39 # I can't leave you alone

Harsh's POV

"Good morning, life," I kissed on her cheek.

No effect. She must be tired.

"I'm leaving for the office," I caressed her cheek and pushed her hair to her back.

"Okay," She pouted without opening her eyes.

"How long will you sleep?" I asked.

"Harsh, Umm... bye, have a nice day," She shuffled her hand, waving me. Still, her eyes are closed.

I kissed again on her cheek, and also poured kisses over her face.

"Harsh," She chided.

"Let me sleep," She threw a pillow on my face and hid her face with another pillow which was under her head.

"Okay, I'm leaving. Take care. Have brunch on time, I love you," I pampered her back.

Silly girl, how long she wants to sleep. Maybe, she was hell tired, all-cause of her palace visit. She and her stubborn wishes. Why did she need to explore at onetime?

I left in my sports car. A smile a the evidence of my happiness of having her. She is mine. Damn, I love her.
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