The Alpha's Mate (#1 The Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

The Alpha's Mate (#1 The Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Book 1 of The Southern Werewolves PackShe hates what she is, but he worships her like the wolf worships the moon. The thing she has been keeping at bay is now clawing its way out. Mira Red spends her entire life dedicated to hunting those who wronged her in the past and makes them pay for the pain they had caused her. Considered as lethal and highly-skilled combine with a high bounty on her head, everyone wants to capture her dead or alive. Cohen Kingsley dedicates his life to hunting rogue werewolves and vampires, but when the Moon Goddess destines Cohen and Mira as fated mates, things change. Dark secrets unveil and the supernatural world isn't what it seems to be.

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97 Chapters
Chapter 1
The ground trembled as a pack of enormous werewolves led by their Alpha, Cohen Kingsley, charged into the woods. He told them to flank the two rogues who had trespassed into his territory. The rogues were all in their early twenties or younger, yet their quickness indicated that they had always been on the go. Cohen had no intention of killing them because they had committed no severe crimes against his pack other than crossing the border illegally. He intended to catch them alive rather than murder them. The Werewolf's Council had passed new legislation requiring rogues who committed minor offenses to enter a rehabilitation clinic to be trained to change their rogue lifestyle into something productive. Cohen's pack, the Southern Werewolves Pack, had over two thousand members and was one of the largest. His pack had fought and won innumerable wars against their foes, notably vampires. The pack was frequently a target of trouble due to its military achievements. The pack's former Alph
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Chapter 2
Blind spots were present in every protected zone. Only a few people figured out how to find the blind area. They could enter and exit the zone without being seen by employing that blind spot. She took advantage of them every time for her personal gain. It was safe to learn how to get in and out of place for someone like her, who was being pursued by over a dozen packs. When the place was crawling with Enforcers twenty-four hours a day, it wasn’t easy to avoid being detained. When you’re a rogue, you get a lot of benefits that you wouldn’t get if you were in a pack. She came to a standstill at the word “pack.” It was a strange word to her. If she remembered correctly, everyone was on the lookout for her at any given a chance. Some people wished for her death. Some people wanted her to live. It was all a matter of perspective. Despite this, she slipped by them like a ghost. That was the extent of her evasion. Nobody noticed her until it was too late. She kept a low profile until it was
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Chapter 3
He returned to the pack mansion with anger. His cheeks were flushed with rage. Nobody questioned anything as they obediently followed their Alpha. The Enforcers returned to their duties, but the Alpha continued to rage. He not only lost two rogues, but he also discovered that his mate was the legendary rogue. It only added to his wrath. Mira Red had to be the most powerful woman on the planet. Cohen had attended plenty of meetings relating to her. The Werewolf's Council used every resource to apprehend the redheaded huntress. He recalled a mission where he almost ran into her. Almost. She vanished into thin air instantly, leaving no record of her whereabouts after committing a crime. There weren't any loose ends either. They could only link the crime scenes to her because she left behind a slight trace. Cohen knew she wasn't the type of huntress who would leave a trail of evidence linking her to every crime. But she wasn't the type to pass up the thrill of having every pack on the l
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Chapter 4
Mira removed her shirt before her lips let out a quick hiss. A large purple bruise appeared behind her right rib. She recognized she had a fractured rib when she pressed her palm against the bruise. An ordinary werewolf's damaged bone would take a week to mend. Mira, on the other hand, was exceptional. In her situation, a fractured bone might heal in an hour or two, depending on the degree of the fracture. While the water was gushing out of the tap, she tore a couple of bags of ice cubes and tossed them into the bathtub. Mira moaned happily as she dipped her body into the freezing water. The ice would dull her body's soreness and exhaustion. Her job required more than just tracking down fugitives on occasion. She agreed to contract killings. She was an outlaw who relished every moment of it. Laws didn't apply to her, yet there were times when Mira wouldn't cross a line. She was well aware of her objectives and made every effort not to become distracted. She rested her head against th
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Chapter 5
“So, she’s a regular here?” Liam repeated it.For the past five minutes, he already interrogated the three women who joined them at the booth. Cohen took no interest in the women. He didn‘t take any interest in any woman. He had his needs, but it didn’t mean he would do it with a string attached. It was better to not have a string attached to all the women he had bedded just in case his true mate showed up in his life. He had what he wished for with a little twist.“Yeah, I think she has a thing with Mr. Grover,” The blonde replied.The Alpha’s hands curled into fists underneath the table. His eyes fixated on his Beta who just shrugged it off like it was nothing.“They have a thing,” another one added, fueling the rage inside Cohen. “One time, they left in the same car.”“How long has she been here?” Brandon’s turn to ask. “In the town, I mean.”The woman thought for a second. “About two months, give or take. She was always with Mr. Grover. They talked. Sometimes, they argued. Wheneve
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Chapter 6
Mira tucked her hands into her pocket as she walked down the empty street. At this hour, not many people walked about. Glancing over her shoulder, she knew the bounty hunters from the club were following her. A faint smirk appeared on her lips as she kept walking.She made a turn to the dark alleyway in between two commercial buildings. When she felt she was far enough from the main street, she stopped walking. Her head tilted to the sky, staring at the full moon."If you were to hunt me down, you could have done it better than following me from the club," she said over her shoulder.Eight men with guns were nothing compared to what she could do. Not that she was bragging about her capability, but she felt terrible they thought a silver bullet could do intense damage to her. It would only slow her down for a few seconds. She would still bleed if they shot her with silver bullets. Yet, it wouldn't be able to hinder her.She took off her jacket. She bought it yesterday and felt attached
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Chapter 7
Cohen grunted as he got out of his bed. His morning didn't start in the way he wanted. Not when he had twenty Enforcers of the 1st Battalion and their Commander, Dalton Forest, on his land. The Alpha much preferred not to have any Battalions or their Commanders on his land, even if the Commander was his father's closest friend in the Werewolf's Council. There were a few occasions when the Battalions and their Commanders needed outside the Werewolf's Council's lands. An Alpha's visitation, official events, and highly concerning matters were among the few things that needed their Commanders and Battalions. Other than that, they would work within the Werewolf's Council's land.He didn't expect they were coming as early as eight in the morning. After the trespassing incident and witnessing his mate kill eight men last night, he took a long time to patrol his territory before coming home to sleep. Liam told him to expect the 1st Battalion and their Commander to come about ten in the morning
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Chapter 8
The Alpha entered the crime scene where his Enforcers had found a dead body in one of his buildings on the land. Cohen bought this building about three years ago when it was near bankruptcy because the owner was involved in gambling. It took about six months of renovation to restore everything in all five buildings. There were thirty apartments in each building. Cohen did his best to maintain the buildings every month and ensure all his tenants were satisfied with their homes. This was one of his primary sources of income. His family owned a lot of different businesses that benefited his pack. Cohen wouldn't be able to sustain his pack's needs without money. Many people were mistaken that being a pack warrior meant the Alpha had to pay their salary. An Alpha didn't necessarily pay a pack warrior in terms of cash. Their duty to the pack was mandatory but flexible. The majority of them had permanent jobs in the town. Usually, they worked with the same people who knew about their duty to
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Chapter 9
The Werewolf’s Council had been on a high alert on his land ever since they found out Mira Red had been on his land. Cohen stood at the balcony of his master bedroom inside the pack mansion, overlooking the backyard where the new Enforcers were training by senior Enforcers. “Alpha,” Liam said after knocking on the door. “Mr and Mrs Juilliard are in your office.”“Do you think she killed Monty Olsen?” Cohen asked his beta without looking. “The Council is certain she did.”“I don’t think that’s the question you’ve been dreading to ask me,” Liam replied. “Mr. and Mrs. Juilliard, are you sure you have nothing to do with this?” Dalton questioned the couple, parents to Rebecca Juilliard.Cohen stayed silent. He let the Commander give his best effort in interrogating. Dalton wasn’t just the Commander of the 1st Battalion, he was also one of the lead interrogators. It was one of his many talents in his forty years career.“The rogue deserved to die for what he did to our girl,” Mrs. Juilliar
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Chapter 10
“You can’t run forever, Mira. Your blood is mine.” “Help us. He’s going to kill me.”“Run, Mira. Run.”“What did he see in this pathetic girl?”She startled herself from her deep slumber. Sweats covered her forehead as her breathing picked up pace. Her hands trembled underneath the sleeping bag. Mira closed her eyes momentarily, trying to calm herself from her nightmare.Ever since the rescue fourteen years ago, Mira’s life was never better. She was in a constant nightmare. Her life was all about life and death. One wrong step could cause her life. There was no resting for someone like her. Even in her sleep, she still hesitated about her surroundings. The sound of chattering outside pulled her back into reality. Mira grabbed her jacket from the floor and walked out just to be greeted by the sound of happiness and freedom.Three weeks ago, she saved thirty-five human slaves who were about to become blood banks for vampire covens. Usually, the victims were homeless people. The smaller
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