The Attic: Mirror

The Attic: Mirror

By:  Fantasy Angel  Ongoing
Language: English
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Claire is a young teen whose family has been hiding a secret. After the death of her father, Claire and her mother move to Willow Park, Texas. What happens when Claire discovers the secrets behind her family and the mysteries that lie in her home?

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can't wait for the next chapter. keep updating :) by the way, if there any social media to discuss your story further, please let me know :) thanks in advance
2021-07-12 15:47:47
7 Chapters
Lightening danced outside the window of my bedroom; I couldn't sleep. The creaking of the old house raddled my nerves and kept me awake. I hated being alone; mother and father had to work late and told me to get in bed before they got home. As I tossed and turned, I heard something, a whisper, "Anna..." I looked up, but nothing was there, I closed my eyes once more and heard it again, "Anna..." but still, nothing. Footsteps and a loud thud echoed from the upstairs attic which scared me,"Mom? Dad?" no reply; another noise echoed, and I jumped. Thunder clapped; thinking that was the noise, I turned back over to try to sleep. But then I heard something shatter upstairs, I got out of bed and grabbed my flashlight from the nightstand; I shined it around my room, but I didn't see anything but my things. I heard something else from the attic. I grew tired of be
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Chapter 1
Another nightmare, I don't know how much more I can take of this. For the past week, I've been having the same horrifying dream, and I don't know why; maybe my great-grandmother was right, perhaps I am a witch. The nights seem to blur together; I feel so drained. A night of peaceful sleep has been unknown to me for a while; these dreams terrify me, to the point that I don't desire to sleep. Today is my first day at Willow Park High; mom moved us down here for her new job as a physician for the Texas Health Willow Park. We've been staying in a motel for a couple of days while we find a house.Mom had left for work in the early morning, which left me, making sure everything is locked, so if someone were to break in, they couldn't get anything of value. I finished getting my bag together for school and started for the door. My phone started ringing; it was mom, "Hey mom, how's work?" I could hear the lack of
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Chapter 2
After school, I made it back to the motel where I came to great surprise, "Mom?" she looked up at me happily from her folding,"Claire!" she ran across the room and hugged me tightly, she seemed happy about something, but I couldn't tell what it was."Hey, mom, what are you doing home so early? I thought you wouldn't be here until late tonight?" she went back over to the bed and continued folding,"I wasn't, but they let me off early because I was already reaching my limit, but I also have some news!" She said excitedly, I sat down and waited for her to tell me, "I bought a house for us!" with those words, I got excited as well! Finally, no more nasty motel germs, no more hiding things where they can't be stolen, and, most importantly, my own room! I was so thrilled I could hardly find words.
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Chapter 3
I woke up this morning, no dreams; last night was the most peaceful I have slept in a long time. I ran to the bathroom to get ready for school; mom was downstairs going crazy, she was making coffee and making sure she had everything; once I was ready, I went down to see her pouring coffee into her cup for the day, "Morning mom," she looked up for a moment and smiled,"Good morning, Claire, how did you sleep?" I smiled, grabbing me a cup,"Surprisingly well, no nightmares or anything." mom was surprised but smiled,"That's good, well, I'll be home late tonight. Don't wait up, and remember to text me when you get home." I nodded as she kissed my head as I sat down at the bar with my cup of coffee, "I love you." "Love you too." she ran out the door as I smiled; I dran
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Chapter 4
I woke up feeling strong arms around me; I turn over to see Harry laying down next to me, "Harry?" he looked up at me and smiled, "What are you doing here?" he got up and leaned against the wall,"You were having a nightmare. You were screaming when I got to you." I sighed and nodded; I put my head in my hands,"I'm sorry you had to see that." I thought for a moment then looked at him, "How did you get in my house?" I nodded to the doors to a balcony,"I climbed the tree that's right outside. It's pretty close to the balcony, so it was easy to climb up." I smiled, "I remembered that you had a nightmare when I was painting your room, and I just wanted to make sure you're okay." I couldn't help but feel happy by his protectiveness, but it also seemed a little creepy."I'm
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Chapter 5
Weeks began to pass as Harry, and I got closer, and Allis and I were currently planning our sweet sixteen parties; it turns out that we have the same birthday. Mom has been working more, but what none of them knows is that my nightmares have been getting worse, it's like I am the creature that kills the first girl, and then I'm in the woods, running. I was currently sitting beside Harry and Allis in History; I'm not paying much attention as I start dozing off. It wasn't long until I heard my name being called, and I sat up confused by what's going on. "Miss. Nightingale, if you would be so kind, I would like to see you after class." I heard snickering from everyone but the two beside me, who was staring at me worriedly. After class, I went up to the instructor as everyone was leaving, Harry and Allis wanted to wait outside for me, but I told them to go to class, and they agreed; he looked up from pap
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Chapter 6
I jolted when we came to a stop, noticing I was covered with a blanket, I soon realized I was human again. Allis turned to me, "Good, you're awake. We're here." We got out and walked to the porch, where an older couple and three young women were. Harry knelt and bowed his head while Allis stood beside me, "Hi mom, hi dad." they smiled and hugged her before turning their attention to me,"This must be the young Miss Claire Nightingale?" the older woman asked; she looked so much like Allis, only with light brown hair, but her bright green eyes were the same as Allis. "It's nice to meet you. Your mother warned that you would be changing soon, but she didn't expect it to be so soon." Allis's dad said to me, I smiled lightly, but my confusion was evident. "Dear, where are our manners?" Allis's mom said, "Plea
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