Chapter 2467 People Who Would Not Cross Paths

Eric stood there motionless.

His pride would not allow him to keep a woman who had nothing to do with him.

Moreover, there was an ambiguous tension between them.

Eric could not see through his own heart, nor could he see through hers.

Thus, he dared not take a step forward.

That was because he could not promise that he would give her everything as his wife.

Eric was helpless.

He stood there like a sculpture, cold and stiff.

Then, he heard the car engine downstairs.

Selena had probably asked the driver to take her home. With her temper, Selena had already gotten the servants to listen to her only after a few days here.

Eric pursed his lips. His eyes gradually became indifferent.


In the bar, there was no one there during the day. Thus, when Selena went back, no one was around.

At last, she was back on her own turf and did not need to walk around eggshells anymore.

Selena went upstairs, threw her things there, and went back downstairs.

She was not angry because of Er
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Comments (11)
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Van Stribling
Kim i agree with you on the point that Eric and Nicole is not meant for each other all Im saying watch the storyline but I'm glad and hopefully the author plays it out that Eric finds him someone that he can love and she loves him back and stay in the illusional world of him and Nicole
goodnovel comment avatar
Reeshemah Bryant Weathers
I’m sure Erica and Selena will end up married as some business need before they figure out it’s love.,in’s
goodnovel comment avatar
First and foremost. This is a case of Eric wants something that is out of the realm of his reach and can’t have.

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