All Chapters of The Contingent Love : Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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1 # Prologue
( Some words to understand which are Gujarati....Pappa - Father, Mummy - Mother, Dhingli - a baby doll, Dadu -Grandfather, Bhai -Brother)"Harsh's POV "What is this, Ronit? I have already rejected this plan, do something new. Leave," I roared on him. He quickly found the way to the exit."Sir, " He turned to face me again, I insulted h, till he dared to say something. I narrowed my eyes at him."Sir, when you were in Italy, I have received an envelope in your and Madam's name. As I was on leave, I couldn't hand it to you. I'm sorry for the delay, " He hesitated, a sincerity was in his sound.He opened the drawer on the left side desk and handed me a big envelope. I didn't pay any attention to him and grab it from his hand, he exited.I thought, "I should not think like that, maybe she has been changed. For what I'm doubting, one month ago, she has refused to have a coffee, even she behaved bizarrely. I arrived two days, she is having coffee, even she throws up herself on me oftentim
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2 # Character sketch
Aaina Sanghvi :23 years old, pretty, smart and gorgeous girl with well maintained figure. But spoiled because of wealth and love of her father. Gave final exam of MBA in USA. She wants to live the life with her own rules. She is the only one daughter of Varun Sanghvi and Kirti Sanghvi. Her family forced her into marriage with Harsh. Harsh Rawat :
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3 # Planning of wedding
Author's POV A mobile phone buzzes."Varun ji, your phone is buzzing. What are you doing? Please, come fast and pick up it." Kirti yelled."Pick it up, I'm coming." Varun said from the bathroom.Kirti t
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4 # Did Harsh Agree????
Third Person POV  Veer returned with his Dadaji (Grandfather), Vikrant Rawat. They are travelling in their Rolls- Royce, Vikrant rests his back on the seat of the car. After a few minutes of silence, Veer asked, “Dadu, do you really think that Bhai will agree?”“NO, never. I know Harsh very well, he will not agree, but this time by hook or crook, but I will do his marriage with this girl.” Vikrant replied without opening his eyes.“You know your brother is like coconut. He hides so much pain inside. That’s why he is arrogant, someone’s love will bring him out from his sorrow. He is stubborn, he can do anything to stay away from marriage.” Vikrant added.“Hmm.” Veer nodded his head.Rawat family has a bungalow in Ahmedabad, after a few minutes they reached their bungalow. Veer started his planning for the wedding. He searched for the best wedding planner and other arrangements.“Veer,” Vikrant said.“Ji, Dadu.” Veer said.“Listen, first make a list o
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5 # Frustration
Third Person's POV One week later....A peon runs hurriedly and shouts, "HR is comi...nnng..." Everyone ran to their respective tables. Who are holding files, their files fallen down due to trembling hands. Everyone started remind what work was given by
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6 # Run Away
Third Person's POV Harsh tried his best to find that girl but he fails. Both families are preparing for the wedding.Finally the wedding days is near. Before one week both family reached at the destination wedding place. Aaina was informed that she has to come directly Goa and Harsh is also informed that he has to come Goa.
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7 # Marriage
Third Person's POV Vikrant and Veer searched for Varun. But they didn't find anyone in the porch. Veer asked a waiter about Varun, "Hey, have you seen Varun uncle?"That waiter replied, "They went to Aaina madam's room." The waiter gave him a room number."Ok, thank you." Veer replied and walked inside the hotel.
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8 # Honeymoon Trip
Third Person's POV "But this time I will not force my daughter to marry." Kirti said."We will talk about it later." Vikrant said and looked at Varun.Vikrant called someone, a man received a call from opposite side and said in his sleepy voice, "Hello."
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9 # Promise to Family
Third Person’s POVAaina and Harsh don’t know that next morning is coming with big storm. Harsh didn’t imagine that his grandpa can be these serious, and can snatch his all powers. Aaina thinks that her family will forgive her for this step, as she is loved by her family and her family always forgives her for her mistakes.Harsh and Aaina are right at their places, but they were forced for the marriage, so they escaped. But again they are forced to stay together. This time their families didn&rs
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10 # Kidnapped
Third Person's POV "If you don't mind, will you please book another room for you?" Aaina requested."Ohh, so she is here for the room. How to explain her that I can't book a room as I don't have money." Harsh thinks himself and shook his head.Aaina is still looking at him with the hope.
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