The Devil's Obsession

The Devil's Obsession

By:  Precious Edmund  Updated just now
Language: English
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She hoped for a savior, but she found the devil. He is Saint. But he is no saint. He leaned in closer, his hot breath fanning my face as he looked down at me. "I think you are mistaken about something, little one. You belong to me. You were mine from the moment you clung to me desperately begging for help. But you weren't saved by some hero, a knight in shining armor. No darling, I'm the devil and you are mine".

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27 Chapters
Staggering, I lean against the wall next to me, my heart beating violently in my chest as I struggled to catch my breath.I can't stop here, Daniel can not catch me here. No matter what happens I have to escape from him tonight.I glance behind me as their voices gets louder. Breathing heavily, I start running once more, running into an alley.My feet throbbed in pain with each step I took further, threatening to give up on me any minute from now. But I don't stop, I can't afford the luxury of stopping to rest my feet right now. I had to make sure I escape from that man this night or else he would kill me. "There she is. Get her!" I hear one of them yell close to me, and I gasp, the panic within me intensifies.They are close by, I need to keep moving.Ignoring the pain I felt in my feet, I quicken my pace, turning a corner and hoping to loose them along the way.My leg wobbles as I run further and before I know it, I'm loosing balance about to make contact with the floor.Not now.
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Save Me
My grip on his trousers tightens, his expression stoic as he stares down at me and I have no idea what he must be thinking."I beg you, save me from that man." I cry placing my head on his legs."Little red.. Come out, come out wherever you are. Come out dang it!" He roars from somewhere behind us and I gasp, crawling forward trying to put as much distance between us.He turns around and stares at me as I move backwards in fear, my back making contact with a wall and preventing me from going further."If he finds me, he would surely kill me this time. I can't let him find me. Please help me!" I let the tears flow freely from my face. Why wouldn't he help me? Why was he just staring at me?He cocks his head, staring at me before he walks off with his men behind me.When he gets out of sight, my sobs gets louder and I cry my heart out.He'd kill me when he finds me, I should just come to terms with it. I couldn't escape him, I can't escape from him.Pulling my knees to my chest, I place
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The sound of birds chirping combined with the rays of the sun, which came in through the window, falling on my face woke me up.Groaning, I flip my body to the other side of the bed to avoid the sun rays touching me.Hold on. Sunrays? Birds chirping? My room doesn't have any window to let the sunrays in.I felt confused as I thought about this, trying to remember all that happened last night.I ran away from Daniel's house, then I ran into an alley where Daniel caught me once again.Memories of last night floods my head and I am filled with a new sense of terror.Gasping, I shoot up from the bed, looking around to figure out where I was. Daniel caught me! He'd surely punish me now.. He would…"Glad to see you're awake." A deep voice that clearly did not belong to Daniel said and my eyes shoots to the corner of the room where a man sat, his face not visible."W..wh.. who are you?" I stammered out of fear, pushing back to the head of the bed. Where was I? This is clearly not my room. D
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Pretty Or Ney?
Natalie stares at me in horror with her hands covering her lips in shock.Why was she staring at me that wa… Oh.I finally realized I was standing before her, naked and vulnerable at the moment, my scars completely visible to her.I stare at her silently, waiting for what she would do, i waited to see that look of disgust on her face, just like everyone else that saw my body.I am shocked when she breaks out in a sob, and I stare at her confused on what to do.With tears in her eyes, she walks to me wrapping her arms around me and pushing my face into her chest.My heart rate increases because of the physical contact between us, my body itching to get her off me."I'm not going to ask you what happened, I'm not going to make you tell me what happened. I'm going to wait for you to feel safe around me and tell me what happened." She says still holding me tightly.Even if she had asked now, I don't want to tell her."You do realize your holding a naked female right?" I ask her still stan
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Safe Now
After he left I found out he was Natalie's older brother Santino, but everyone calls him Saint. He was obviously not a Saint like his name suggested. He has killed more people than I could count and he has ruined the lives of many more. He was the devil himself.Well, that's what Natalie said, not that I cared about that, I need to stay as far away from him as i possibly could, until i run away from here. But where do I go after I run?"Hellooo, earth to Minny?" Natalia snapped her fingers at in my face, snapping me out of my reverie."Come on, start eating." She urged me, taking a bite from her food which was placed before her.I drop my gaze down to the plates staring back at me, glancing at her once more before I push the plate away. She looks at me, her brows raised in confusion."I'm not hungry." I murmur, an obvious lie. But it's not like she would figure out I'm lying….My stomach grumbles loudly at that exact moment making my face red in embarrassment.I look away from the tab
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Sibling drama.
Morning came by faster than I had expected. I couldn't sleep after all that happened and Natalie stayed in my room for the rest of the night."Hurry up, hurry up!" Natalie urged me as she walked excitedly down the staircase.It was just breakfast, why was she so excited?Initially things were awkward between us, but soon enough we started talking about ourselves.Well more like she talking about herself while i listened.So the person we saw in the kitchen last night was her older brother Luca, who was younger than Santino.It was just Santino, Luca and Natalie. Their parents were dead and Santino owned everything around here.I felt eyes on me and I turned around to find one of Santino's men watching me intently, the conversation I had with Natalie last night coming to mind."Who are all these men on suits?" I asked her immediately they all left the room"Santino's men." She said taking a bite from the burger she ordered one to get her.Santino's…men? What does she mean.Natalie sees
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A child.
We all sat in silence after Santino stormed off, no one wanting to say anything first.The sound of cutleries against plates resumed and Natalie and Luca goes back to their meals like that didn't just happen.They were accustomed to it.I look at the both confused on what to do.What Luca did was wrong, but I don't think he would accept it. I wonder what happened between them three, what did he do to the person that gave the name to him? But isn't that their mother? Or was it that father?"Micini for your own safety, never call him Santino again. Ever. We all call him Saint, so you should too." Natalie tells me without looking up from her food." I don't see what the issue is though. Is he feeling bad about what he did to her? Does that name remind him so much of her that he refused to go by the name??" Luca asked. I looked at him, my eyes widening in shock when I see he was clutching the knife tightly and his hands were bleeding."If you want to cut yourself up, do it where no one c
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Food and Regrets
I was walking down the staircase unsure of what to do.Natalie had left for college earlier, and Luca went off to work.So it was just me here. Each of Santino's men I walked past watched me like they were waiting for me to do something, slip up and show the real reason I was here.Ignoring them, I went into the kitchen. I was bored and had nothing to do and Luca told me to make sure I ate by 1pm and it's fifteen minutes past.I was browsing through the pantry with a cookie in my mouth, looking for something to eat."What are you doing?" Santino asked from behind me and I stilled, cookie still in my mouth. I remained still, hoping that he would maybe leave or something if I don't answer to him."I asked a question." He says and I could tell he was holding back from snapping at me, the irritation evident in his tone.Straighting my back, I slowly turned around meeting his dark eyes."I-I…" I stuttered unable to form any coherent sentence.I felt nervous around him, but why?"You-you..
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Defending him
"I-I am sorry. I didn't mean…." I stuttered my spoon falling from my hands as they shake in fear.Why was he reacting this way? It's just a name isn't it? If he doesn't like it he should say he doesn't like it. Why is he-"You should learn to mind your business." He snapped at me. His reaction a complete opposite of how he was yesterday, I see him gradually putting back the walls he let down earlier." I'm so-" I reach out to him but he pulls his arm away before I could touch him, still glaring at me."What's that delicious thing I smell… Oh." Natalie walks into the kitchen, stopping when she sees us both. Santino glances at her, but he doesn't do more than that. "I feel the tension here and I'm about to back away slowly… " She trailed off as she starts backing away, retracing her steps when she came here.I give her a pleading look and she sighs, walking over to us. "You're scaring her. Stop it." She tells him as she sits beside me, putting her arm around me."Is she a child? Huh Na
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A knock on my door causes me to look up, making me finally move from the curled postion I've been in for the past few hours.I wonder who it is, I'm not expecting anyone to come see me. Maybe they came to finally throw me out of the house, they all seemed really angry then. I kept staring at the door expecting the person to come in because the door wasn't locked.When the person knocks a second time, I am forced to voice out a ‘come in’, my eyes still on the door waiting to see who was at my door.Slowly the door opens, and Saint walks into the room slowly, his shoes clicking against the tiled floor. He sweeps the room with his eyes and his lips form a frown when he doesn't see me.“Micini?" He calls out, his voice sounding cold and yet my name coming from his lips sends some sort of heatwave down my body.Come to think of it, I don't think he has ever said my name.“I'm down here." I say, barely audible. I don't think he heard me. I'm about to clear my throat and talk a bit louder
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