Bonus chapter 2 (part-1)


So today was just like every other day in my life. Atleast, it wasn't the same for Sean. Well, to be very honest, today is the day I decided to grace this planet by my birth. I was pushed out of my mom's womb today.

When I was a kid, my parents used to tale me out with them, with Julliete being the kid who enjoyed the priveleges with me, to celebrate my birthday. It used to simple, we'd roam around, I'd cut the cake and then dad would plan a dinner for all of us.

But eventually that came to end when my mom left us, and my dad left me. Since then, until now, it was only Juliette and I that remained. Julliete would bake a cake, which always ended either burnt or too raw, but I would just smile and compliment her that it was amazing.

Everything changed in my life when Sean entered.

My life became like a fidget spinner.

He control it only his fingers. Just like the spinner, I would occasion fall down in miseries, but Sean being the guy that's good at everything, never let th
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