Yours Forever

Yours Forever

By:  AnuWrites  Completed
Language: English
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Sahir Malik Chaudhry, a boy who wears anger on his sleeves, fell in love with the most cheerful girl Zoya, in his school. Since then, he became highly attracted to her. He had a very rough childhood, this caused him to be a short-tempered man. His possessiveness towards Zoya intensified while growing up together while his short-tempered behavior never changed & it pulled out the worst in him, throwing him into the darkness. The exquisite & divine beauty of Zoya is enough to make any man fall to in love with her, but only one person has taken a place in her heart is Sahir. An orphan Zoya has none other than him in her life. He is her only childhood best friend & love. He is her Sahir. She never left him alone in his worst childhood days and always tamed the short-tempered bulls of him. In the greed of achieving power and wealth, he has chosen a path which he has to hide it from his love, Zoya, and becomes Sultan. Sultan!! This single name is enough to spread terror in all of his enemies' hearts. But his heart beats only for Zoya and for her he is Sahir & not Sultan. Unaware of his dark side, Zoya deeply falls in love with him until one-day Sahir reveals the biggest truth of his dark life to her. After feeling betrayed will Zoya able to trust him and accept his feelings again? At what extent Sahir will go to get her love? He isn't ready to give up on her... She isn't ready to accept the man he has become... But He will do, whatever it takes, to be with her... FOREVER!

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164 Chapters
-PART 1- Chapter 1 Pilot
      Voice Recording started ●     Zoya... Argh(squealing in pain)...Don't worry I'm fine. I'm so sorry for leaving without telling you. My love, Today I'm going to share my life's biggest secret, which I was hiding from you. I am not what you think of me Zoya. I'm not the Mr. Perfect, Software Engineer, that you always thought. I ... I kill people to live. I've always preyed on those goons who come my way. Yes. I am the one cruel, short-tempered, cold-hearted, Sultan
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Chapter 2 The Ruthless Mafia
      -From Sahir's Point Of View-   Hotel My Lady (Chennai, India) Time -9.33pm  Mostly Crowded!       In The Open Mic Audition    (Singer singing in Arabic, Translation is in the bracket)   Roozi bood aasheqat boodam (There were times that I loved you)    As soon as I entered the lavish five-star hotel & stood in front of the door, I noticed how everyone stopped doing whatever they were busy doing and their heads turned at me.   I am quite accustomed to seeing this response. Holding a cigar in my mouth, I shoved my hand in the pocket while my other hand securely tucked on my gun. The guards outside greeted me with a fearful salute.   Az daste to kheyli raazi boo
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Chapter 3 Her Angry Bird
    Continuation Sahir's Point Of View   "I'm thinking out loud That maybe we found love right where we are" She kept singing from her heart. I kept holding the gun at the man, vibing with her singing, and couldn't fire a single bullet yet. That's the magic of her voice. She blows away the Sultan within me like a cloud of dust. All I could feel again was the old me. Madonna's loverboy Sahir! I pulled out his mobile to call Zaki, my younger brother. My fingers shook with excitement while dialing Zaki's number. One can fal
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Chapter 4 Touch Her And Die
Sahir's Point Of View(Continuation)Trigger warning: Violence I roughly pinned that boy to the wall who whistled on my Zoya. He squealed in the pain. It makes me feel so good to hear him screaming for his life. After making sure every boy in the group will suffer, this boy was trying to escape but nobody can get away easily from Sultan's clutches."Do it again," I threatened him to whistle at me. He gets pale. I enjoyed seeing his state.When I pressed my thumb to the throat on that boy, he palpitated to breathe.I felt satisfied looking at them who are lying on the ground still alive but struggling between life and death.The boy tried to open his mouth to breathe. I caught his tongue."Who gave you the right to whistle on my woman hun? You thought her boyfriend is not a man enough? Do you even know what he is in real?" I tightly gripped on the tongue and pulled out the knife I slid in the folds of my collar.I held the knife on
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Chapter 5 Being With Him
 From Zoya's Point Of View  MorningI opened the curtains of the windows letting the bright sun rays enter the room. It has been partly getting cloudy since a while. The morning breeze makes their way inside my room too, touching my skin gently, invading through my curly hairs. I checked the time once in my wristwatch feeling hopeful.Before leaving, I checked myself in the Mirror."Don't worry Zoya, this is your time. You will get the job for sure," My roommate Rabia said boosting my confidence."Inshallah! I hope that too " I said while checking herself in the mirror.I have worn my ankle-length off the white dress which has pink shades over it and wrapped a scarf covering my head. Then I hurriedly picked up my belongings and waved sweet bye to Rabia l
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Chapter 6 Castle Fight
 From Sahir's Point Of View  I dragged her towards the beach. I know she is upset and the reason is me again. I was the one who warned that management company to reject her resumes. Now I will have to rethink about my deeds because I can not see her upset for long. I pulled out my mobile and sent the company information to Zaki. I'll buy that company and then make it a secure environment for her work but before that, I want to make my Madonna happy. I held her hand.Oh! her soft delicate small fingers.How much I love to intertwine my fingers in them.She literally had to run behind me to match my steps. It felt good, your l
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Chapter 7 His Devil Plans
 From Sahir's Point Of View My day has been going hectic. After meeting with Zaki yesterday, I got to know that someone is behind me & wants to dig out my every information. But why? And who ?? Zaki informed me that, from the past two weeks, he had caught at least fifty detectives! That's a big number! I need to find out who is behind all this & what they want? From the past four hours, my men have been trying to spill out the information from those detectives sent by the unknown enemy. We caught only four detectives but not a single one is ready to open their fucking mouth.I continued to watch their live footage on my portable LED. After a few hours of torturing them, I
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Chapter 8 Drench In Love
  From Sahir's Point Of View(Continuation) As soon as we stepped outside the barista, I checked my watch.It's already an evening.With Zoya, I don't even realise how time runs so fast."Can we go to the park now?" She asked."But Zoya""Please...please...please...Sahir, let's visit the park. Please please..." She held my hand while jumping like a small child and begging to me cutely.I chuckled. How can I deny her when she is going to look cute like
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Chapter 9 Gentle Gangster
  From Zoya's Point Of View "One day I'll give a contract to kill you" I was so frustrated by him. How could he just do this to me? I hate medicines.I saw his eyes twinkling in amusement."Ahh...really? and to whom you will give that contract ?" He asked in a playful tone.I narrowed my eyes on him, to make him fear whilst he was curiously staring at me."To Sultan"The moment I said, he started laughing out loudly. WHAT THE HELL!!!He kept laughing and laughing at me."Why are you laughing so much? Oh, excuse me! Don't you know how dangerous he is?" I trie
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Chapter 10 Nightmare
  From Zoya's Point Of View "Happy 18th birthday Sahir" Zoya smiled widely & intertwined her fingers in his."Ahun...I don't want only wishes! I want a birthday present my love " Sahir stared at her romantically.Zoya lowered her eyes shyly."What do you want ?" "A kiss" He stared at her pink plump lips. How much he had craved to taste her lips!Zoya's cheeks turned a deep shade crimson. Sahir moved closer taking a deep breath."Promise me, love, you will never leave me" he cupped her face and tilted his head aiming at her lips."I'll never leave you Sahir" She blushed.He brushed his thumbs on her cheeks delicately."I love you Zoya"She shuddered with his touch."I love
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