The Game You Play

The Game You Play

By:  L.A. Cotton  Ongoing
Language: English
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Felicity Giles has a list. Lose her virginity. Meet her knight-in-shining-armor and fall in love. Have the best senior year a girl can have. The only problem? Her knight isn’t a saint, he’s a villain, and she’s pretty sure he’ll destroy her before ever handing over a piece of his heart. Jason Ford has a plan. Win State and go down as one of the most successful Quarterbacks in Rixon Raider history. Head off to college and pursue his dream of being drafted to the NFL. Avoid the girl under his skin. Felicity Giles, his stepsister’s best friend and perpetual pain in his ass. She’s annoying as hell. Quirky. She’s a game to him, nothing more. Until his arch-rival comes after him and the few people he cares about ... and Felicity gets caught in the crossfire. And suddenly hating her feels a whole lot like falling in love.

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Loved it but is there anyway i can find the third book
2024-03-26 23:57:57
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2nd in 4 book series. Book 3 not on Goodnovel. only 1,2 and 4
2024-03-03 11:05:35
89 Chapters
“Stupid girl,” I muttered to myself as I flushed the toilet and left the stall to wash my hands. The music pulsed through the walls, mimicking the thud of my heart against my ribcage.He’s doing it to get under your skin. Ignore him and he’ll stop.Easier said than done.Jason ‘asshole’ Ford was the bane of my existence. Arrogant. Conceited. A total manwhore.And the guy my heart had apparently decided it wanted.Stupid, stupid heart.Pressing my hands against the cool marble counter, I stared at myself in the wall-length mirror. I looked good. My hair was curled to perfection, hanging in long loose waves down my back; my makeup was smoky and seductive; and the black dress clung to my curves like a second skin.I didn’t only look good.I looked downright hot.“Get it together, Giles,” I commanded to the girl staring back at me in the mirror. “He only has power over you if you let him.”And right now, the asshole was out there all over another girl.A girl who wasn’t me.The knot in my
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Felicity“Are you going to ignore me forever?” I asked my best friend as we stopped at our lockers. She gave me some serious stink eye as she traded out textbooks.“Hails, come on. It was a mistake. I made a mistake.”Slamming her locker shut, her eyes fixed on mine clouded with disappointment. “You slept with him,” she hissed, lowering her voice. “You had sex with Jason. Have you lost your goddamn mind?”“It was one time.” Barely one time when you really thought about it. “And I was drunk; it was a mistake.” One I wouldn’t be repeating in a hurry. Not that the aforementioned asshole would want a second round. Get a grip, Felicity.“And you think that’s okay? You were drunk. Not to mention a virgin,” her voice lowered dangerously, indignation flaming her cheeks. “And you let him—”“It’s done now.” I gave her a tight smile, ignoring the knot in my stomach. “It will never happen again. But at least I can check another thing off my list.” Strained laughter spilled from my lips, but Hails
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My day didn’t get much better. Hailee was barely talking to me, and all everyone else was talking about was the Raiders upcoming game against Millington. Which meant all day his name followed me, a whisper on the wind, taunting me.But it was fine.I was fine.I’d wanted to lose my v-card and I had. Okay, so I hadn’t anticipated giving it up to one of the most arrogant and conceited jerks I knew, but what was senior year if not a chance to try new things ... and then quickly regret ever going there.Images flooded my mind as I pushed the sandwich around my plate. His hurried and needy and oh so hot kisses. His big strong hands splayed around my hip, my throat, possessive and dominant. The sting of him filling me... the almost tears.“Flick?” Hailee narrowed her eyes at me. “Where’d you go just now?”“Huh, I...”“Forget it.” She went back to her fries, and guilt coiled around my heart. I hated that things were awkward between us. But she had walked in on me and Jason doing it, so I kne
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Jason“We need to talk,” Cameron pressed his hand against my chest blocking my exit from the locker room.“Not interested,” I said coolly.“We are doing this.” His brow arched as he shoved me. It was only a mild push but enough for me to know he meant business.“Fine,” I shot back. “Say whatever you have to say, man, and let me get the fuck to class.”“You go to class now?” He smirked.“Fuck you.”“Why’d you do it?” Cam let out a weary sigh, his eyes asking me a million things I didn’t have the answer to.Shrugging, I said, “Because I was drunk and she was there.”“Don’t give me that bullshit. You like her.”“Like her?” I barked out. “I can’t fucking stand her.” Felicity Giles was exactly the kind of girl I spent my days trying to avoid. Needy. Desperate. Weird as hell.“You really are a dick sometimes, you know that?”“Never claimed to be anything else.” I shrugged dismissively.“I just don’t get it. Vaughn was all over you. You could have taken her back to the hotel…” He let the wor
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I pushed off the wall the second Felicity appeared. Mondays she stayed behind after school for book club.Fucking book club. It sounded like something my grandma would have enjoyed if she were alive.“Jason?” Her mouth fell open when she spotted me, those big sea-green eyes widening to saucers. “What are you—”“Let’s go, Giles,” I said, trying to keep it as impersonal as possible. My dick had other ideas though, traitorous motherfucker, stirring to life the second my hand clasped around her tiny wrist. Remembering how it had felt to pin them above her head while I slid inside her, making her cry out my name.“Go? Go where?” She huffed indignantly. “I’m not going anywhere with you.”“You think you have a choice?” I dragged her around the side of the building toward the gym. It was quiet, just like I knew it would be.“Jason,” she hissed, trying to yank free of my grip. But I kept walking, refusing to do this out in the open where anyone could walk by and see us.Shouldering the door to
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Felicity“You’re distracted,” Hailee said over her sundae. “It’s him, isn’t it? Jason.” There was a coolness to her voice that squeezed my heart.“It’s not…” I let out a heavy sigh, meeting her gaze. “I thought I’d feel good or relieved or something but now I just feel…”I didn’t know what I felt.The list was supposed to help me push my boundaries, to step out the confines of my perfectly average life and take more risks. It wasn’t like I’d planned to seduce Jason. To play his stupid game of cat and mouse. He was just there. Like a slow building wave that before I realized what had happened, crashed over me and swept me off my feet.“Oh, Flick.” Hailee reached over the table and grabbed my hand. “I could kill him for doing—”“It wasn’t his fault. I need you to know that. I—”“You like him, don’t you?”“I can’t really explain it but something’s different this year.” I’d never looked twice at Jason and his friends before. Neither had Hailee though, and look how that turned out. Now she
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“Hailee, come here.” He gave her a reassuring nod, and slowly Hailee rose from the chair. But Thatcher’s hand clamped down on her shoulder.“Not so fast, baby, we’re just getting—"“Get your hands off her.”“Or what, Chase? You’re a lover not a fighter and I don’t see Ford anywhere, do you?”Anticipation crackled in the air, the whole diner watching on with fascination. A few cameras were aimed in the direction of the stand-off between Cameron and Lewis Thatcher and I knew it wouldn’t be long before it was all over social media.“You don’t want to do this, man.” Cameron implored, holding his hands up. “It’s a public place, people are filming.”Hesitation flashed over Thatcher’s face, enough for Cameron to grab Hailee’s hand and yank her toward him. “Go.” He flicked his head toward us, and she hurried to Asher’s side.“Maybe we should call Jason,” she said.“That is the last thing we want to do right now. Your boy can handle it.”“What’s going on here?” Tate appeared looking flustered.
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Jason“What the fuck happened?” I demanded the second Cam and Asher arrived at our regular spot in Bell’s, a local bar run by an ex-Raider and one of our biggest fans. My eyes flicked to Hailee who was quiet and a little pale at his side. I barely even acknowledged Felicity. I couldn’t risk her pulling that hypnotic voodoo crap on me, not here.“Well?” I arched my brow, growing impatient.“It was Thatcher. He showed up at The Alley.”“He was bothering you?” Meeting my step-sister’s gaze, my eyes bore into hers, and she gave me a small nod.“Fuck.” I raked a hand through my hair, trying to rein in the anger I felt coursing through my veins. Thatcher was supposed to be my problem. Mine and the team’s. He was never supposed to go after Hailee. But that shit was on me and I’d deal with it.One way or another, Thatcher would get what was coming to him. Even if I had to bide my time until the season was done.My fist curled against my thigh, anger radiating deep inside me. Fucking Lewis Tha
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“Is that what you think? That I was talking about you?” I stepped closer. “That was a mistake. You were a mistake. One I don’t plan on making again.”Felicity’s breath hitched, pain flashing in her eyes. “Fuck you,” she seethed.“Baby,” I reached out, pulling a strand of hair. “We already did that.”“I hate you.” Her voice trembled.Good. She needed to hate me. I didn’t need her getting the wrong idea about us.About me.For as much as I hated to admit it, Hailee was right. I needed to stay away from Felicity. She was too naïve, too fucking pure. Until New York, until me, she’d been a virgin for fuck’s sake.I stepped forward again, putting us almost chest to chest. I hadn’t planned on getting this close, but there was no denying she pulled me in. Almost made me want to finish what we started in New York. My eyes dropped to her lips; soft pouty lips I knew the taste of. Her tongue darted out as she watched me watching her.“Jason, what are—”“Shut the fuck up,” I ground out. Her chest
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Felicity“Happy game day.” I flashed Hailee a wide smile, but she frowned.“You’re... happy.”“Is that a crime?”“No, of course not, I just thought...”“That I’d spend the week moping after Jason?” Laughter spilled out of me, but it was strained. “Like I already told you yesterday and the day before that, it was a mistake. A blip. Jason, who?”Hailee’s eyes scrutinized me. Sharp and assessing and filled with doubt.“If it makes you feel better,” I went on, filling the awkward silence, “I added another item to my list.”“You did?” Her brows went up as the school came into view.“I did. Number eleven: Do not, under any circumstances, fraternize with the football team.”“Asher’s on the football team.” I felt her heavy gaze on me.“Asher is a friend.”“Is that what we’re calling it. He likes you, you know?”“He doesn’t like me. He likes the idea of me.”“We could double date.” She sounded happy at the prospect; too happy.“Hails,” I glanced at her, “Don’t get any ideas about me and Asher,
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