The lycan king's hated mate

The lycan king's hated mate

By:  Red butterfly   Completed
Language: English
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" I Maya Reeds, reject you Logan Davidson as my mate and the Blue Moon pack as my home. From today, no bond binds us together." She is tortured, broken and despised by her mate and pack until she is sold off to the ruthless Lycan King who turns out to be her second chance mate. Maya's life takes a drastic change, from an Omega to a female Alpha and Queen. When her true identity is revealed, the burden of keeping the land safe falls in her arms. She has to use her powers as a Silver wolf to fight the Dark Lord who threatens the land. Follow me as we discover how Maya changes from the despised Omega to a respected Queen.

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Pearl V
More updates please, I'm hooked Highly recommended
2023-04-21 22:55:09
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I can't wait to get more of this interesting book. The read was intriguing so far
2023-04-21 22:43:08
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Chloe's pen
interesting plotline
2023-04-21 16:18:23
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Aya Starr
more updates author, your book has me hooked
2023-04-21 14:48:39
user avatar
captivating and interesting storyline. I can't wait to read more. loving every plot twist!
2023-04-21 14:23:41
user avatar
more werewolf genre for me too feast my eyes
2023-04-20 21:37:10
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H.B Temilorun
This is really nice. I’m loving it
2023-04-20 20:30:22
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Commy vic
beautiful piece ...️
2023-04-20 20:07:30
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Danielle IJE.
I sincerely hope that the lycan king will be able to win her heart.
2023-04-20 19:55:30
user avatar
Fairy ❤️❤️
Awesome!! I love your work author
2023-04-20 19:45:37
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Sangstar Cheelo
wow, this book is good, more updates please
2023-04-18 02:18:57
user avatar
Doreen emo
this book is definitely cool to read
2023-04-14 20:46:20
default avatar
Stephanie Yow
Good plot line..
2023-12-27 06:59:29
110 Chapters
Maya Reed
Maya POVI don't know how long I have been out but one thing is for sure, if I don't get back at this time, then I was going to get it from Regina. Worst would be her running her mouth to the alpha, her lover about me escaping my duties.Although the woods give me peace and the tranquillity I crave for, I know I can't continue reeling in the serenity of the quietness of the forest and the fresh air filling my lungs, reminding me that I was still alive.Taking one last longing look to the peaceful forest and taking a deep breath, I stand up and head back to the packhouse.Before we get too far into the story,let me introduce myself.My name is Maya Reed and I am the personal slave to the Alpha of Blue moon pack, Alpha Logan Davidson.Logan and I are fated mates. The moon goddess chose us for each other.I was only eighteen years old when I learnt that Logan was my mate. Imagine how happy I was after I identified him as my mate.Every werewolf gets excited after hitting eighteen years a
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Flick of emotions
My eyes gleamed with tears but I fought very hard to restrain them. I couldn't allow Logan to see my tears, not now when I could feel him simmering with anger.A slap sent me flying as I slammed on the wall before falling down with a thud. The impact was too much that I coughed out blood as tears started stinging my eyes."You filthy animal, how dare you touch me with your dirty hands?" Logan's voice bloomed into my ears and i shivered from the coldness etched on his words.I didn't dare raise my head to look at him because that would make him more angrier than he already was. He doesn't forget to remind me how ugly and disgusting my face is." I'm sorry, it won't happen again." My meek voice travelled through the room. Despite trying, I couldn't control the tremble lacing my voice. My sorry would definitely aggravate the already bad situation but what else could I say. He was using his alpha voice on me making me submit to him." You are sorry? Why don't I see how sorry you are mutt!"
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" Bathe her and dress her up. Tonight she will be auctioned off. At Least after tonight, I don't get to see her ugly face in this pack anymore.'" Regina Instructed.The word getting sold off could have scared the shit out of me, but not anymore.If there's a chance I could get away from this hellhole, I would not hesitate to do it. I would rather have myself killed by some stranger than to continue living on this pack, letting Logan humiliate and Regina vent up her anger and hatred on me.' Anything that allows you to sleep peacefully.' I said inwardly.Ugly! who doesn't know that despite being chosen by the Alpha, she has always been jealous of my beauty.I was bathed by the slaves and my wounds cleaned. The silver chains restraining me were also removed.I know they did this so that I can heal by evening or by the time they sell me off.But there's no problem. It was better than having my fragile human body to heal itself.After I was cleaned and given clean clothes to wear, I was
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Regina's voice rang from the door as she made her way inside.I saw her eyes widen in surprise before jealousy adorned them.That prompted me to take a look at myself.I hadn't been in the mood to admire myself but now that I witnessed such emotions from her from the reflection of the mirror, I got curious.The girls had washed my hair and straightened it before curling the ends creating waves.The red dress was hugging my curves at the right places.I have to admit that whoever chose the dress for me has a good sense of fashion.The red dress created a contrast with my wheat like skin adding more charm to my already well proportioned body.I always knew I had a great body, just that with the loosely fitted satin dresses we were made to wear, nothing could be outlined.A little bit of makeup was done on my face, the pink lipstick applied on my lips giving them a luscious look.I could not believe that the person in the reflection was actually me.I was proud that my parents gave me su
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The auction
Gideon POVIt's been three fucking hours and the little Alpha has been all about discussing whatever it is I didn't even pay attention about. Usually this kind of matters are handled by my beta but Leo is out of the pack. That leaves me , the Lycan King, to listen to some stupid proposals made by a young and ignorant alpha of a small pack under my rule.As the Lycan King, I rule over all the other packs and they have to discuss every important matter about their pack with me.That's how it has always been but there's nothing I loathe like sitting for hours listening to things I have least Interest with so that leaves Leo to handle such petty matters.My head is occupied with the news about the new arrivals to the auction that will be held two hours from now.Known as the heartless and mateless king, I get to satsify my sexual needs by buying a few sex slaves. We lycans are known to have a strong sex drive and that's why I personally pick my sex slaves.I kicked my last one out of my
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Gideon POVI stilled, as waves of shock rippled through me from what my beast just Said.Mate? The lady in red was my mate? The very same mate I have been waiting for for years?I don't know exactly what I was feeling. A myriad of emotions flashed through me, ranging from relief, happiness to rage.I was relieved that at last, the moon Goddess gifted me what was made just for me.Happy that I was no longer mateless as others referred to me as.I was angry that someone had the audacity to present my very own fated for auctioning.A growl so deep that it had the whole room vibrating tore through me as I heard someone place a bid on what was meant to be mine.' Calm down, I'll get her out of here.' I had to calm my beast before he could do worse.' You better get my mate out of here at this very moment or you won't like it.' Danger growled back at me.I knew better than to take the words of my beast lightly. He was capable of that mad much more.Being a lycan, our beasts are strong an
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Logan POVComing to the Lycan's kingdom was not something I very much wanted but I knew that I had to do it.For the sake of the development of my pack, I had yi sit down with that arrogant ass and discuss the issue about the opening of the pack school in my pack.Our pack was considered one of the wealthiest but we were never given the go ahead to open a pack school.That's what I wanted for my people, to be able to study in our pack and not be forced to move to other packs.We were wealthy but I knew constructing a school at the pack land would need us to seek help from others but most importantly, to get permission from the Lycan king.Three hours to the discussion and I could see the Man was paying the least attention to what I was saying about.My proposal had been well polished by me and my beta and I knew there was nothing boring about it.Since he wasn't listening, I was forced to repeat something more than once and that really irked me. But what could I do? Not like I would w
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lost her forever
" I understand you are interested in this lady but she's my mate and I can't let her go." I said, trying to reason with the lycan King but the look of mockery he gave me convinced me that he didn't believe a word I said.I could not blame him though, even to me it sounded like a made up story, a far fetched story.But that was the truth, a truth nobody could change. She is my mate, the gift that the moon goddess gave me to complete me. I might have treated her badly but I couldn't let Maya go, I was unable to. She is perfect for me and my wolf, just not ideal Luna for the pack. Her status deters her from being accepted by only my father but also the elders. I know that to convince them to make her Luna would need me to go against them and I wasn't willing to go to such lengths to have her by my side when I can just give the pack the Luna they need and give my beast the mate she craves for.I learned from my father that the pack comes first before any personal matter.My parents are n
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The Lycan King
Maya POVI finally did it. I did what I have been looking forward to doing tonight. I thought I would be happy seeing him break out of my rejection but still, I felt like that wasn't enough. After all the things Logan did to me, a mere rejection is not enough to wash away my pain.I watch his devastated look as he looks at me with pain filled eyes. The same eyes I would give him everytime he Instructed his men to torture me but just like he always reacted to me with a blank look, I gave him just that. A blank look. A tug from my now new owner has me taking one last glance at him and the look I see now has me surprised. He looks… sad and Lost. But I quickly cleared such stupid thoughts off my mind. Logan will never look sad just because I was leaving for another pack. If anything, I think he's rejoicing Inwardly. Now, he can get to be with his chosen mate without having to deal with his loathsome mate.All the reactions he showed earlier when the man took me from him should be because
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perverted sister
I was placed on a bed and the man turned his back on me and started walking away.I thought he was going to close the door before coming back to me. I wasn't a fool. I knew why I was here.After hearing the man I didn't get to see refer to him as your majesty, I knew I was doomed.I was a slave to the notorious mateless Lycan King.Rumour has it that he's ruthless and a womaniser. He takes female wolves or Lycans as his sex slaves and discards them when he's bored.It's not like I expected my master to treat me any differently, but did I have to end up with the lycan keep king of all the people in the auction house.Although I was afraid, I did not let my fear show and kept a strong facade.I watched as the Man paused at the door before looking at Me past his shoulder without turning." Take a rest tonight, we will discuss the rules of your stay here tomorrow. Goodnight little wolf." He said before closing the door and his footsteps disappearing to the hallway.I didn't Know what to f
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