The Alpha's Possession

The Alpha's Possession

By:  Larose Semsem  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jade believes she's the alpha's plaything... when in fact she is his mate. She just doesn't know it yet. When the wolfless new addition to the pack, Jade, meets the alpha, she has him captivated the same way he stole her breath. They are mates, but to his utter and complete dismay, she doesn't realize it - no wonder there since her wolf has yet to awaken. Will it ever? Alexander watches her as a hawk, has to fight advances from different she-wolves, and to warn guys off her. He has to keep his beautiful Jade by his side at all and any costs... he resorts to courting her the same way humans do. The wait is killing him but he isn't above fighting the world for her. Soon enough, she becomes his treasure. Some pack members even let out in jest that she is The Alpha's Possession. They say love conquers all, but does it really?.

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Absolutely, love this book! How often do you update?
2022-11-22 18:26:07
29 Chapters
1. Perfectly Flawed
I stood there, watching her from afar as she trained, as diligently as the best warrior in the pack, even though she was no ordinary member. I watched her, half mesmerized, half perplex…How could a girl be so beautiful, so graceful, even as she fought a vicious wolf?She was so captivating, I ached with the need to possess her and make her mine.Wolfless and perfectly flawed as she might be, she was a sight to behold.And most importantly, she was mine.As it was, the only obstacle that stood in the face of our happiness was the fact that she, herself, didn’t acknowledge me as her mate.Indeed, it seemed like despite the sharp senses bestowed upon her, she hadn’t felt the sparks when our skin touched. And she also didn’t feel the sizzling electricity in the air whenever we locked eyes.How oblivious could she be? And just how much more time could I stand this impossible situation?A week ago, I welcomed her family into the pack. And needless to say, she had me at hello.My beta clear
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2. Shunned And Welcomed
Training had me perplex… Indeed, the hairs at the back of my neck stood to attention, and my skin warmed up deliciously, as I felt stares on me.I was not usually as vain as to want attention on me. I was, however, cursed to draw attention at each and every event, seeing as I was the only wolfless member in the pack.A week ago, my parents and I were welcomed into this new pack. And what a nice change of pace it was!My previous pack couldn’t even tolerate the sight of me after they found out, on my sixteenth birthday, that no other entity – no wolf – manifested itself in my brain, and that I was unable to shift.I went from the easygoing girl, who only had friends, to the outcast, the disgrace of the pack in less time than anyone would need to say wolf.No matter what I did or said, no matter if I defended myself against the insults thrown my way, or just fought as viciously as the next wolf when a rogue attack occurred – in an attempt to prove myself worthy of belonging to the pack
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3. First Impressions
Moonlight Village was a far cry from the hidden forest-implanted village my family and I used to live in. It was only when I joined school, a few days after we settled in, that I learned that there was no need for hiding anywhere in the village, as there were no humans in it.It was again a welcomed change to what the norm used to be for us. Having to live in hiding so to speak had never allowed me to feel free.Even the teachers of the school were werewolves, and they knew how to keep the class in check, even though wolves could be rebellious in nature.My first class was not one I favored. Indeed, I was never very good at calculus, and the teacher instead of scolding for not knowing something very basic, told me softly that I should get a tutor.I looked around, much like a deer caught in headlight, not knowing what to say to that, or who to ask.I had gotten acquainted with quite a few classmates, but I wasn’t sure how they felt about me. I didn’t want to feel inferior because of m
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4. The Ride
I wasn’t particularly slow but I almost needed to run because of the alpha’s long strides.I followed him blindly, trying to keep up with his pace, my eyes cast down, focusing on his legs. I wouldn’t want to look him square in the eyes a third time, I, a common non wolf.He led us outside, and he was soon enough getting into a convertible car.I stood next to the car, hesitating, until I heard him say, “Are you getting in anytime soon?”I was beyond flattered, and yet scared like never before. Nevertheless, I obliged him and got inside the car silently.I inhaled deeply, enjoying the smell of leather. I refused to rest my back against the seat, not wanting to let my guard down, when an alpha was sitting next to me, looking positively murderous.He leaned forward and I stiffened. He raised an eyebrow in question and proceeded to fasten my belt.“Werewolves as we might be, I wouldn’t want any harm to befall you,” he told me.His words, simple, and yet oh so sweet, had the knack to calm
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5. Walk Next To Me
The alpha entered the building and I followed him timidly.I had no idea where he was going. Again, thanks to his long strides, it was hard to follow him. Admittedly, the fault laid in my own short legs – I was rather small for a werewolf.Nobody at the building dared to stop him. On the contrary, many greeted him with utmost politeness.He suddenly stopped in his tracks and I bumped into his back.His scent was heavenly, and his muscles spoke louder than any words could of the training he must go through every day. I was in a little bit of a daze when he turned around, a smirk playing on his lips.“Are you okay, Jade?” He patted my head, like one would a child.“I wasn’t paying attention. I’m sorry,” was my quick response.“How about you walk by my side instead?” He offered in a soft tone of voice.I gasped in shock and surprise. “I could never…”“Why not?” His frown was almost imperceptible but it was there nonetheless.“For starters, you’re you and I’m me,” I said timidly, wishing
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6. His Dark Promise
Jade was too adorable for her own good. She stared at me as I worked, and distracted me by doing so. The work I would have finished in under an hour took me two hours. Admittedly, when the food came, knowing that my mate was hungry, and that I’d get to see her eat in front of me, made me halt reading mid-phrase. I dismissed my PA with a tilt of my head. She knew not to argue. Then, I rose off the chair and went to sit next to Jade on the sofa, in order to eat – or so I kept telling myself. She looked at me with surprise in her eyes, but didn’t dare utter a word of objection. Truth be told, I would be her shadow if I could be. Sadly enough, I wasn’t some lower-ranked wolf. I was the alpha, and I had many responsibilities. I was also seven years her senior. Considering her lack of a wolf, I wasn’t entirely sure she’d accept me readily, and that was the only reason why I was keeping our fated bond a secret. But heavens have mercy, how it pained me to do so! As I ate, I pictured m
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7. Bipolar Tendencies
Alexander Bad, my new alpha, had a reputation of being a ladies’ man, and he was honoring said reputation. The blonde, who had sought him out, desperately wanting an explanation, had had her heart crushed.I had been told to stay, and thus, I had witnessed a scene that should have been more private. But it didn’t look like he cared.As for his other reputation, of being a ruthless alpha, who had 0 tolerance for nonsense, that was becoming more and more like a myth to me. Indeed, the alpha was far too sweet to me, and he even allowed me to call him by his first name – more like demanded it but that was not the point.Jessica, his hookup, looked positively gorgeous, and I wondered how a playboy could say no to a she-wolf such as her. She was everything I was not – tall, blonde, with an hourglass figure. I, on the other hand, was a short far-too-slender brunette who stood no chance and wouldn’t even hold a candle to her.Too engrossed as I was in my musings, I didn’t notice him moving un
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8. Foreign
Tyler and I met that afternoon. We exchanged numbers and agreed on tutoring sessions twice a week. Once that was done, Tyler and I headed out and began to spar playfully. Neither he nor I were serious about this spar in particular. We were just allowing some excess energy out. We were still at it when the smell of blood reached my nostrils. My eyes widened at once, and that moment of distraction earned me a blow. I fell to the ground unceremoniously. “Are you okay, Jade?” He asked as he extended a hand out for me. “I am but someone’s obviously not,” I told him, my eyes still wide as I rose to my feet in haste. “What?” He frowned slightly. “I smell blood,” I told him before bolting in the direction of the smell that had me so distracted. Since I was so slender and so petite, I could be a fast runner. Tyler followed after me without hesitating but I was a few steps ahead of him. I was the first to come across the clearing where Eli, the late gamma’s son, the same boy who had earl
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9. Necessary Measures
We arrived at the pack house, with the alpha still holding me up bridal style, and that definitely attracted stares. I blushed while Alexander kept on walking nonchalantly, like the pure alpha man he was.I wished they’d stop staring… but then again, why wouldn’t they?I was but the new addition to the pack, and he was alpha Alexander Bad. He had a reputation to uphold. That of a ruthless heartthrob among many.I didn’t even qualify to apply for the role of a plaything… and yet, I was in his arms. It was hard to remain impassible while the man I had a crush on held me with utmost care.The beta, whose name was Luc, and whose demeanor was that of a goofball most of the time, waited for us at the threshold, with a pout on his face that made him look younger than he actually was.“Why the face?” The alpha asked him in a joking tone.“I wanted to take care of those leeches myself,” he said petulantly.“I am quicker and more efficient than you,” was the response he received.The exchange w
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10. Together
To say it was hell wouldn’t cover the half of what became of my life.Dad, mom, beta Luc, and even alpha Alexander were now taking turns to ensure I had eyes on me at all time. I stayed in the packhouse where I studied for my final year of high school. I secretly wished for a taste of normal life, and I got some of it, thanks to Tyler’s tutoring sessions.Tyler was shy despite being a warrior, but I somehow managed to get him out of his shell.We were in the spacious living room, seated at the large table, studying diligently, when Eli stopped next to the table.“There’s a bonfire tonight,” he announced in an excited tone, “Care to join us, Jade?”Yes, surprisingly, Eli and I had become friends over the course of the past two weeks.“Who’s us?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.“Us as in the entire school,” he deadpanned.“I’d love to but I’m not sure I can,” I let out on a sigh of dismay, while shooting a pointed look at Alexander’s office door.“Ask the alpha for a special permission o
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