had overtaken and drowned both his desk and coffee table in the three days of his ignored work."What've you been doing for so much work to be here?" Red_Two asked incredulously from
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