The Don's Wife

The Don's Wife

By:  dailyy.Alex03  Ongoing
Language: English
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"I don't want to be anyone's fucking Wife I have my whole life ahead of me How could you do this Dad," I said. "Natalia, you'll survive the man your marrying is a very successful businessman along with being the Don of the most feared Mafia." My father says"FUCKING LOMBARDI MAFIA YOUR NOT DOING THIS I KNOW MOM WON'T ALLOW IT," I yell."Watch your tone young lady and Your Mother is well aware and you will do this end of discussion." My father says."You will be meeting him tomorrow and I expect you to be on your best behavior after you guys meet you will be moving in with him on Tuesday your dismissed," He says waving his hand for me to leave. Natalia Esposito 23 years old young, single, beautiful, and Daughter of a Mafia leader. The Esposito Mafia. Natalia is a fierce girl. shes been through hell and back and has slowly recovered over the years. She has always liked being in control so when her father finds a way to gain even more power for his mafia he seizes it by doing an arranged marriage. When Natalia is informed she is not happy. Luca Lombardi 25 years old, Feared, Ruthless, Doesn't care what people think, hates almost everyone until he meets Natalia Esposito. When Luca finds out that he can't take over His mafia until he agrees to the arranged marriage his father agreed to. Luca agrees but had no plans to remain faithful to Natalia. How long do you think his one night stands will last? What will happen when the Devil Meets his match?

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38 Chapters
Hi, Everyone, this Is my first book SO Please if you don't want to read an inexperienced writer leave Also No Hate Comments Please Also DON'T COPY MY WORK 
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I Don't Want To Be Anyone's Fucking Wife
Chapter 1 - I don't want to be anyone's fucking wife!*Natalia*I'm Currently at the mall with my best friend since birth Nova Marino. She dragged out of the house saying how she needs to fin
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Shot! shot! Shot! shot! Shot! shot!
Chapter 2- Shot! shot! Shot! shot! Shot! shot! *Natali
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You Shot Her In The Fucking Leg
Chapter 3- You Shot Her In The Fucking Leg When I open my eyes I have a slight headache I instantly sit up opening my eyes I look around not recognizing my surroundings then it hits me I must be in Alessandro's house. I get up and walk around looking at the room it was quite nice it was a huge room silver and black theme. there was an attached bathroom I had two sinks a huge mirror, a shower, and a tub separate. I go to my suitcase which I found in the walk-
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You Say That Like I Don't Know What That Means
Chapter 5 - You Say That Like I Don't Know What That Means *Natalia*Friday day of the Wedding"Its Wedding Day," Nova says excitedly coming through the door of my suite."Yep, I'm going to be a married woman in about an hour and a half from now," I say looking at my phone time. "Yea, well your make-up looks good What are they doing for your hair?" she asks as she goes to hug my mother and Aida. "Wavy, bouncy, blowout," I tell her as they start on my hair. I continue to talk "are you going to change into your bridesmaid dress?" Well, of course, you did a great job picking it out to show off all my sexy features hopefully it will help me get laid tonight she says winking at me. "NOVA seriously my mothers are right there," I say shaking my head at her. "So they know what I'm talking about they are not innocent here isn't that right Aida and Mama Freya," She says looking at them."No comment," my mom says laughing at nova's antics. "Same here," Aida responds. I don't even bother
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Now announcing Mr. and Mrs. Lombardi!
Chapter 6 - Now Announcing Mr. and Mrs. Lombardi!*Natalia*When we hear Now announcing Mr. and Mrs. Lombardi we walk on to the dance floor and that's when everything took a turn and I heard
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I Want To Take This Slow
Chapter 7- I Want To Take This Slow *Natalia*I wake up on a hard chest. I slowly lift my head up not to wake up Luca. I think its safe to say that this is moving way to fast this not who I am a girl who kisses guys she barley knows or takes orders. I slide out of his arms and go to the bathroom and do my business and then brush my teeth. Yea this is not it I can't have him thinking I'm easy and like all the other girls who fall for his charms. "It's time to set boundaries," I mutter to myself. I walk out of the bathroom and into the closet and change into a white crop top with a pair of denim skinny jeans. I walk out and grab the pillow from under Luca's head but he doesn't budge I grumble somethings in Italian and wack him with the pillow to wake him up. All of a sudden I being pulled on top of him. I instantly pull back and knee him in the nuts. "Fanculo," he says "Really!"I shrug and say "Get up we need to talk," and walk out of our room and head downstairs for breakfast. I w
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I Am Far From A Spoiled Ass Little Boy
Chapter 9- I Am Far From A Spoiled Ass Little BoyLuca's POV (first time doing a male POV don't judge to hard)
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