The Boyfriend

The Boyfriend

By:  Gegimei  Completed
Language: English
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Julie Greene hadn't had a boyfriend since she started college. The last time she was in a relationship, her heart was broken and it was hard to trust again. Having a best friend since childhood was a big advantage, she never really felt lonely. Kelsey had always been like a sister, they were almost always together. They were always there for each other, even when Julie had a bit of a fall out with Preston, her "other" best friend. That is until Kelsey had a new boyfriend that she met on her summer vacation.

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I looovvveeee this book! Like, omg, this is the second or third time that I have re-read it and it still feels the same. I am so in love with the lead guy. Hoping for a sequel for this book.
2023-04-11 01:00:05
user avatar
Marianne Bryan
good book needs a better ending
2021-08-06 01:30:53
default avatar
Love this book! Is there going to be a sequel??
2021-07-16 04:13:12
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Renee Shobe
Good book. Easy read.
2021-06-22 07:34:51
user avatar
currently on chapter thirteen. I love how everything goes, though I don't like Kelsey. She's such a bitch, rn. I love Nathan, super! He's my dream guy, you know. Author, can you please, re-write this story and make me as the main character, and Nathan would be the male lead? jk.
2021-06-20 13:22:39
user avatar
Uche Ikem
I love Julie's personality, but she broke my heart when she has sex with Preston. The sudden twist in the events between Kesley and Julie was intriguing and it was a duex- ex- machine.
2021-05-10 20:16:56
default avatar
Might be my favorite story on here! Any way we could get a sequel author?! Fantastic job 😊
2021-03-25 15:07:36
40 Chapters
One: When Summer Ended
"Heeeyyy girlfriend!" Kelsey's voice greeted her through the phone. She was in her baby blue bathing suit she bought before going on an exotic island summer vacation. She video called once a week throughout summer, sometimes more often whenever she needed a girl talk while she was on her solo getaway. "Hey babe ... wow you look really tan there, are you still out on the beach?" Julie can only see parts of her perfect body and perfect face through the small screen. Kelsey lifted her phone to show where she was, a beautiful white sand beach in Bhorma Island where it's always sunny. People lying around on beach towels enjoying the sun. There were people running in the background, she can hear the waves mixed with the sound of seagulls. Then the camera went back to her face lying on the beach with her hair fall back under a beach hat. "You could've been here with me if it weren't for your geek mode that decided to turn
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Two: Good Morning Jules!
She was awoken by the sound of a rooster screaming its lungs out like its life was depending on it. She opened her eyes in a heavy daze, slowly gaining consciousness, realizing that her alarm had set off the annoying sound. She took her phone and there were five miscalls from Kelsey. She remembered Kelsey never made that phone call to check in with her about her date. She dialed her number. The call was picked up after two rings and she can see white bedsheets tangled on Kelsey's long and leaned tanned leg. It slowly went up to her exposed breasts, Kelsey was yawning and stretching at the other end of that call. "Jeez ... five miscalls just for me to see you naked after a hot date? I thought you were in trouble or something," Julie was relieved even though slightly annoyed, as beautiful as she was, she didn't really enjoy looking at her best friend's bare breasts first thing in the morning. She threw herself back on her bed, covered in her v
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Three: Last Year In College
She was wearing a long-sleeved cropped top with her super mini skirt, her tanned legs shimmered from the body oil she smeared all over them, she smelled like coconut vanilla. Kelsey was looking at herself in the body mirror in the corner of their dorm room, trying to decide whether to tie her hair in a ponytail or just leave them hanging over her shoulders. She didn't really need to do anything with herself, Kelsey would've looked gorgeous in pajamas. She was one of those girls who looked perfect in their Instagram posts "woke up like this", yes they do exist.  Julie was satisfied with her babydoll dress, covered with her oversized sweater. It took her a few seconds to look in the mirror when she tied her hair in a messy bun in her half of the room where she sticks her walls with posters of Rock Stars from the '70s and '80s. "Ready?" she asked Kelsey who was still undecided. "Just leave it as it is, Kells, you look fine," she conti
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Four: Nathan Sommers
Kelsey was yawning in class, she couldn't look more bored and suicidal than any other times she was in a classroom. She turned to Julie and made a hand gesture as if she was tying a rope around her neck and pulled until her tongue rolled out. She was the kind of girl who would go as far as sleeping with the Professor just to pass a class because she couldn't stand being in it and having to read all the papers when it was time for an exam. Julie smiled in amusement, she kept jotting down notes after notes like she always does. She sometimes doodled on the faces of Mick Jagger, Axl Rose, or Tommy Lee and other times, Preston Hicks which she already tore down from her binder. She never had a grade below B+, her GPA was always close to a perfect 4.0 and that was on a bad semester. When the class was finally over, Kelsey let out a sigh of relief as if she was tortured for an hour and a half. It was only the first day.&
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Five: First Impression
"Sooo??? What do you think about him?" Kelsey asked after they got back to the dorm.  "He's ... nice," it was the first thing that came to her mind. Too nice, she thought, for Kelsey. But she couldn't bring herself to say it, Nathan was very different than any of the guys Kelsey ever dated, and she knew them all. Nathan was a serious type, he had a calm and cool nature about him that didn't fit Kelsey's type of boyfriends. Kelsey's type was more like ... Preston. "He seemed to have big plans for the future and he's working for it too," Julie said. Kelsey nodded, she didn't seem to care much about that. "I just can't wait to get him back in the sack tonight ... we're going clubbing later, you should come too," Kelsey said. Julie hesitated, being the third wheel on Kelsey's dates was not her favorite thing to do. "Don't tell me you want to stay in and study?? It's only the first day of the semester, Jul
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Six: The Internship Thing
Kelsey didn't come back to the dorm for two days. She does that when she was with a boyfriend. She checked in with Julie every day just to let her know where she was. Usually, she'd stay with the guy for days, fucked his brains out until she was bored fucking him and she'd come back to the dorm to complain about how bored she was and then went back to the guy to fuck him some more. Julie was used to the routine, she was glad she was a professional loner. She would drown herself in books and completely lost track of time whenever Kelsey went on her voyage. She never felt lonely without her roommate, and when Kelsey's back, she would take a break from her reading to listen to her over the top sexcapade with the 'oh so boring boyfriend' just to see her gone again in a few days. Rarely there was a boyfriend that didn't bore her, those who can keep her satisfied in bed were the ones that can keep her longest. And that seemed to be the case with Nathan.
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Seven: Teaming Up With Jules
Julie was deeply lost in the streets of Europe with Robert Langdon is one of those Dan Brown's thriller novels. Her face was covered by the hardback she had just bought the day before and was already halfway through the 600 plus pages story. Her coffee cup was half empty, her croissant half-eaten, her eyes nailed to the sheets. "Julie?!" a voice called her name which she pretended to not hear, she was three pages away from the next chapter. The source of the voice didn't call on her again, instead, he took a seat in front of her in silence. Her eyebrows furrowed as she was finishing a few more paragraphs before she slid her book to one side and startled at the sight of Nathan. "Nathan?! I'm sorry I was ..." she was lost for words. "In the middle of a chapter? Don't worry, I'm like that too ..." he laughed softly, showing a row of perfect teeth between his perfectly shaped lips. "Are you alone? Can I sit here?" he was dir
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Eight: Preston
Whenever she's not in a class, twice or three times a week at various coffee shops they would meet to discuss work while Kelsey attends her classes. They made tremendous progress just by brainstorming, making phone calls, and work on Julie's laptop. Sometimes Kelsey skipped class to join them, to see what the work was like but then she was bored after a few hours and decided that she was better off in class. Julie went to the counter to order some coffee and snacks when Preston approached her. "Hey, I thought I'd find you here," he greeted her. He was standing really close to her, their arms rubbed with each other and it made her uncomfortable. "Hey Preston," she replied in a monotone. "My birthday is coming up, I wanted to invite you," he said. Julie shrugged, "Oh I don't think I can come, but thanks for inviting me, I'll let Kelsey know." "Come on, Jules, this been go
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Nine: The Rockstar
The party was at his house. Preston's family also owned a house in Gastonburry, but he chose to live in the dorm because he didn't get along with his dad. It was a better choice for his love life too, it would've been disastrous to bring his dates home and meet his parents in the morning. Kelsey was right, Preston was a slut, he sleeps around with everybody. He had the looks, he got the reputation, and he was a singer in his band which was gradually making a name for itself. Even though he took the Business Major, his musical talent was pulling him in another direction. His girlfriend for the past couple of years was an on and off relationship because he couldn't keep his pants on. It left Julie feeling like an idiot for letting him in her room that night and fell for the same trick that he probably used with every girl he slept with. Or maybe he didn't need a trick at all, because most girls would open their door to him just because he was
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Ten: Ardor
'I broke up with Naomi' the girl who he cheated on with her. So? She thought. It couldn't be undone, she slept with someone else's boyfriend. Something she never thought would happen. Especially not when her last boyfriend cheated on her because she wasn't sure about giving up her virginity to him. She shrugged it off. She remembered how he was when she opened her dorm room that night. He was drunk, he said he couldn't sleep, he was smelling like booze with a tint of Hugo Boss, he had an unopened bottle of Vodka in his hand.  Preston always smelled nice, even under a stale cigarette odor. He took his jacket off, leaving his thin worn out The Doors T-shirt hanging loose above his jeans. He threw himself on the floor next to her, their backs leaned on the bed. He opened the bottle with his teeth and they started drinking. He went on about the thousands of fights he had with Naomi, that night being the peak o
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