Can you imagine how weird it felt when I woke up to both an unfamiliar ceiling and a cold chilling wave of air skimming over my body?

Yeah, I almost panicked.

But then, I remembered what the hell happened yesterday and who the hell I kicked in the freaking shin!

"Oh crap!" I slapped my palm frustratedly against my forehead and blew a heavy puff of air from between my chapped lips. I can't believe I did such a stupid thing! Yeah, he deserved it and more, but what about the consequences? He still has my parents on lockdown even now so any wrong move and they'd most likely kiss their lives goodbye!

And I've studied him long enough to know that once his head chips, he becomes completely insane.

But is he THAT insane to hurt my family just because I kicked him the shin?...and the face? No one is that insane...right? RIGHT?!

After I had fired my

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