Chapter 3

   Words are out everywhere. Gossiping about how the Edwins family turned their backs on each other. That morning when Jeremiah and Jacob were turned in, the news was exploding with it. All everyone would say of was "How could they turn their backs on each other?", "The Edwins are cursed,", "How did their parents raise them?".

          The Edwin family started getting attacked with words after the news. Far and wide the whispers about the Edwin family being cursed continued.

    When the Edwins were displeased, they reported it, so after that, anyone talking bad about the Edwin family would get charged.

The gossip and whispers died after that was announced. People started minding their own business. Some going back to work, others going to school while waiting for the next rumor to tattle about.


          A week or so later, people found another thing to talk about. Something scarier and unimaginable. Families started getting letters from their murdered family members. Everyone believed it was The Silent Man's doing, but as time goes by, it started getting deeper, more detailed. Some letters even indicating their darkest family secrets.

                                            Angelina's POV (Point of View)

          Schools were closed so I had nothing to do. I went downstairs to get some popcorn and watch Netflix since Katherina (Kate), mom, and dad went out shopping for Kate and I's birthday dress. I didn't go because I didn't feel too well and I also had a dress. I told them I would just stay home and get some rest until they come back since we were going out for dinner. I was waiting for the popcorn to finish popping until I got a soda from the fridge when I heard a knock on the door. It certainly wasn't my family cause they wouldn't have to knock. They would have their keys.

          I walked to the door slowly, terrified of what would be behind that door. Before I opened the door, I peeked through the peephole, but there was no one. Strange.

      I opened the door and checked right and left before looking down. There was a letter on the ground. Why couldn't they put it in the mailbox? Anyway, I picked it up and read the back. Not believing my eyes, I read it again and again. No matter how many times I read it, there were three unbelievable words. It said, "From Christoffer Derrick".

          That couldn't be right. It must be something he wanted to send earlier but it just arrived very late. Or it could be The Silent Man's doing.

      I ripped open the letter to find Chris's handwriting. His own handwriting. I knew his handwriting very well. It was the D'nealian writing. He was obsessed with it.

      I read the letter and was terrified when it was from him and his signature and the date indicated December, but he died in November. I locked the door and ran to the phone to call mom and dad or the Sheriff or anyone. I picked up the phone and slowly dialed mom's phone but she didn't pick up. I dialed Kate's phone and she didn't pick up either. Dad was my last chance, if he didn't pick up, I would have to call the police but surprisingly he picked up.

          "Hey, Ange, what's up?" he said while telling Kate that the dress was too short in the background,

            "Dad, you need to come home," I said slowly so he would get that something's wrong,

            "What? Why? What's wrong?" he was clearly worried,

            "There was a letter on our front porch and when I read it, it said it was from Chris. Then I opened the letter and found his handwriting, you remember that one he's pretty obsessed with? The D'nealian one?" I asked hoping he would remember,

"Yes yes, I remember," He said,

"And the date says in December but he died in November," I said tears filling my eyes.

      After that, he told me they will be home right then and I heard him telling them to go in the background. I sat on the couch and kept reading it while eating my popcorn.


          It said:  Hi Dad, mom, Kate, and Ange. I have missed you so much. It's been a while since the last time we saw each other right? Anyway, I was just saying hello. How are you all doing? Also, I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Kate and Ange. Aren't they turning 16 tomorrow? Wow. I can't believe you are already 16. I also wish the gift arrives on time tomorrow. It will be a pretty big box but I guess mom and dad could help you get it in the house. I love you tigers and I hope you have a great day. I will keep reaching out. If you want to reach out too, please do so.

        Then at the bottom, there was his signature and his full name but no address or phone number so we could reach out to him, even though he said please reach out. He also called us tigers. That was a name he gave us when Kate and I were little. We would always annoy him without getting tired so he called us tigers.

        I put the letter down and opened Netflix trying to forget about all about it. I opened Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 2, where I stopped at the last time I was watching it. Which was in the morning.

  Before I even went halfway to Episode 2, the door opened and came rushing my family.  I took the letter and showed them to which they obviously went to the Sheriff. My mom's reaction was the same as mine. She cried. Chris was so close to me and Kate. He was just perfect. He was more than anyone could ever ask for. He was smart, intelligent, nice, caring, loving. He was anything but bad. If in any hell way possible this letter was true and he was alive, that would be my first and last wish. To get him back. No matter what, I would never want to lose him. Neither do Kate, mom, and dad.

      The Sheriff told us that others have come to him with the same issue too. Different letters, but all from their...dead family members.

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