Chapter 28


(Sidheil Chamber)

Sidhiel POV:

When I arrived back to our kingdom I hurriedly went back to my room clean myself and change my outfit for sleeping, then went to bed in hurry and pretend I was asleep, then I heard a desperate knock on my door I pretend to be awake just now and saw Mercil hurriedly get in and went close to me with an excited expression,

"Miss!, wake up!" She said and I pretend to still sleepy as I turn around to my side pretending I didn't hear her when she suddenly grabbed out my blanket and I feel cold I sit up and glared at her while pouting like a child,

"What is it!, it is so cold! why do you take my blanket..., give it back blanket..." I said but she just smiled at me and went over to my big window and opened it. I then saw outside, 'Rain?' I thought I was so surprised and so glad I stood out to my bed and went close to the window full of gladness and joy,

"So, It's him..." I said and I mesmerized something back in the days.

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