The Billionaire's Instant Bride

The Billionaire's Instant Bride

By:  Anjali Sinha  Ongoing
Language: English
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Kyle Waugh wants something from Dawn. That's all. They decide to give this marriage a go for one year, and if it works out, Dawn will become the senior design editor in Kyle's parent firm and receive a fantastic divorce settlement. Kyle wants her to sleep in his bed, hold his hand at night, wear his ring on his finger at all times, and keep working for him. He also wants to convince his sceptical father that they are happily married and in love, and he's settled enough to run Waugh Industries. Dawn Brooks wants nothing more than stability and would marry a mysterious man to give her the stability she deserves. Even though she slowly learns that Kyle's heart has inbuilt cold walls, she'll do anything to keep the company job and never return to her parents. For now, she'll sleep in his bed, kiss him goodnight with a hole in her heart. Her heart may skip whenever Kyle is around, and his touch may ignite nerves that she never knew existed, but she won't actually give in to him. Would she? After all, she can be his wife if she can put her mind to it.

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55 Chapters
Chapter 1
DAWN"Come on, do it!" Leslie clears her throat while she crosses her hands on her chest. "You can't be a single lass forever.""What?" I eye her suspiciously. "Why would I say 'yes' to meeting some stranger from a social media messenger?""Well, he slid into your DM's, didn't he?" She stares at me with an evil smirk. "Don't you think it'd be nicer if you could get some ass?""Just look at your bad mouth." I point to her face and scoff like a pre-schooler. "How did your mom let you grow up with such a nasty mouth? Do you think I'll meet someone for the first time and then bang them?""Calm down, Dawny!" She puts up her hand defensively. "If you don't like him, you can just walk away after the date." Then Leslie rolls her eyes. "It's not like I'm telling you to get married to the man." She picks up my phone, sitting near my laptop on my work desk, and holds it up in front of my field of vision, gesturing with her eyes to unlock the screen. When I don't move an inch to do anything about
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Chapter 2
DAWN"Oh, did you see the new CEO? He's so goddamn hot." Julie, my colleague who sits at the desk next to mine, tries to get my attention while I stare lazily at my computer screen. "You should see him, Dawn. Your jaw will literally hit the floor.""So, that's the new guy, right?" I ask without looking up. "The new head in the management? Why did they change the old CEO? He was kind of nice. Disagreeable, but nice.""Well, the old head in management got caught redhanded embezzling millions from the company, but he did it quite smartly over the period of five years, so the chairman of the Waugh Industries decided to move him to a different sister company." She bares her teeth as she smiles. "It was a quick move to keep matters hush and utilize his talents for free till he pays back the company every cent he owes." Julie shakes her head, rubbing the tip of her nose. "I've also heard that it was an inside settlement, and he agreed, so he doesn't go to jail.""I can't believe it." I lick
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Chapter 3
DAWN"Well, what was that about?" Julie paces around the room and then steps next to me, setting the two cups on the table. "He looks like he knew you or something. He stood right there in the middle of the office and watched you for like a minute, I swear." She points at the space between the desks and the door. "Do you know him from somewhere, Dawn?"Pulling the mug by the cup handle gingerly towards me, I shake my head."I don't think so." Then I present my opposition to the idea with more zeal. "Of course not! What business do I have to rub elbows with the firm's CEO? I got to be crazy or something in the head for even entertaining the idea.""Geez. Calm down." Julie rolls her eyes. "I was just asking, Dawny. You don't have to take everything I say to heart.""Oh, okay, fine," I add in a dismissive tone, and Julie takes the hint. "I got to concentrate on work. Fiona needs these graphics in like an hour or two."In the back of my mind, I turn the idea of Kyle knowing me from somewh
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Chapter 4
DAWNI punch the send 'button' on my email, and it sends the folder with the newly designed graphics to the team lead, Fiona's business email. She needs the folder for the afternoon meeting. Just processing the thought of showing up to the business meeting in the back of my mind, knowing that Kyle will be there, sends shivers down my spine.Why did he have to work for my company?Well, scratch that.Why did I have to work for his firm?Why couldn't I have found a better job elsewhere?And why does my new husband also have to be my new boss?As I'm busy formulating these thoughts in my head, Fiona knocks on my door, putting her steely gaze on me. My eyes snap from my computer's screen to meet hers."What's going on, Dawn?" She clears her throat. "Didn't I ask you to go and see the new CEO soon?" Then she shakes her head, looking down at me as she crosses her arms across her chest. "What are you going to do about your bad memory? I had reminded you to see the new CEO in his office for a
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Chapter 5
DAWNDriving home in my car, I have thoughts spinning in my mind.Was marrying Kyle such a great idea?What kind of husband would he be to me?Have I made some mistake marrying a stranger without knowing much about him?Taking the next U-turn as I pull the car up a deserted lane that connects to the highway, I sigh. Kyle had sent me messages after the meeting to invite me. He wants me to come to see him at his home tonight. Moreover, Kyle's words give me a feeling about him wanting to get to know each other better since, in his messages, he asserted that I should stay the night and give this marriage a shot. And like a fool, I replied to his messages while I saved his home address when he sent it to me and looked it up on the online navigation maps. Then I sulked for another hour at my desk before leaving for the night. Now, I'm taking the highway which leads to the house on the outskirts of our city.Maybe I should follow his lead.And give this thing a try.Even if it irks me that h
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Chapter 6
DAWN“And I’m sorry.”His words grip me with surprise a third time this evening.“What are you sorry for exactly?” With my harsh words, I put my eyes on the floor because I don’t know how to face him. “I just want to know why you are apologising to me.”“Let’s just say that my harsh attitude and how I go about things have been far from appropriate.” He gazes at me with fierceness in his eyes. “I don’t want you to think I don’t care about you or you aren’t important to me. It’s just that things happen at work, and I can barely control everything.”“I can understand that.”He glances at me expectantly.“Can you?”I bob my head a few times, weighing his words in the back of my mind.In a way, I do understand how he feels.And where he's coming from in this situation since he’s also the head of an organisation?There are so many things at play here.He must be troubled about his private life making the rounds in the company.The legitimate fear of his employees spending their free time te
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Chapter 7
DAWNAfter the quick but enjoyable hot shower, I put on the pyjamas and tread downstairs to the kitchen. I follow Kyle's cooking noises and the noise of him putting a pan over the fire. The moment I step into the kitchen, I see Kyle perched over an electric stove, stirring some sauce in a big pot.Is he a great cook?Have I randomly lucked into a husband that can cook dinners?Even though I lied and made my intentions for helping him out in the kitchen known, I think I have left out some crucial information from the conversation.The fact is I'm not a great cook.I can barely cook anything more than heating eggs and making the random batch of instant noodles that I can find lying in the back of my cupboard."It smells good.""Does it?" Kyle looks up from the simmering pot in front of him. "I just added some cilantro and thyme to the sauce. I settled on making shrimp pasta." Then he brings the sauce ladle to his lips. "Hmm. . .I think the sauce tastes good.""The dish sounds like a nic
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Chapter 8
DAWN"How are you finding the pasta?" Kyle pushes the plate of side dishes towards me. I didn't know when he found the time to pickle some fresh vegetables, but he did find time to do that. "Would you like some more of the salad? We have more than enough," he passes me the salad bowl and the pesto dish, "so please help yourself."I wrap another string of pasta around my fork and bring it to my mouth. "It tastes delicious. You were not lying about your cooking skills." My comment earns a scoff that slips easily from Kyle's lips. His reaction makes me chuckle. "And to be honest, I'm eating so well tonight. Usually, I'll munch on any leftovers from the lunch I'll hurriedly cook for myself in the mornings or the night before, and I rarely make salads that look like this." I point to the salad bowl. "My salads are rarely this green or appetising." In my head, the word 'impostor' twinkles in bright neon lights as if it's a beer sign since I'm not talking about the absence of my cooking skil
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Chapter 9
DAWNI lie there nervously in Kyle's bed with my arms around my head, waiting in anticipation of what's about to happen. I know what he said. But is everything going to be okay between us if we sleep in the same bed?Will we be able to control ourselves?Will he be able to keep his hands off of me?Will I be the person who makes the first move?The question hounds me as I twist and turn under the soft duvet to make myself more comfortable. My nerves flare, and I wonder what spending the night in Kyle's room will be like since I haven't spent a night in a man's bed before. Sleep is still a far-fetched dream since my body feels as if it's on fire with want and expectation.I should have slept in the guest room to avoid feeling like a desperate moron.Tossing again under the duvet to adjust my body to a more comfortable position, I hear footsteps coming towards the room. I abruptly close my eyes to fake falling asleep. Kyle shouldn't know that I haven't had a wink of shuteye since I step
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Chapter 10
DAWNWhile I hear Kyle take another shower in the morning, I can't help but hide under the duvet. I can't bring myself to get out of bed because that means I have to run into Kyle again.Can my life get any more embarrassing?What have I done?How will I be able to face him today?The icing on the cake is that I work with him, and he's my boss.My husband is my goddamned boss.I still cannot believe it.Should I move to the guest room and hide in there?As I'm thinking these thoughts, Kyle comes out of the washroom with a towel wrapped around his chiselled torso. The moment he steps into the room, he stares confidently at me.The air in the room changes and I feel like I'm around no one other than my boss, and the situation reminds me of yesterday's afternoon meeting. The same boss who's also standing in front of me, half-naked. And I don't know how to feel about this.Is he doing this on purpose?"Aren't you going to shower and get ready for work?" He has a spare towel around his nec
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