Chapter 2: Conversations

  It wasn't even seven in the morning yet and Tony was already hopelessly bored. While the idea of his breakfast dilemma did come to mind, he didn't feel the motivation to leave. Days like that were some of his favourites. A day where he can be a bum and not even get dressed. In fact, he might undress later. It was something he'd done since he had had his own space. Clothes annoyed him, so he took them off. Not because he was in love with his naked self, but because he just wanted to be naked. It felt good.

  He spent a couple of hours on the Food Network as he watched Giada De Laurentiis(one fine chick, if he did say so himself) prepare to make some kind of a pesto. As he jumped between that and an article on a new type of paint primer on his phone, he got another text from Dillon. It was almost nine thirty, so he probably sat in class bored out of his mind. Every single time, it made Tony chuckle when he envisioned him in a desk with a backpack in front of a chalkboard(or did they all use whiteboards nowadays?). To him it was a comical reminder that Dillon was still a kid in highschool. As if he needed to be reminded of that with his 'teenager'ness sometimes.

  Dillon 9:25 AM: No its not like that! Please, im sorry can we talk about it when we're together? Tone and context matter

  Tony 9:26 AM: Yea its cool brother we're good. What's up yer mornin goin igbt?

  Dillon 9:29 AM: Ugh I'm so fuckin' bored dude. I'm in history with Mr. Wolper and they talkin bout king tut. Wheres the WW1 and 2 history? Nineteen hundreds and more recent. 

  9:30 AM: My teachers so old i could text in front of him and hed just blink and drool at me. He's so old that he can't speak at a high volume so he uses a mic and speaker system so we can hear him. SO BORING!

  Tony 9:32 AM: How can you be bored with king tut and mummies?! That's some Indiana Jones shit there! Some Raiders of the Lost Ark type shit. I do see your point tho.

  9:32 AM: Wait your teacher uses a mic and speakers? Hahaha wtf? Oh does your school still have all blackboards?

  Dillon 9:48 AM: Because it ain't interesting like Indiana jones and lost ark. There's no curses or booby traps or adventure. Just pictures of dried corpses

  9:50 AM: I kid you not dude, it's a fuckin recordin studio in here with all the speakers and wires. He even has a soundboard for different sound effects when people do dumb shit. 

  9:51 AM: 1 Attachment See? It's crazy. And only a couple of the old old classrooms have blackboards they're either whiteboards or Smart-boards.

  Tony 9:54 AM: Oh damn, he does have quite the studio dont he? Wait what's a smart board?

  9:55 AM: We only had blackboards and chalk where i went. Oh how times change. Even though that was only a few years ago.

  Dillon 10:03 AM: A Smart-board is like an electronic white board. Theres a projector that projects a computer screen onto it, and there are 'markers' that are bluetooth that have no ink. You can basically write whatever you want digitally. Its a giant touchscreen monitor. Hella expensive but fun to play with.

  Tony 10:06 AM: Man, yall get all the cool shit. All we had were handouts and chalk dust. Although i did enjoy detentions when i had to smack the dust out of the erasers. That was fun. 

  Dillon 10:08 AM: Haha, dork. This day is grindin by slow man. I still got twelve minutes of mummies. Ughhhh. 

  10:09 AM: When i come over later, the second i walk through the door can you take me? I been needin it bad all day dude. "Insta-boner city" as you call it.

  10:09 AM: Oh, i got to show Holy Blossom off to Kat and Brenden today. Idk why it took me so long to show em. Probably cuz it's just our thing.

  Tony 10:12 AM: Dont you worry my little fag. You'll be workin plenty when you get here. Get that throat ready. "Insta-boner lmao i can't. Hehe nice! Show it off man! Well not too much lol. Wait do they know about us?

  Dillon 10:14 AM: Can't wait Sir. I'm careful I only showed the bus gang. They think it was from my dad. They don't, but I was thinkin i might tell Kat and Brenden tho, only if your ok with it.

  Tony 10:17 AM: I'm frankly surprised the whole back of the bus gang doesn't know by now. 

  10:18 AM: I don't care man tell em! They good people. You don't gotta tell all of em but at least Kat n Brenden.

  10:18 AM: After all they told us when they became a couple and have been there for us.

  Dillon 10:25 AM: Sorry, bounced over to my Probability and statistics class. Funfun. But easy.

  10:27 AM: Yea? You sure? I'll tell em when the opportunity presents itself then. 

  Tony 10:30 AM: Definitely dude. Don't worry so much. I have a feelin Kat already suspects it

  Dillon 10:32 AM: Yea youre right. She is very Kat-y after all. Ttyl shit's gettin real w today's subject

  Tony 10:33 AM: Dope see you later then! Take it easy boss! 


  Conversations like that through text were normal for them. Whenever Dillon would get bored he'd bug him with little things just for fun. Unless Tony was at work, which he would know because Tony wouldn't respond. He never got upset by it luckily. If he had his way, he'd talk to Dillon every minute of every day. Some of the rabbit holes he'd go down were hysterical and the way he described things and laughed was adorable. As if Tony could talk. He'd go down some insane rabbit holes himself. 

  The mention of "insta-boners" had him ready to go, but there was no Dillon within sight to relieve him. How unfortunate, but he'd be there later. Should he save it for then? Or should he maybe crack open his laptop and watch some porn? That was something he never told Dillon out of shame. Oftentimes when he wasn't there, Tony would watch porn. Sometimes gay porn so he could learn different ways to please Dillon, but largely it was straight porn. He struggled with his attraction to girls still, but found that if he kept the beast sated, everything was fine. Still, he felt a little thorn of guilt in the back of his head. 

  There was no doubt about the attraction Tony felt for Dillon. When they were together, the kid was his world. When they were together, he needed nothing else. Maybe it was because he was a young man that had a healthy libido, but when they weren't together, Tony found himself aroused by girls(and Dillon) frequently. More recently, he's had hang-ups with hot guys he would see around work or in videos. Why were girls such an obstacle? It was probably because for the longest time, he had a new girl on his arm to screw almost every week. The sexual tension would frustrate him if he didn't blow off some steam and watch some porn. 

  There was nothing for it. Tony got up from the couch, refilled his coffee mug, and grabbed his laptop. There was no password in it or anything, he just made sure to clear the search history so Dillon wouldn't see. Would he even care though? If he knew Dillon, which he did, he would say likely not. Actually, if he had to guess, the kid would want to do it together or some shit. He wasn't sure. Porn felt kind of like a personal and sacred activity. Who knew, though. Shit happened. What he would agree with is that there were many gay videos out there that were equally as hot. Hey, maybe Tony wouldn't mind a porn-buddy.

  After a long gulp of coffee, he pulled up internet explorer and typed 'hard deep throat breeding videos' and set to his exploration. He had nearly five hours to take his time and watch whatever. Never should personal time be rushed through. Sometimes he could porn surf all day, and he had before. What else better was there to do when you had off work and your boyfriend was at school. A video he had frequented a few times in the past showed on the screen. In an instant, he found himself rock hard as he moved the cursor over the thumbnail and clicked on it.

  There was a blonde chick in the frame on a brown couch. She wore nothing but stockings and skimpy lace lingerie. Basically everything was visible. She was busty, but not overly so. In the middle of her introduction a man came up to her with his erection in hand. The guy was pretty easy on the eyes too, as he shoved into the girls mouth and she cried her mascara off. The best part was when the guy mounted her and took her like a man would. Fuck, he could remember the feel of a woman on himself as if it were yesterday. Such tight heat!

  Women had a softness to them. A gentleness that paired with the warmth of vaginal sex made them almost irresistible. With Dillon though, he had all that in his personality and physique, as well as an added bonus. Tony didn't have to be gentle and delicate with his man. He could have at him, the harder the better. That's why he wouldn't ever cheat on Dillon. He loved him too much and he was greater than any other option out there. Not to mention, he would be eighteen in around four months. That would surely be fantastic. They both waited with baited breath for that day.

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