The Billionaire Broken Wife (The Broken Series 1-3)

The Billionaire Broken Wife (The Broken Series 1-3)

By:  Diana Wolfe  Ongoing
Language: English
129 ratings
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Raped, betrayed, and losing the most important thing to her, Alissa has to do whatever it takes to protect her future but what happens when Daniel, her estranged husband returns and dares to claim what is rightfully his? .... Book 1 : Reuniting with Daniel Walton after three long years forces Alissa Perez to recall the dark chapters of her life when she was raped by Daniel's twin brother, Clarke, and forced to marry Daniel when Clarke disappeared. When an accident made her lose her baby, fear push her to leave her nightmare with the only thing that matters to her. Her miracle baby, Hope. Marrying sweet Alissa was never as bad as what others try to make it to be. However, on the verge of anger, he had hurt her and forced to watch her leave his life until she became his new assistant when he partnered with the company she works in. Knowing the life, she has hidden from him, Daniel swore to do whatever it takes to have the woman of his dreams back into his arms and in their home. Things become complicated when Clarke returns and just like his brother, he will do whatever it takes to mend his mistakes to the innocent woman he has wronged. Who will win back Alissa's heart? Warning: Sexual assault and violent scene ... The Broken Billionaire Series comes in lists of gorgeous stories that dive into the craziest of emotions and heartfelt messages that will make sure to fully entertain you in the best way possible. Do take note that my first language is not English so I apologize for any grammar or spelling mishap. I will deal with that soon but please, enjoy your day and I hope you will have a great time reading:)

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good reader
both The S1 and S2 were great and currently am reading S3 and about to finish it all the stories are great but my favorites are hoppy baby and Clarke
2023-07-12 15:04:04
user avatar
Queen Harvey
Still a great read, second time around!
2023-02-14 13:54:04
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Blade Gaming
I loved the part of Daniel and Alissa very much and will continue reading. Congratulation author for your hardwork.
2022-01-28 08:25:53
user avatar
Francis B. Montebon
it's so nice
2022-01-02 22:42:41
user avatar
Francis B. Montebon
2022-01-02 22:42:04
user avatar
Kai Kuhztan Blahnest
thank you for the beautiful story
2022-01-02 21:05:10
user avatar
Frost Heart
wonderfull and nice,it is suspacious too
2022-01-02 16:18:10
user avatar
Irajani Widjaja
Amazing story, well done author...!! .........
2022-01-02 16:00:50
user avatar
Masriadi Abdul Maj
excellent story
2022-01-02 09:05:52
user avatar
Annabelle Perez
I love this book
2021-09-10 09:06:22
default avatar
Sarah B
Great book! Keep writing :)
2021-08-10 00:02:33
user avatar
Mary Alice Perez Alvarez
loved the book. very interesting till the end
2021-07-31 23:57:32
user avatar
Lynn Kistler Lawrence
great book
2021-07-31 13:50:46
user avatar
Cik Zamz
Love all 3 stories. keep up the good work
2021-07-30 22:38:07
user avatar
Hi guys, S3: chapter 18 has been updated. If it's not, probably because it's Saturday and my editor is taking his/her holiday so please be patient. I'm already working on Chapter 19 and will likely finish this story by this month. Have a great time reading and thanks for the support❤
2021-06-19 05:30:41
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119 Chapters
(Series 1) Prologue
Three years ago Hiding through the hallway in saint Anne Hospital, Alissa knew that she won’t have any other chance to run from there if not now. Animals, all of them. She had thought that he was different. After what his tin had done to her, Alissa had believed his kind words and selfless intention. He was no different from his whole family. Tears prick her lids and she sobbed at one point, right beside the fire extinguisher. She leans her back on the wall and falls in tears. Sobbing and crying at her condition, not even the agonizing pain in her tummy after the C-section 3 days ago could stop her body from shaking. Nine intense months of carrying her unplanned babies but she had cherished them so much as she awaits the arrival of her two miracle angels. A boy and a girl, both were promised to her when she had asked the doctor what she was going to have. Not only the Walton’s has taken that from her, every single one of them has made her alone. She has no one now except for the ang
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Chapter One : Meeting Mr. Walton
Daniel didn’t seem to notice Alissa as he quickly hugs Gregory but when his eyes landed on hers, it was open wide in shock and his mouth was slightly open, revealing his perfect sets of porcelain white teeth. Alissa stood there, frozen to the ground. She couldn’t move her body and continue to stare at the sight in front of her. His dark blonde hair was still the same as it has always been when they were a kid. His perfect nose, his bright blue eyes, five o'clock shadow with his pretty lips has matured like fine wine, making him turn into a greater adult version of himself and his father. Daniel Vann Walton. Even his name exhumes wealth. He has his mother’s features. Greek features and his father’s blue eyes. The word handsome has nothing against him. He was absolutely gorgeous. “Alissa?” He spoke of her name. His voice sends a lightning thrill down her nerves. He moves closer to her but A
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Chapter Two : Sweet dreams
Taking a taxi from work was not a good idea at all. She had always tried to avoid those leeches in New York since they tend to charge people with a ridiculous amount of bills and she would have taken a subway train home to her apartment if it wasn't too late. It wasn't luxurious. It was just a simple 3-bedroom apartment with great neighbours that has always been nice to her. When she opens the lock to her door, she was greeted by a scream of an angel. Alissa smiled when a girl with long blonde hair jump to her when the door was open. Her front teeth have gaps and her smile with her green eyes, the only thing she got from her mother was all sparkly and beautiful contrasting her fair skin. Her pink Barbie nightdress with long sleeves looked so adorable on her. "Baby!" Alissa giggled as she hugs her daughter closer to her chest. "Momma! You home! You home!" She spok
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Chapter Three : Intermission
3 years ago "No. I won't agree to this and you can't make me." Daniel tries to stand up but his father pushed him down and point his finger at his face. William Walton is no doubt an intimidating man but once you grew up past your 20s and basically built better than your old man, Daniel would have no problem pushing William down. For some additional kick, he might just kick his old man in the guts for all the pain and frustration he causes him.  Too bad. He knew that he was better than William. Better as in more in touch with his humane side and knew that if he were to try and hurt his father physically like his father use to do to him growing up, he would have lifelong guilt following him for the rest of his lives.  "You listen here boy, you owe me for everything I have done for you. Without me, you'll have nothing." He hisses through his teeth, making Daniel laughed. "Oh, dad. You are using that line on th
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Chapter Four : Temptation
Heading into the office was like any other day for Alissa. Greeting everyone in her pathway, going to the pantry and get herself a hot cup of coffee and just sat in her space and keep her mind calm and peaceful before go on with her day. After leaving Hope with Sarah, she felt calm knowing she was in her great care. However, the memory of meeting Daniel wouldn't stop taking over her thought. He was everywhere and last night, she even had a dream about him. It was such a weird almost erotic dream where she was laying on her bed in a room that seems to be surrounded by clouds and bright lights. She would think that she was in heaven and out of nowhere, Daniel strut into her bedroom in his white loose shirt and white pants. His messy blonde hair with his trimmed beard made him look like a modern Greek God. He was so handsome and his body, Jesus, he was built like the men in the Avengers movie. She remembered clearly how Daniel, in her dream was going tow
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Chapter Five : Tease
A/N: Hi guys, I will try to upload every day but this month is a bit busy for me due to an online exam from my university but still, I will do my best and I hope that you enjoy my story as much as I love writing it. Do rate and leave a review. Thank you so much💕 ... Standing here in almost what seems to be 30 seconds was the sweetest yet the most horrible, not worst, the thing that could ever happen to Alissa. Daniel was no doubt a great kisser. His sudden approach to cut her air was a surprise, definitely but the way he move his lips over hers and his tongue, oh, the way it twist and turns inside. With his fingers fisting gently on her hair which brings a mild sting but still slightly pleasurable, she can’t help but dwell on his sweet pleasure. Was it because I have never had proper sex before? Is this why I allow my husband, the brother of my rapist to kiss me like there’s no tomorrow? And on that note, Al
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Chapter Six : Feelings
After sending Hope to Sarah's house just next to hers, Alissa quickly took a shower to be ready for dinner tonight. Once she was done, she gently dried herself and sat in front of her dresser. Her eyes drifted to the Ralph Lauren pretty gift bag she has taken from Daniel's chauffeur. Unlike his boss, Randy was a friendly guy despite being super intimidating with his shaved head and burly muscles that stretch out his suit. He would be better suited to be Daniel's bodyguard rather than a driver. From the way, he observe her when they've met earlier and had her called 'Mrs. Walton', she could've sworn that there is a look of acceptance in his eyes. As if any of that matters because she would always remain as a Perez than having that horrible family name. Thinking about her whole day at the office, she was super annoyed at how Daniel couldn't stop being a pain in the ass. Asking her to repeatedly remake his coffee because i
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Chapter Seven : Disaster
It was the first time in her life has Alissa had ever been in a three-star Michelin restaurant. Le Bernardine. Jesus! It looks more like an art gallery than a restaurant and the people around her were so well dressed that even a Ralph Lauren she wore don't feel enough to be amid all these wealthy celebs and tycoons. Her fingers were jittering against her nude color purse and all she kept doing was breathing as deeply as she can. It was like she was having heart palpitation because even Gregory never brought her to this kind of place. They deal with basic partners, not billionaires. She rolled her eyes as she remembers that she had married a billionaire as well. People in her office would be shocked if they knew how her legal husband actually owns most of the land, factories, and businesses in Texas. When the waiter has done walking them to a gorgeous table with beautiful background, she walked in to fi
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Chapter Eight : Heart to Heart
"Why did do you that?" Alissa asked Daniel for like the 10th time. Ever since they've left the restaurant, Daniel was driving silently ignoring Alissa's question and the glare he held the whole time he was driving kinda scares her. Minus all that blonde shades of his thick lock and his trimmed beard, he was all his twin. That angry look was very intimidating but she wouldn't let him know that it kinda affect her. One thing she had learned from the attack was that never show anyone your vulnerable side. Don't ever let people think you are scared or weak because it would've given them more reason to hurt you. They will use that fear and shape it into a weakness that you never even thought would exist like how she never even thought that wearing a simple second-hand dress which she has never found appealing or sexy would have made her an easy target and bullseye for a predator like Clarke. Being around Daniel less than a week has made her remember so much about
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Chapter Nine : Louloúdi mou
Rushing through the emergency ward, all kinds of awful thoughts was wrecking through her brain like a freakin bulldozer. She couldn't hear Sarah finish talking because the moment she mention how Hope is unconscious, a part of her just died. The only meaning to her broken existence was her angel. The proof of miracle that even when she was at her lowest, Hope will always be her hope. Her strength and the thought of losing her would be unbearable. She hears footsteps running behind her and calling out to her but Alissa's vision was dark. She couldn't focus on anything but Hope. When a hand pulled her arm roughly, she winced and got pulled into a hard chest. She slowly opens her eyes and glare into two beautiful blue eyes with specks of gold that is looking down angrily at her. "You need to calm the fuck down! You need to tell me what's going on! I'm scared for you! What do you mean you have a daughter?" Alissa shook her head. Her fear of losing
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