Bonus chapter 1

Bonus chapter 1


"Jessie, baby girl, where are you?" I cried out for our little baby as I walked into the living room.

I sighed when I didn't find her there too. My head fell back in tiredness. Jessie is always active and is always hiding from her momma.

I walked into our backyard and looked around. I smiled when I glanced at my 7 months old baby crawling on the floor.

I went to her and picked her up. She lifted her tail up and started licking my hand. We adopted Jessie a few months ago, right after Sean and I moved in together.

Since Sean was always at practice and was always roaming around the world for his games, he decided we should get a dog to keep me company. But honestly speaking, he bought it so it could ensure my safety while he's away.

I quickly headed back and closed the door that led to the back yard. It was really cool outside and I'm worried about how Sean's going to come home.

Sean is returning home after three weeks.

After my college, Sean asked me to come liv
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