The Darker Sins

The Darker Sins

By:  Sound Dreamer  Ongoing
Language: English
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A secret mission was all it took for Elise to gain the infamous twins, Azael and Reuel's attention and from then on, there was no stopping them. While the twins want her, Elise wants nothing to do with them. Amidst the growing infatuation and feelings, Elise has even to protect herself from the danger she has unknowingly put herself into. ---------------------------- This book contains mature content including violence and sexual themes. It is also a reverse harem romance and explores many different aspects of BDSM. Read at your own discretion.

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16 Chapters
1. Mission
Elise pulled down her black dress as she glared at her colleague and friend, Kai, shooting daggers at him through the mirror. She was extremely uncomfortable in the dress and as every second passed, she had all the notion of aborting the mission and choosing another path, one that did not have her to dress up skimpily, even if the dress was anything but that.Kai just winked at her as he pushed his copper brown hair, ruffling it until he was satisfied. "You look hot, Elise. Calm down." He tried, only to stop when Elise picked up the gun in front of the mirror and pointed it at his head."You better stop speaking before I put a bullet through your head."Kai just raised his hands in mock surrender and took a step away from her, his smile still intact on his face."You are annoying. Remind me again why we became friends and why I even accepted to dress up" Elise fumbled to find an apt word to describe her attire."Gorgeously? Sexily?" Kai added."I meant horrendously." Elise
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2. Not just a normal club
"What the fuck!" Elise cursed under her breath and Kai let out a sigh, frustrated to have missed the man by a short inch. "What does the door at the back open to?" She probed as they continued dancing, glancing at the black curtains that blended well with the wall."I have no idea," Kai muttered, his forehead creasing deeper thoughtfully. "This is the second time I am visiting this club and it is only now I noticed the secret door. Maybe, it's the VIP area." He shrugged lightly."Well, why don't we find out ourselves?" Elise suggested and deftly, the couple moved towards the curtains as they continued dancing, making sure to keep a watch out for any suspicious eyes."I hope we can sneak inside without getting noticed," Kai mumbled as they reached the curtains after a few seconds of hustling. Although the place was crowded, the area near the curtains was relatively empty. Elise and Kai both realized that their prolonged stay would only raise suspicions, especially from the bartender wh
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3. Perfect lady
"I'll ask you one last time. Why did you betray us?" The man on the throne-like chair leaned forward and folded his hands as he looked at his prey in the eye. His forest green eyes were barely devoid of any emotion. His chestnut brown hair was disheveled and his dark blue tie lay loosened around his neck. Even if he did not show any emotion, a dark and dangerous air filled the room, forcing everyone to suck in a deep breath. The beast was about to unleash its wrath and they could only pray to stay alive at the end of the day and watch the sunrise again."Boss, you'll have to trust me." The man who was kneeling in front of the throne-like chair cried miserably. But no one pitied him. He had chosen the path of his own destruction and they could do nothing about it."Trust..." The man let out a chuckle all of a sudden and stood up, forcing the kneeling man to scoot further away from him in fear. "I do not trust anyone in this world, Marco. Anyone but my brother and you..." His smile sli
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4. Destruction
Reuel stood frozen in his place, blanking out for a moment amidst a crowd of drunken and sweaty bodies. He stared at his hands that had touched the lady, albeit briefly before he looked in the direction she had gone.'If only...' He wondered, his eyes filled with interest before he shook his head. Pushing away his thoughts to the back of his mind, he took a deep breath and ambled towards the bartender, keeping an eye around for him. Other than the usual activities in the club, he found nothing suspicious. It seemed as it had always been, as it always would be."Good evening, Boss." The bartender greeted him and pushed a glass of scotch, his regular and Reuel nodded at him in return."Anything worthy of my attention?" Reuel still had his eyes towards the crowd and if not for his barely noticeable lip movement, no one would find him talking."Not at all, Boss. Everything's fine here. But there might be something that interests you."This caught Reuel's attention and he finally focused o
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5. Vengeance
Azael leaned back and turned around, his predatory eyes watching Craig run towards the stairs. His lips arched up on one side in sarcasm, and he scoffed before walking out of the place.Reuel too smoothened his trousers and followed his brothers. The inner office was their private space and no one was allowed there, not even their trusted employees.'Craig, you are just a leech. You do not deserve to breathe the same air around me, let alone enter our room.' Reuel sneered and took one of the only two chairs in the outer room."This should be fun." Azael leaned back and crossed his legs, ignoring the pain in his ankle while Reuel chuckled in mirth."It will be. Trust me."Barely had he finished speaking when there was a knock at the door. However, the anxious man on the other side could not enter the room even if they wanted to.Although they could not hear a word, Azael and Reuel were sure that the man was yelling at the top of his lungs and their smiles widened.Azael picked up the r
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6. Deep water
"Did you just mention a BDSM club?" Elise was flabbergasted and she stared at the man beside her incredulously."I think I did just that. Or do you want me to rewind time so you can find out yourself?" Kai teased and winked at her."Ohh, please do. Let me see how you will rewind time." Elise folded her hands, annoyed by the man's blatant foolish acts.Kai tried to remember what had happened a few minutes ago and sat straight in his seat while driving the car carefully. Fortunately for him, the road was clear. Other than a few vehicles passing by occasionally, it was practically deserted.It was past midnight on a Friday—the best time for people to go clubbing and relieve their entire week's stress."Unless it is a BDSM club," Kai repeated what he had said some time ago and glanced at his friend, his eyes twinkling like the stars. "Now, everything falls into place."Elise burst out laughing at his antics and her annoyance vanished momentarily. "You are fucking unbelievable.""I know. T
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7. Crime scene analysis - Part 1
"This is so fucked up." Kai raised his hands and grumbled in annoyance as he looked at the remains after the explosion.Everything was a mess. The building was utterly destroyed and blood was splattered everywhere. The fatality rate was a hundred percent. Nobody in the vicinity of the building had managed to live to tell them how exactly the situation had come to this. Moreover, they were yet to find the death count."It was a time bomb." Elise kicked the fragments by her leg and squatted to examine the piece of the explosive. Although it was utterly destroyed like the place, she still saw a part of the timer clock. "And if the people who heard the explosion are telling the truth, then five timer bombs were used to wreck the place."Five, you say?" Kai stood behind as he analyzed the place. "Seems fair, considering how massive the building is. But just five time bombs are not capable of causing such a massive explosion.""No. But I think you forgot that this place had tonnes of RDX."
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8. Crime scene analysis - Part 2
Elise sucked in a deep breath before she accepted the call. "Yes, Chief?""Elise, why haven't you updated me on the status of the investigation yet?" She heard a harsh voice from the other end and felt her blood boil in fury. 'It had barely been a few minutes since I arrived and this man was dying to get reports from me. How annoying!' She cursed under her breath and looked at her shoe, kicking away the broken piece of brick as though it was her Chief's head she was kicking."Chief, we are yet to investigate the matter completely. We have only begun." She tried but was interrupted by the shithead of a man. "Elise, I do not want any excuses. Do your job well." He ordered and Elise felt her hand itching to give him a good beating. He was the only irritating person in her life, besides Kai of course. But she could tolerate Kai, not her Chief. Never."Yes, Chief." Elise suppressed her anger and looked at Kai who was already staring at her in... concern. Elise frowned when she noticed t
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9. Challenge
Elise returned to the two men who were deep in discussion. "I apologize for that. I was seeking help from a trusted aid.""No problem, Officer. We were discussing what to do next." Daniel replied with a smile."This is going to be a long night," Kai mumbled, running a hand through his messy hair."It sure will be, considering the number of people who died here." Daniel agreed and closed the file in his hands."Sir," One of the policemen jogged towards them and interrupted their conversation. "I'm sorry for interrupting. But Officer Derek is looking for you. You are to handle the reporters.""Shit!" Daniel cursed under his breath and gnashed his teeth in annoyance. "Aren't we in a mess already? Why do we have to handle the reporters when we are yet to crack the case?" He grumbled, and Elise pitied the man for his state.It was one thing to handle the reporters when they had evidence with them and more or less knew who the culprit was. But it was a different thing altogether to face the
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10. Lead
The reporter had no words to say and he lowered his head, utterly embarrassed by how things had turned out to be. Not only had he been humiliated by the police and the NCI, but he had also made a fool of himself in front of his peers. Unable to face the ignominy anymore, he departed from the place immediately.Daniel and Derek smiled at Elise gratefully while the lady faced the other reporters who had gone silent after her valiant attack."If any of you here is going to ask such stupid questions, I suggest you leave right away. Otherwise, you'll only disgrace yourself. I don't mind thrashing stupid people black and blue if that is what they're looking for." She warned and when she noticed that the threat had been registered by them, she stepped back again, allowing the two police officers to take over."Good job." Kia whispered the moment she was back to her place and Elise gave him a curt nod. Since the nuisance was gone, Daniel and Derek could handle the other reporters and Elise d
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