Bonus chapter 3


The sun has just sunk below the horizon as my phone ringed to the side. I snuggled closer into covers and buried myself in the warmth, reluctant to open my eyes to the darkness. I felt an arm over my shoulder and a pair of eyes watching me in darkness.

The bed shifted onto my side and I heard a small voice.

"Hello?" She said in a low voice.

"Baby girl, is that you?" Sean's voice was heard from the speaker. A warm smile spread across my face at his voice.

"Daddy!" Sarah said in an excited tone. "Why are you calling at this time? You know we shouldn't disturb mommy."

"I'm sorry baby, I forgot." Sean chuckled. "What is mommy doing?"

"She's sleeping." She whispered. "When are you coming back home?"

"I'll be coming home in a few hours, baby girl." He said. "Are you taking good care of mommy while I'm away? And how is your little brother doing?"

"My little brother is being a very bad boy." I heard our 3 year old daughter say, "He's always kicking mommy in the tummy. I think he foun
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Lei Esturas
i like it. thank you

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