Chapter 2458 Give You a Chance

Eric closed his eyes as if he was suppressing his emotions.

What an earth-shattering change!

Chance knelt beside Eric as if he had done something wrong and carefully picked up the potato chips, placing them into the bag. Chance did not dare to look at his father’s expression.

Finally, when he was done picking up the mess, Chance cautiously said, “Daddy, are you feeling better?”

The soft and childish voice in Eric’s ear brought Eric out of his thoughts.

His eyes were deep and dark as he glanced at Chance.

“What’s going on?”

Chance thought that Eric was referring to Selena’s appearance, so he quickly explained, “Uncle Mitchell asked Aunt Selena to come and take care of you because he suspected that someone deliberately caused the accident. Uncle Mitchell concealed the fact that you were injured for fear of causing conflicts and panic in the company. Aunt Selena has been taking care of you here for the past few days. She even gave up her job! Aunt Selena is such a kind person!”

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