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SeanThe moon eagerly crept out even before the evening sun headed to the horizon. Hues of orange and yellow blend well with the fast arriving night sky, as the cold air carried away the warmth of the sun with it. The little puddle that lay by the windows was beginning to freeze as cool air continued to swarm over us.I was sitting by a tree in my lawn, my eyes relaxed. It was moments like these in my life that always prompted my mind to travel back in time. A warm smile spread across my face as images of my past flashed before my eyes. It's been ten years already. It was overwhelming me -in a good way - to finally realise how we've been through so much in these years.There have been several downs, but the highs, although few, always made the struggle seem worth it.Digging into my pocket for my wallet, I opened it to look at her picture. The same old picture that I always carried with me. It's a picture of her on the day of our first date, the day I finally asked her out.It's alrea
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2 years after Sean's party. Sapphire The sun rays streamed into my room, spreading the flecks of light into every corner. The heat radiated off the closed windows, busting through the chilly air and warming my skin. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and stared at my blue eyes. That was the reason why I was named Sapphire. And it is a mere coincidence that my surname was Blue. Sapphire Blue with sapphire blue eyes – I had been subjected to many jokes in the past with my friends due to this. Looking further down, I examined my blue skinny jeans and a white tank beneath a black jacket. Gently running my fingers through my hair, I plaited it to a side. The scent of my newly purchased shampoo, that will have to be replaced immediately lingered in the air for a brief second. It almost felt intoxicating, and dominated my perfume. Ready for the day, I threw my bag over my shoulder and made my way out of my room. As I was stepping down the stairs, I was instantly greeted with a ric
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Sapphire She squealed like she just met Taylor Swift. Shit! I whirled around at her sudden gesture and my leg made contact with the rock beside my foot and in a matter of seconds, I was on the ground. Double shit! "Hey," His silk voice filled my ears, as his hot breath fell on my neck, tickling it. Turning around, I met his grey eyes and his dark brown hair, masking his handsome face. "Are you alright?" He asked, his eyes showing concern. "I-I'm fine." I answered him. He wrapped an arm around my shoulder and lifted me up while I was staring at him. My nose was immediately filled with his sexy cologne and I take my time to inhale his scent. Triple shit! "So.." he started, with husky voice, "I heard Tate got beaten last night, by, the obvious man in the world." "Um… Yeah... Unfortunately, yes." I said, looking into his grey eyes. It was actually the first time ever that Sean was talking to me after two years of my time in this school. It was almost amusing that I had gone to m
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As I walked into the library, I was instantly greeted by the scent of old books. I took a deep breath and smiled at the essence. How much I missed this place. It is the perfect therapy and one of the most cheap therapies, to say the least. As I walked, I stretched my cheeks to give a tight smile to my librarian, who, might I add, is not very fond of me. One reason is that, there's basically just me who visits this place. But in my defence, I don’t bother her at all. However, I might have strangely disturbed her privacy, so ever since then, I have tried to limit my visits since I couldn't handle her negative vibes. Good for both of us. As I walked to my reserved place, I propelled down on my chair. I looked at the huge clock hung on the wall across from me and sighed. I have 30 minutes to go. And, that means, I can actually read a book. Trying a little more to look on the positive side, I shuffle the contents in my bag and went for my book. I am re - reading the notebook now and I
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"Partners? In what particularly?" Sean asked. "Chemistry , basically." She started "Your schedules are going to be changed. Ms. Blue will have either of you in her periods." No. No way at all. "But why?" "Ms. Blue, I have clearly reasoned out why I am doing this. Teaming you up would not only improve your grades but would control the pranks in the campus and the rates of injuries." She didn't stop, yet. "You three are few of the students we have with good potential and I don't, at any cost, want you three to fall down in your percentages. We are going to apply for universities and we want the best universities to offer to our students. Teaming you up, will make this work." I sighed. It feels like I was made to abandon Nutella for the rest of the year. Well, I meant to compare Nutella to my freedom. "Anything else?" She asked. I shook my head. "You may leave then. Collect your schedules from the office tomorrow." With that, I understood that I was over. Nah, just kidding.
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As I walked into my school, it wasn't really weird to get those stares. I'm just too old for them to feel something new. So, it's basically sort of a... gossip centre for us where we'd buy and sell gossip for no price at all. So, the headlines of today go like something like this, "Has Sean Lanter started a charity event?" I answered all of their questions in my mind while I headed to the office to collect my new schedule. And what I didn't know was that Brett was already there. "Pinch me! You are so fine I must be dreaming." Brett flirted like always, and I just rolled my eyes. "How about I punch you and you wake up?" the infamous voice of Sean's rang in my ears and I had to control the urge to roll my eyes again. Seriously, is this the beauty and the beast? If it is, then I don't know who Gaston is. "Guys, we got our new schedules and we got to check-" "I got it covered for you." Sean spoke, "We're basically in all the classes and we have to share a few with Brett too, unfort
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Sean I have been secretly admiring her for two years. In these 2 years, my fondness towards her has become all the intense and evident. I have tried really hard to get her out of my mind but every time I attempt, her blue eyes come crashing into my sight. But that didn't stop me. I can get all caveman if I want. I'd even become a vampire and hunt down people. Like any possible school, nerds are bullied in our school too. I was a bully too, that is, until I noticed Sapphire being the bullied. That's it. It was then that I realised what a horrible person I was. It wasn’t until someone I liked got hurt that I realised how hard it is for people to get through bullying. Bullying had to end. No one can bully Sapphire. But, these musing couldn't exactly help my demands since people here are too foolish for their own good that they failed to notice that Sapphire is not just a random girl. That moment when I caught some stupid seniors bullying her in the cafeteria, my eyes instantly grew
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Sapphire "Hey, what the fuck-" Brett tried to intervene but I caught him mid-sentence and didn’t let him finish. "No!" I widened my eyes in anger. “Don’t you fucking dare to defend him.” "Sapphire, come on!" Brett tried. Yea, the hell I will to listen to him. Temporarily distracted by Brett, I forgot to see what Sean was up to. Hence, when I felt my legs move, I was completely caught off guard. "What are-" I was cut mid-sentence when Sean did the unexpected. He bent down and effortlessly threw me over his shoulder like I weighed nothing more than a feather. My eyes widened in horror and my hands subconsciously fisted. “What are you doing? Put me down this instant!" "I won't until you stop punching my back." Sean grumbled. "Hey!" Nina protested "Where are you taking her-" I couldn't hear what she said after that because we were already going away from them. I never stopped punching his back and he remained unaffected. "Seriously Pretty girl, that's not going to help you."
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By the end of the day, I prayed to God to not let me into any more trouble. I have had enough dose for today when multiple things ended up happening with me. When I returned back to where my friends were waiting, I left Sean back hanging with a smirk still persistent on his face. After I spoke to Nina, it was established that she was going to drop me home. The first thing that went abnormal was that we had another passenger with us. And that was Brett. Brett liked the idea of carpool and tried it with Sean this morning. Poor guy, if only he knew he could trust the world but not Sean. "He left me." He said in disbelief, with a dramatic gasp escaping his lips. "He left me alone." I could just do so much as roll my eyes at him and throw him a glance of disapproval. That, wasn't the complete reason why he's travelling with us. When he said he had no one to ask for a ride, Nina immediately offered that she could drive him home. "I'm getting not one, but two girls to ride back home
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Sean I walked into the drive inn and rummaged through my pocket to find my mobile. When my fingers reached the firm ends of my iPhone, I pulled it and held it out before my eyes. I placed my thumb for the finger print verification, and when the screen unlocked, I opened my f******k to look for the prey I was going to hunt. I had a faint memory of meeting him once or twice in of the parties that I threw and he appeared to be quite familiar. Acquaintance or not, I was not going to spare anyone that messed with me. I saw him in this location here and found him in this drive inn in the far end of the town, where most of the crimes happen. Not an issue for me, my crime's covered. I don't need one, but it's rather absurd to have a bruised up man walk over an old grandma and beg for help. I clicked for his photo to get the image of his in my mind. I tossed the phone back into my pocket and began searching through the drive inn. The drive inn is pretty famous for its a bar. We haven't got
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