Chapter 25



" mean to say VËRYÁ kingdom okay..." Princess Eruvelliel said as we hide on someones back yard,

"Yes" I reply

"What are you going to do here?" Princess Limiel Crysellian asks quietly as we walk silently on the courtyard

" what are you guys so worried about let's just enjoy our first adventure as friends!!!" Princess Arphen said full of excitement,

"Shhh!!! Bitch what if the guards see us!" Princess Eruvelliel said

"Whateves! (eye rolls) Your such a killer joy you know that Eruvel?" Princess Arphen said

" Anyway...sid- where is Sidhiel?" Princess Arphen worried,

"Damn where the bitch go?" Princess Eruvelliel said looking around for Princess Sidhiel the Princess Limiel spotted her to the other back yard standing, she signaled the others and went to where she is and then saw her stiffen to the ground and someone is with her.

"Sidhiel!" Princess Arphen shouts in anxiety as she uses her power to grab back Princess Sidhiel to their side, and the three of
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