44 # The Past

Third person's POV

"I never wished that this day would come," Vikrant said heavily. He wiped off his tears from his cheeks.

"Please, tell me," Harsh tightened his arms around Aaina, who was already hugging him to soothe.

*** Flashback ***

Harshavardhan Dev, a person with a great positive attitude, talented and brave. He was born in the time when India was ruled by British people.

We studied together in college. He was the son of the King, rich enough but there was no ego in his mind.

We became friends. He used to share everything with me, I too. Life is going happily.

Time passed on, we got married. After freedom, India became very weak. He donated his half of the property to poor people, also land, money etc. 

His wife wasn't happy with his decisions. But he was taught that live for your people and die for the people. Her anger doesn't affect her.

So many years of marriage, they didn't have

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