The One who does Not Understand Isekai

The One who does Not Understand Isekai

By:  MaeDiablo  Ongoing
Language: English
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Evy was a simple-minded girl. If there's work she's there. Evy is a known workaholic. She works day and night, dedicating each of her waking hours to her jobs and making sure that she reaches the deadline. On the day of her birthday, her body gave up and she died alone from exhaustion. Upon receiving the chance of a new life, she was reincarnated as the daughter of the Duke of Polvaros and acquired the prose of living a comfortable life ahead of her. Only she doesn't want that. She wants to work. Even if it's being a maid, a hired killer, or an adventurer. She will do it. The only thing wrong with Evy is that she has no concept of reincarnation or being isekaid. In her head, she was kidnapped to a faraway land… stranded in a place far away from Japan. So she has to learn things as she goes with as little knowledge as anyone else. Having no sense of ever knowing that she was living in fantasy nor knowing the destruction that lies ahead in the future. Evy will do her best to live the life she wanted and surprise a couple of people on the way. Unbeknownst to her, all her actions will make a ripple. Whether they be for the better or worse.... Evy has no clue.

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nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in touch with you ? I have sth to discuss about the book
2022-03-30 18:21:51
23 Chapters
Chapter 0: Prologue
“Try and look over there”   “My lord, there’s a creek down on the far right, it might be the one we’re looking for. It leads to a cave.”   “Have everyone gather themselves”   Lord Reynold Devine had all his men on stand by, their swords drawn and their familiar beast at their side, brewing in excitement.   “Augustus!”   A bird-like beast flew past all their heads and with a wave of his hand, they all charge. The adventurers all followed him, his eyes narrowing to look ahead for an enemy.   Please be alive.   Reynold was the first one to arrive inside the cave.   He expected a bandit to attack him the minute he stepped inside but only found darkness and silence. He did not let his guard down and had his men stop at the entrance of the cave least it is a trap instead.   “Hold!”  
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Chapter 1: A Punch to the Face
Wake up   Evy opened her eyes to a room she doesn’t know. The ceiling of the room was definitely different from the ceiling she had back in her apartment. Her apartment was small and compact, enough for a small futon, a table, desk, and TV.    The room she was now in was definitely beyond the pay grade she was making.   *clack* *clack* *clack* She heard the door of the room open and someone running away. But because she was distracted she had not seen who had walked out on her.    She tried her best to move her body and felt soft cotton.   Even the bed she was laying on was bigger.    The objects that surrounded her were all high-quality furniture and the more she turned to look at these, the more she questioned what had happened to her, prior to her awakening.    Evy remembered that she was a 27-year-
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Chapter 2: Rejection
 “Is the priest here yet?!”  “Um… no your lord. Priest Jacob has not arrived yet”  “Then send in soldiers to retrieve him!”  “Right away!”  “Your lordship, My CV would only take a minute to make and I assure you that I am capable of cleaning and manual labor.”  “What are you talking about? You are the daughter of a duke, behave yourself!” “That is beside the case. If you think about it. It would be a waste if I do not work.” Evy had now changed tactics. Since she can’t make sense of how she got here, then she might as well leave it be for now. What she does need to do is to look for work. Even before she was back at home, it was a necessity for her to have work no matter what it is and where she was. That wouldn’t change even if she turned into some noble daughter. “No. My answer is no.” “What if I showcase to you my skills instead.” “NO!”  …
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Chapter 3: Riddle Me, Grab
Evy has experience job hunting before. Any opening available, she would try to apply. Sometimes even goes as far as to work as an intern for a long time before they finally give her a position. That was how dedicated she was. Others would say crazy. Yet, it was a bit different here. There were no such things as companies. She wanted her prospects to widen so she was planning to go to the city only to find out that she wasn’t allowed to bring anyone with her. Geographical-wise, she can easily get lost. The Duke was willing to drive her anywhere she wanted as long as she can tell in them advance. So she can’t just willy-nilly go anywhere in the city. When she asked Oji-san for help, she was told that she might get lucky with being a maid. Just like Holly. Since she was already open to the prospect, the only thing she needed was the directions. That’s how Evy changed her course and tried looking for jo
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Chapter 4: A Maid in Progress
“Lady Evy?” “Yes” “Why are you here so early?” “I heard you were hiring a maid” Evy was standing outside of their gates waiting for the time when they would be letting people inside for the interview. The guards were worried about her and asked her if she could return till noon. When she told them that she could wait, the guards appeared troubled. Somehow, Lady Francine heard about her and asked her to come in. “Yes, I am. I’m actually hiring three maids but weren’t you told that we would be meeting this noon?” “Not really. I didn’t hear that bit. Should I return and wait?” “No. It would actually bother my conscience if you had to go anywhere else to wait.” Which was true. She took a carriage because she still wasn’t used to the outside and if she had to wait for another hour, she wouldn’t have known where to wait and how to get back. A map wasn’t on sale, as she found out. “So, I
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Chapter 5: My Mistress
Chapter 5: My Mistress “What is this I’m hearing about you almost getting mauled yesterday?”   “You’ve mistaken. There’s no truth to those rumors. I only got a few scrapes. Nothing more. They’ve also healed already.”   The atmosphere in the room was heavy. Lord Rose sat at his desk while Lady Francine was standing in front of him, body straight and eyes nervous. Her hand keeps on fidgeting behind her. A clear indication that she wasn’t as composed compared to how she’s facing her father.   Evy was much farther away from them. Only a servant who’s observing.   She stood on the sidelines, most of the time, and would only move when she is directed to do an order from Lady Francine.   She had to get used to standing straight and not doing anything extra like tapping her foot or rocking back and forth. Least she would come off as someone incompetent&
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Chapter 6: Found out
Lady Francine managed to close the gap between her and Oma. Her sword flung intending to hit her opponent's head but Oma had expected the attack and move away. An indention of the hit blew winds that pushed Evy and Oma a few feet away. Evy felt her heartbeat racing in her chest while she watch the fight unfolding in front of her. The ground shook under her feet and the temperature in the room turned hotter as each step her lady makes, were ticking off her armor.  “Evy! Call for the guards tell them the room had been compromised!” Oma shouted at her.  Taking the initiative to think for herself, she thought that staying and doing nothing isn’t going to help anybody. Evy stood up and began to run away from the fray and in search of guards. But behind her, she could hear the clanking of metal beating down like a boulder. She isn't out of harm's way just yet.  She was stopped when flames starte
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Chapter 7: Dismay
Chapter 7   Evy grew up with only a mother to look after her. Her father left them even before she was born. At the time when she was still trying to learn how to survive in life, she never understood people who had fathers.   She also didn’t envy them. How could she? Not when in her head, she did not need someone fatherly to show her how to fight for scraps with other homeless children... or how to find food herself when no one would give the time and day for some dirty scrawny kid.   No. She did not envy them at all.   “Father! Please reconsider, I do not want to marry Rodrick!”   “Do not raise your voice at me” Lord Rose had heard about the incident that cause damage to the left main hallway of the house and the consequent injury of two of her personal maids. He was furious and had called on his daughter just to scold her for actions that were beyond her
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Chapter 8: Reverie
“Are you fine, Lady Francine?” Francine was pulled from her thoughts.   In front of her was Sir Rodrick, her fiancee, as always asking her with those insipid eyes.   The first time they met, Rodrick was so careful with her. He was nice. His reserve nature helps his tranquil charm. His black hair and dark blue eyes were very nice to look at too. Safe to say, she couldn’t help blushing when they first met themselves way back 2 years ago.   Back then, he was the only thing that lifted up her life that was a series of complete control. He would visit and she would have something to be thrilled about.   Though he did visit her time and time again. She could see nothing in his eyes.   Nothing at all.   As if, there’s nothing in his life that sparks his interest. Not even Francine. She quickly learned that no matter how nice, how handsome and how convenient Rodrick
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Chapter 9: Meetings
“My lady, what are we doing here again?”   “We’re here to meet a magician that I always go to when I’m in need of some help.”   The area was shady, and a bit run down as there were basically fewer people where they were going. People, there were wearing long robes and ragged clothing hiding in the nook of dead-end allies and looking at them, as they didn’t belong there.   Lady Francine had decided that she wanted to pay a visit to someone from the downtown and ushered both Oma and Evy to come with her.   Arriving at a shop that had no signage and no indication of what shop it was, Lady Francine knocked five times. A gruff voice sounded from across the door before it was open. Evy saw a middle-aged man that had patches of dirt all around his body, his clothes a mess, and a few of his teeth missing.   He gave them all a glare, distrustful of the visit.   Lady F
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