Chapter 10


“Savi?” Wesley called out as he knocked. “Hurry!”

“Coming!” I shouted back. I put on a pair of pearl earrings to match my Grecian maxi white dress. The straps hung on my shoulders with a racy V-cut on the cleavage and had a side split at my right upper thigh down on my leg. My back was half bare, but a strip of gold chain connected to the other side to keep it from falling off. I didn’t wear any necklace. I liked the way my neck was also bare. I let my hair fall on my shoulders with the right curls and wore six-inch because it emphasized my butt when I walked. For the final touch, I swiped a red lipstick and hurried outside. I was now ready for the party.

“What’s taking you so long?” he complained, but Riley slapped his arm.

“You boys should know by now what it means for us girls to dress up,” she said.

I grinned. “Yeah, because you’re not bad yourself.”

Wes looked debonair tonight in Brioni tux. With a body and handsome face to flaunt, I rarely saw him less than gorgeou
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Nor-ida Albani
hope this is a nice n interesting story
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Debbie Parks
Amazing Chapter
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Debbie Parks
Amazing and awesome story

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