46 # Epilogue

Third Person's POV 

"Harsh, you're tingling me," Aaina giggled like a kid, complaining about Harsh's massage work to him.

"This is not like you said. I'm massaging so softly and with full care that doesn't harm or especially tingle you," He smiled ear to ear. He added, "Am I right, baby? Tell your mum that I didn't tickle."

The baby kicked and she screamed, "Harsh... It's hurting."

Harsh laughed, he could feel the baby's movement from her swollen belly. He filled, it kicked.

Harsh was applying cream on her belly, suggested by the doctor. So she won't have any scar or stretch marks on her belly after liberation. The gentle massage prevents itching, which is caused because drying and tearing of the skin as it is swollen due to baby bump.

"Now, it's done," He cupped the big baby bump and whispered, "Good night, champ."

"Huh, champ?" She rolled her eyes.

"Yes, my champ. No matter he or she," He proclaimed.

He helped h

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