44 - State Affairs And A wedding

The wedding was a truly beautiful affair.

Kari had never seen such an elaborate celebration before but then, this was for a king of a powerful nation. People were dressed in their best, everyone glittering in shimmering fabrics and adorned with precious metals and stones. Even the servants and slaves were done up.

Kari himself had a new tunic that was intricately patterned with swirls of blue, and small sparking silver chains that had tiny sparkling jewels hanging off them. His breech was made from beautiful shimmering blue fabric and he veritably dripped in silver chains adorned with more sparkling jewels while his knee-length boots shined with silver swirls on each side.

Millicent had painted black around his eyes again and when he glimpsed himself in a mirror, he looked almost otherworldly.

His skin was as pale as snow, almost unearthly, and his eyes, hai

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