The Curvy Girl's Guide to Seduction

The Curvy Girl's Guide to Seduction

By:  Fireheart.  Completed
Language: English
11 ratings
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Ryder Bates is an incurable player. Ever since his childhood sweetheart broke his heart over and over again and left him for an Arab billionaire, he had sworn off committing to any woman. Holly Grace Michaels is forced to help her best friend Kim Evans after player Ryder humiliates and uses her. The girls decide it's time that he gets a taste of his own medicine and Holly Grace Michaels is their secret weapon.But falling for the player is not in the plan. Holly is torn between falling in love with the player and revenge for her best friend.

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Jenny Darlington
I really liked this story, good highs and lows, flows well and well written (also spelling & grammar are very good, I know that can put some people off if it isn't!)
2023-01-29 17:09:04
default avatar
Thuy Ngo-Quon
Great read, I loved it! I couldn’t put it down.
2023-01-11 02:08:54
user avatar
Sonya Jones
Very nice story!! It's refreshing and flowed well. I couldn't put it down. A GREAT READ!
2023-01-10 16:49:58
default avatar
I really enjoyed this story!
2022-01-17 03:08:44
default avatar
Tara Ward
Such a good plot line! I really enjoyed this book!
2021-02-01 10:44:25
default avatar
For once this is not about just a beautiful girl .. not her size but both inside and out ! Love how you build up her self esteem n about self love. Great job n can’t wait to read other of yours
2020-11-15 01:03:51
default avatar
please write more!!
2020-10-15 12:21:15
user avatar
Judith O.
It's a really wonderful story! I'm loving it
2020-10-12 23:54:11
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How do you like the book? Please drop a comment.
2020-08-13 19:15:28
user avatar
Hello! The Curvy Girl's guide to Seduction is my first official book on this app. I hope you love it!!! Let me know what you think about it in the comments.
2020-08-10 06:48:56
user avatar
I absolutely loved the story. I gave 3 stars because of lack of edits and you confused name of characters a bit often.
2021-05-10 02:13:04
54 Chapters
Chapter 1.
"What's that?" Holly asked as she looked over at Jamie's worktable. It was an absolute mess as always but still Jamie always managed to come up with the best designs. "I'm piping with three different nozzles, it creates a unique shell design..."  "Well, then what are the seashells for, or is that a starfish I see?"  Jamie sighed hopelessly. Holly liked getting under his skin, just to see if he would snap one day. He would have if he didn't find it incredibly amusing. "I got confused for a minute. But maybe I can incorporate the starfish at the edges"  Holly was about to ask him if he even made a sketch for the cake before he started decorating the cake before someone barged in.
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Chapter 2.
 "I hope you're joking about revenge. Because really, I don't think he's worth it" Holly told Kim as she led her out of her office with the promise of free cupcakes. In the bakery the air was more delicious than any flavour. Somehow the aroma captured everything good in there: the filter coffee, the various cakes, the danish pastries. The blend was perfection, but as a mixture of flavours they would be a disastrous   'coffee-cake-pastry'. Charlie at the far end of the bakery waved at them eagerly. "I didn't know you were meeting Charlie" Kim asked and Holly shrugged. "My van's faulty. She's helping me out with the deliveries today"  
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Chapter 3.
"Why do you joke around so much?" Holly asks Kim as she glares at her.Kim shrugs."It really is the perfect plan if you think about it. You don't give a shit about Ryder. You are probably immune to his charms since you're a sapiosexual or whatever it is you call yourself"Holly rolled her eyes and excused herself as she left the table. It was all fun and games till Kim decided to ruin the atmosphere with her nonsense talk.Kim ran after her only slowing down when Holly got behind the table counter."Don't be a spoil sport, this is my one chance at humiliating this guy!""Shut up! Shut up! If you haven't noticed I'm not the average girl a dude like Ryder Bates would want!"Kim shook her head."Not with this again! Stop putting yourself down. Why would a dude like Ryder not want you. You're hot! And curvy! And..."Holly rai
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Chapter 4.
Rule 1: Look the part. "Now that you have agreed to seduce the player. The first rule is basically just dressing the part" Kim said as she jumped up and down Holly's bed. "Well, calm down. I only just agreed. What's the rush?"  Holly replied while setting up the menu for the new week on her laptop.They had few orders for the week so there was time for the menu to be updated as so many people had added a few ideas in the suggestion box she kept in the bakery. "I think we need to call Charlie. We need to go shopping for lingerie. And normal clothes. I don't see anything jaw dropping here"  "Charlie?" "I want her to know
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Chapter 5.
"So, what would you like?"  Holly asked with a welcoming smile. "Well, I want something very creative. I love the thing you did with the mini cakes with mirror glazes. I think I'd like something like that"  Holly nodded her head enthusiastically as she picked up her writing pad. "So anything else in mind?" The woman picked up her phone and Holly resisted the urge to gag. She was one of those women who already had a picture of what they wanted in mind. Mostly gotten from the internet or a show that makes it look easy to make. "Look at it. It's similar to what I saw in the front of the bakery but this is much better. I saw it o
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Chapter 6.
The Art of seduction. It had been a busy week for Holly, orders had come in and she had been swamped with work. Still, Kim made sure she squeezed time to teach Holly how to seduce a man. Her lesson notes had comprised of seductive poses, extensive teaching on talking dirty and a lesson on how to dance sexy. Kim's idea of lessons were too comical for Holly to have taken seriously. But still, she pretended to be very interested in them and even took notes. They had both decided to go out on Friday night, to unwind and also test Holly's newfound skills. Holly had been sceptical at first, but there wasn't much she could do after she already accepted to be Kim's pawn. "I don't feel too comfortable
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Chapter 7.
 Kim Evans wasn't too surprised when she spotted Ryder Bates at the VIP lounge. Jake Summers had been right all along. She watched him sit casually in the lounge amidst the chaos of the club as he kept his eyes glued to his phone. She turned to Holly and Jordan and lied that she was going to help them find VIP seats and then she left. She needed to talk to Ryder.  At the VIP longer she flaunted the access card she had to the bodyguard and he let her in. Ryder was still bent over his phone typing furiously. She wondered what was getting him so worked up, was it another girl? She thought with jealousy as Jake nudged Ryder.
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Chapter 8.
Holly was knee bent in kneading dough when someone barged into her kitchen. With the way the door slammed shut she was positive that it was no one other than Kim. "There's my little seductress!" She sang as she came in doing a little dance. Holly could hear Jamie groaning at the far end of the room, Kim in the kitchens always led to cupcakes going missing, pans falling and unwarranted gossip with detailed information on her sex life. "I'm a little busy right now!"  Kim frowned as she walked closer to Holly. "Yea! Drop whatever it is you're doing. I'm just here to congratulate you on how amazing you were. You put Ryder Bates in his place and he was so mad he didn't even go home with a girl
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Chapter 9.
 Holly was finally closing up shop, after clearing the leftovers in the show glass, she moved to the pantry.Most of the pastries that couldn't last the next day she normally gave her staff to take home and she liked to be the last person to leave the shop. The two bakers she had, Jamie and Susan had left while Rose, one of her waiters waited to clean up. She had a busy week, first was the orders from demanding clients all with deadlines creeping close to each other. She was glad that she was finally over it all.  Then came the several trips she had to take to drop her faulty car at the auto repair shop. At least the old car wasn't going to give up on her. Yet. Holly was busy taking stock
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Chapter 10.
 "Whose idea was it for you to seduce Ryder Bates again?" Charlie asked as she rummaged through Holly's closet in search of something for her to wear. "It's Kim and she's an unreliable person. I called her like twenty times already!!"  Holly twisted and turned in the mirror detesting the pinkness of the frilly gown she was wearing. It was too bright and girly she decided as she shrugged it off and threw it on her bed.  "Well, why am I the one helping you get ready?"  "Because you love me?" Holly turned and blew a kiss to a frustrated Charlie who is knee deep in her clothes sieving through the mess to find something suitable for her to wear. 
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