Good Girl

When I woke up the sun was still at it's highest and it's radiant light was brightly escaping through the thin curtains veilng the windows. Annoyed, I squinted my eyes and rolled over on the bed in an attempt to evade the sunshine. But in the process, my hand happened to graze something beside me. 

Furrowing my brow, I ran my fingers over it and frowned. It isn't a pillow judging by how hard it was. And it definitely isn't Kasan since I was in Nate's ro--



My eyes snapped open and I instantly skurried off the bed, but only ended up clumsily tripping over the moment my feet landed on the floor. I smacked against the ground with a soft umph. Wincing slightly, I quickly gathered myself and stood to my feet then backed away until I was at a safe distance away from him. 

What the hell did I do?....WITH HIM?!

I slapped myself hard on the ch

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