The Conqueror of the Universe

The Conqueror of the Universe

By:  Zhi Hua Chuan  Ongoing
Language: English
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People in the Novo Age yearned to enter the Awakening Stage, so did Li Ping’an. As a poor orphan, he kept on practicing to be stronger in order to rewrite his fate and to investigate the true cause of his parents’ death. One day, he accidentally had a strange dream after the stone pendant given by his parents had absorbed the purple Nutrition Drop. In his dream, a mysterious stone seemed to imply something unusual. Since then, he had been more powerful than before in all aspects. However, he would have to defeat a lot of warriors stronger than him to reach his goal. Will he reach the peak?

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Franzie Mark
its very interesting
2022-11-24 06:11:58
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Please write more to the story.
2022-11-18 05:05:52
325 Chapters
Chapter 1 The God’s Favored One from a Poor Family.
On a September afternoon, the sun was scorching hot.Here was Lanhai No.1 High School testing ground.Dressed in tight black sportswear, Li Ping'an squatted in front of the silver track, biting the stone pendant in front of his chest. He was not strong enough but was well-proportioned, just like a black cheetah prepared to prance."Senior Li Ping'an, come on!""Senior Li, you are the pride of our civilian students. We will always be on your side. You will be the real awakening powerhouse!""..."The feverish cheering of young girls and boys surrounded him. The uprising hormone was much hotter than the blazing sun in the sky.However, Li Ping'an shut his eyes and ears to everything.In his eyes, he could only see the silver track ahead."Exhale, inhale."Li Ping'an constantly breathed in and out, adjusting his state."Today, we are having the
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Chapter 2 Public Enemy
The sun in post meridiem was still hot. Beads of sweat seeped out from the girl's shining and white face, making her more attractive.Her big eyes, which were as bright as gems, had already narrowed with laughter. With long eyelashes trembling, her eyes were like two nimble crescent moons.She handed the Nutrition Drop to Li Ping'an. Then she remained silent.Like a secluded orchid with the fragrance of enchanting the whole world, she looked at the young boy's slightly dark, angular but handsome face quietly."..."Li Ping'an was also a little confused.He didn't expect Jiang Zhiyan, the crazy woman, to give him such a "precious gift" at the beginning of the semester.In others' eyes, they were like intimate lovers now, who were even like a legend in which a fairy fell into the mortal world to pursue a man.But Li Ping'an knew it was not true at all.Because this craz
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Chapter 3 A Mysterious Stone
Li Ping'an seemed to have a strange dream.In his dream, a big gold dragon, like a king respected by creatures, flew in the sky.Suddenly,a bird squawked.This loud sound from the sky was made by a giant bird with big wings. It was diving toward the gold dragon.The gold dragon roared in horror.It realized the danger but failed to escape the big claws.Li Ping'an was astounded that the dragon, dwarfed by the giant bird and like a worm, had been taken away, disappearing."This..."Li Ping’an was shocked and wordless.This scene was so real, as spectacular as that in the tale.Li Ping’an tried to find out what had happened, but he felt dizzy and then fell unconscious again....At this moment, he recalled those obscure shocking scenes. However, he ended up remembering a big strange egg had cracked open in the nest pe
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Chapter 4 A Brilliant Comprehension
"Sanggou?"Li Ping'an frowned but instantly felt relaxed.He had to make money by finishing tasks in the Underground Alliance each month, so he naturally knew Sanggou.In the view of common people, Sanggou was unfriendly, but Li Ping'an knew this was not true.Sanggou was not strong as he had shown to common people. Actually, he was weak in the Underground Alliance.If Sanggou had been a simple person, he would not have been in this status today.In this profitable position, he had a free and enjoyable life. For example, he could gain a lot of money and flirt with beauty.For one thing, he always had it both ways, so he got along with different people. For another thing, he entered the Prospective Awakening Stage.He was in the Prospective Awakening Stage, so he was strong in the Underground Alliance.Previously, Li Ping'an would have fought with them without any tric
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Chapter 5 A Resolute Young Man
“Aaargh!”The scream of Huangmao, a yellow-headed man, awoke residents nearby to see what had happened.They knew Sanggou and his mates. So, if there were a street fight in this area or if their neighbor got into trouble, they could call the police for help in time.Obviously, Li Ping'an didn't care about their concern.Huangmao had already lain on the ground, without the ability to fight back, but Li Ping'an did not stop hitting him.Bang!He punched and kicked Huangmao around his vital parts, from knees, belly to ribs.This was the experience he had acquired from battles during the past two years.Even if he could not kill someone, he should quickly and effectively have his opponents fail to react.In his view, this kind of behavior respected him and his enemy.Huangmao, a poor two-meter-tall man weighing three hundred pounds, as strong as a bear, now,
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Chapter 6 The Reappearance of the Mysterious Stone
Ms. Hong ordered her assistants to clean the place where they had fought within a few minutes as if nothing had ever happened.It was a peaceful night again.Ms. Hong enthusiastically invited Li Ping'an to have dinner with her tomorrow by a call. Her words implied something unusual.Li Ping'an rejected her with a smile and then went back home.It was not because he looked down upon her snobbish attitude.In fact, she was beautiful and charming.If she had not been snobbish, as a woman, how could she have lived in the world?Li Ping'an was not interested in that thing.His small and ancient house covered more than sixty square meters with two rooms and a living room.More than ten years ago, when his parents passed away, their friend in the army had bought this house with their small pension for their son.Unfortunately, this friend died in the battle a fe
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Chapter 7 Underground Alliance
Li Ping'an just wanted to look more carefully to see what Kunpeng's figure looked like. But the familiar tiredness all over his body suddenly stole over him again. "Holy crap!" Li Ping'an tried desperately to resist it, but his body was completely out of control. His eyelids grew heavy again, and he instantly fell asleep heavily. ... Early in the morning. The soft sunlight shone on Li Ping'an's eyelids, and an indescribable comfort pervaded his body. Li Ping'an moaned comfortably. But he also woke up suddenly. "Holy crap!" "What the hell is going on? Yesterday, I obviously had a big fight with Sanggou and the group and got some injuries. But why do I feel so comfortable and full of strength now? I even feel that I can smash through the wall with one punch!" Swish. Li Ping'an shook his fists in the air one after another. Every fist generated wind
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Chapter 8 Ms. Hong, Let Me Participate in the Game!
"Please come in."Li Ping'an stood outside the elegant, quiet but grandiose office. A very gentle and nice voice came from the inside.Li Ping'an took a deep breath. Then he opened the door and went inside with soft movements. He looked at the beautiful woman who was concentrating in front of the big desk, and smiled reverently, "Ms. Hong, I’m sorry to bother you so early.""Ah!""Li, is it you? Please have a seat. Tea or coffee? I'll make it for you."Actually, there was a high-tech video system at the door of the office, but Ms. Hong had been thinking just now, so she didn't notice Li Ping'an's coming.At this moment, when she saw that it was Li Ping'an, she hurriedly put aside the things she was doing and stood up to greet him smilingly.No one would believe that she was the Minister of the Underground Alliance. She totally looked like a girl living next door."Aha! Tea,
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Chapter 9 The Bull Demon King
At 2 p.m.At a deserted wharf in the eastern suburbs of the northern district of Lanhai City, the huge parking lot had already been full of luxury cars, and many strong men wearing black suits were moving around vigilantly.There was exactly the field of the Black Boxing arena of the Underground Alliance."Hey, Mr. Zhang. Is there any latest news? Lanhai City is not a wuss. How can we be steamrollered by people from Hanguo?"A handsome and manly young man went out from the latest tenth-generation Audi Q7 with a price of tens of millions of yuan. He smiled and talked to a shrewd middle-aged man who went out from the newest eighth-generation Cayenne."Ha-ha, Liu, I really do not have any insider on this matter. Although these people from Hanguo are pesky, they are a branch of Starry Group after all. But Ms. Hong, the head of Lanhai City, is definitely no pushover. The young master from Hanguo wants to take advanta
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Chapter 10 The Crazy Bull Demon King
"Heh, hehe!"Li Junhao could not help laughing contemptuously at Li Ping'an, who was acting like a monkey on the ring looking around curiously with a weird Minotaur mask.Li Junhao made no secret of the desire in his eyes. Smiling evilly, he looked at Ms. Hong and said, "Ms. Hong, thank you for such a great gift. It would be disrespectful of me to refuse. Hahaha..."Li Junhao could see that although Li Ping'an's figure was well-proportioned and could pass as stout, he was obviously thinner!Such thinness especially came from the lack of practice and experience, which could only be accumulated with time passing by. In this regard, his thinness was immature and naive.And how could he fail to see that Li Ping'an was probably just a teenager who had not yet grown up?How should Li Ping'an, such a thin and inexperienced boy be Ms. Hong's trump card? How could he be an opponent of Li Junhao’s subordinate
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