Chapter 6 : Bonding Before the Mission

Erica's Point of View

"Let's go?" Victor invited me when he finished switching.

"You look like a woman who changes clothes for a long time! I have been waiting for you for almost an hour, ah!" I told him, disgusted.

Who wouldn't be annoyed if someone waited so long for you? He just changes clothes, and he consumes time that long?

"I just remind you that I will be the next Alpha King here in Fiannard. As the next Alpha King, my attire should be presentable or good-looking. What will others say when they see me unprepared?" smiling, he replied.

"Whatever! Let's go!" I just told him.

I walked to the door, and he was behind me. A man lying on the side of the door opened the door for us. When it opened, I left the palace. When I came out, I saw some men, the palace soldiers, waiting for us.

When they saw Victor, they all bowed for him. I also saw three vehicles parked outside.

"Let's go so that we will go home right away," Victor told me.

The two of us walked to the second car. Another man opened the door for us. I got inside the car, and Victor followed me.

I looked at Victor, "Why don't you just take another car? There are three cars ready." I asked him.

"Why? Don't you want me in the same car?" he asked me with a smile.

"Don't answer my question with another question, Victor!" I told him, disgusted.

I don't even know that sometimes when we ask someone, they also answer the question with a question.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

" In your question why I wasn't going to ride in another car because I wanted to be with you. It's not forbidden, is it, Erica?" he smiled in answer to my question.

I raised my eyebrow, "What if I say that I don't want to?" I said to him.

"If you say that, I will make a law that no one will forbid the future Alpha King whatever he wants to do no matter what thing or what will he wants!" he answered my question to him.

Perks of being in a high position in a particular society. They can do whatever they want. Like in the world I came from, if you belong to what they call High Class, you can do everything you want, you can buy everything you want, and you can step on the people below you. When you are in the Low Class, you are the poorest in the world because all the people above you will enslave you, and they will do whatever they want with you.

The world is not fair! But it is up to you how you can live in the world in which you live. If you are poor and do not work hard, you will not lift, and you will suffer even more. They say, "The rich will be richer, and the poor will be poorer."

I went back to reality when I felt the car start. I looked at Victor. He smiled again, so I turned my attention outside the window.

Every time he looked at me like that, I couldn't stand it. When he looks at me like that, there is something on me, as if he tickles me that I do not know how? That's how I feel when he stares and smiles at me.

I just stared out the car window. While on the flight, I saw the world I was in now.

They are right when they say that Gralynes is almost the same as the world I came from. When we got here to the center of Fiannard, there were also huge buildings. People are walking to work, eateries, cars, and much more.

"We're close to the mall," I heard Victor say to me.

I did not look at him because I was busy looking outside. They look like ordinary people, and they don't look like werewolves when you look at them.

After a ten-minute drive, the car stopped in front of a large mall. Someone opened the car door, so Victor and I went out. When we came out, people looked at the two of us or, better said, they were looking at Victor.

He smiled at the people looking at him. When we started walking into the mall, some people approached him and greeted him. There are also people taking pictures. Victor looks like a Celebrity. Some bodyguards prevent those who want to come to Victor, but they cannot stop everyone.

There was a noise at the opening of the mall because of Victor. I moved to his back to avoid those approaching him. What else would happen to me if the Bodyguards could not stop the people from coming and taking pictures of Victor?

"Is she the appointed Alpha's Bride?" I heard someone. I looked at her and saw them talking about me.

"Yes, I heard she did not want to be Alpha's Bride."

"It's a pity if she doesn't want to. She and Victor fit to each other."

"You are right, girl. I also can't imagine she doesn't want to marry Victor. She is fortunate if she becomes Alpha's Bride."

It is the conversations I hear from people around us. Is gossiping also a trend in this world? I just ignore them. I touched Victor on his clothes, so he looked at me.

"I'm sorry, guys! We need to enter inside to buy things for my future bride," he said goodbye to the people that I frowned at.

Future bride? Really? I did not agree to be his bride, but that is his explanation.

When we entered the mall, I was amazed at what I saw. I used to go to the malls again, but their mall is different here. It also looks like a giant palace because of its beauty!

Victor and I walked to the clothing store while his bodyguards followed behind us. People watched Victor as we walked and wanted to approach him, but the bodyguards stopped them immediately.

We went into the clothing store. I rolled my eyes inside and was amazed at the volume and the beautiful displays they had.

"Just choose the clothes you want. Don't think about the fees. I'll take care of the cost. I'll just wait for you there on the sofa," Victor told me with a smile.

A saleslady approached us.

Her dress and grooming were presentable.

She is also smiling at us.

"What can I do for you?" the saleslady asked us, or just I said to Victor because she was just looking at him.

My eyes narrowed when I saw that the saleslady seemed to be flirting with Victor. She even bit her red lips while looking at Victor!

"My future bride will buy her dress. Please just assist her for me," Victor replied, smiling at the saleslady whose face turned red.

Is this woman thrilled?

"Don't worry, Victor, we will provide beautiful clothes for her," the saleslady replied.

The saleslady turned to me, "Follow me," she ordered me.

When she turned around and walked, I looked at Victor. He nodded, so I followed the saleslady. Victor sat on the sofa of the store where he would wait for me.

We went into a room again, and she made me sit on a sofa here, and she came out of the room again.

I just waited here in the room. A few minutes later, three men came in with clothes while the woman who delivered me was on their backs. The men hung the clothes in a large cabinet and immediately left.

"These are our latest products here, ma'am!" the saleslady told me while smiling.

The beauty and elegance of the clothes are shown to me. I got up from my seat and approached the clothes. I touched the clothes, and I felt the high-quality fabric used on them clothes.

"The clothes are beautiful and elegance!" I commented.

"Those clothes are stunning, ma'am, because those clothes are made of the highest quality fabric." the saleslady said.

I looked at the saleslady, who was smiling.

"Can I measure or fit these clothes?" I asked her.

"Yes, ma'am! You can, ma'am. Just go into the fitting room to measure the clothes," she answered my question.

I first chose three clothes to measure. When I made my choice, I entered the fitting room, he said.

I fitted the three clothes that I chose earlier, and I want to buy them. Victor said earlier that I just choose what I want, and he will pay. Maybe it's ok that I will buy a lot because he is the future Alpha King.

When I came out of the fitting room, I gave the saleslady my chosen clothes. I told her that I would pick up the clothes and then select another. I chose seven pairs for formal attire.

"I also need sports attire for what we do," I told the saleslady.

She came out of the room again, and when she returned, the three men holding sports attire came back. I also chose seven pairs here. The following are shoes. I decided on two rubber shoes to use in finding Magical Items. Eventually, there is underwear that I will use. Is it wrong for me not to change underwear?

After I chose my clothes, the woman and two men took them out. I followed them and went to Victor, who was waiting to sit.

"Are you done shopping for your clothes?" he asked me when I got close to him.

"Yes, I took a long time because of the many beautiful clothes here," I replied.

"Yes. I also waited for you for almost two hours," he said to my surprise.

Almost two hours !? How long have I been in that room !?

Victor handed a card to the saleslady. The saleslady took it.

"Please wait," the saleslady said goodbye.

When the saleslady returned, she returned Victor's card. Before we left, the sales lady thanked us. We exited the shop.

"Let's eat first?" he suggested.

I just nodded because I was also hungry, so I chose my clothes is stressful. Selecting clothes to buy is also tiring for almost two hours!

Victor and I walked to a restaurant here inside the mall. With the size of this mall, everything is complete, and there are eateries, various stores you can choose from, playgrounds, and a cinema!

When Victor and I entered a restaurant, a man approached us and pointed to our seats. We ordered our food and waited for it to be served to us.

The ambiance of the restaurant is lovely. Quiet, and the decor is modern as well. It is relaxing because there is someone who sings on a restaurant stage, which gives comfort to the customers.

When the food arrived, we started eating. The food here is also delicious. It is not different from the world I came from, but the taste is something I can't explain.

When we finished eating, we returned to Victor's palace.

"Rest and get ready because at one o'clock this afternoon, we are leaving for our mission," he told me, which I answered with a nod.

I walked to the room that they gave me here in the palace while Victor left because he said that he needed something to take care of. The three bodyguards followed me, carrying the items we had bought earlier.

When I entered the room, I laid the paper bags on the bed. When they landed, they immediately left the room. I have to arrange the clothes I will wear to our future mission. I told a maid that I needed bags to put my things in.

When I was all set, I lay down on the bed and rested. I closed my eyes.

I woke up to a knock on my bedroom door. It opened, and a maid entered.

"Victor is calling you Miss Erica," she told me.

"Tell him that I will be there. I'll just take a shower," I told the maid.

When she came out, I went to the bathroom to shower. After I took a bath and changed my clothes, I took the two bags containing my belongings and left the room. I walked into the living room of the palace, and there I saw Victor, two men, and a woman.

I approached them. When I got closer, two men and a woman stood. Victor looked at me, so he stood up too.

"They are the ones who will join in our mission, Erica. They are Fiannard's three strongest warriors, Hugo, Remus, and Olivia!" Victor's introduction to the three him.

"She's Erica, my destined bride," he introduced me to the three of them.

"Nice to meet you, miss Erica!" they said.

I smiled at them, "I'm glad to meet you too," I told them.

"Are you ready for our mission?" Victor asked me.

"Of course! I am already ready for me to go back to my world!"

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