42 # Found Her

Third Person's POV 

"Aaina, open the door. I'm here, Dadaji," Vikrant knocked on the door of Harsh's bedroom.

"Dadaji, If Harsh..." She stammered and a sob escaped from her mouth.

"He is not at home, open the door," Vikrant requested politely.

She opened the door.

"Dadaji, Harsh is..." She almost cried.

"Don't worry, he is angry because of some business issue. Veer will deal with him. Just calm down and don't cry," He closed her while a small smile appeared on his bright face.

"Take care," Vikrant said and paced out from there.

He asked the driver to drive towards Harsh's penthouse. On the way, he called Veer and Khushi and ordered them to come there.

Here, Harsh was desperate to find Aaina. He received emails from Ronit. His eyes sparkled. But soon it turned into surprise.

He was informed that Eric and Dylan were in Paris. But their current location was Udaygarh. It caused thunder in his heart. 

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