I have been secretly admiring her for two years. In these 2 years, my fondness towards her has become all the intense and evident. I have tried really hard to get her out of my mind but every time I attempt, her blue eyes come crashing into my sight.

But that didn't stop me. I can get all caveman if I want. I'd even become a vampire and hunt down people.

Like any possible school, nerds are bullied in our school too. I was a bully too, that is, until I noticed Sapphire being the bullied. That's it. It was then that I realised what a horrible person I was. It wasn’t until someone I liked got hurt that I realised how hard it is for people to get through bullying.

Bullying had to end.

No one can bully Sapphire.

But, these musing couldn't exactly help my demands since people here are too foolish for their own good that they failed to notice that Sapphire is not just a random girl.

That moment when I caught some stupid seniors bullying her in the cafeteria, my eyes instantly grew
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