Chapter 2453 You’ve Got Character

Zachary paused. He looked a little annoyed and helpless.

“My boss saw me, so it’ll be rude if I don’t go.”


Selena thought about it and nodded.

Just as she was about to leave with her bag, Zachary suddenly reached out to stop her. He asked with probing eyes.

“Selena, what’s your relationship with Eric Ferguson?”

“He’s just an acquaintance.”

Zachary nodded and smiled.

“Right, it’s quite amazing that you get to know such a big shot. I heard that Eric Ferguson is the most eligible bachelor in the elite circle. His minimum standard for a partner is a Ph.D. holder. Some can’t even make the cut!”

Selena listened and felt slightly uncomfortable.

Zachary glanced at Selena and smiled.

“But he’s not good enough for you, Selena. Everyone knows how beautiful and smart you are!”

The gloom in Selena’s heart was swept away, and she nodded happily.

When the two of them went into the private room, everyone was already there.

There were two other empty seats reserved for them.

One w
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