Chapter 29


"Brother!" Princess Loth ran after her brother who just got home,

"Loth don't hug me yet I-" Prince Baragun got interrupted,

"Where were you?" King Arado continues interrogating his son,

"Why are you wet? What did you do? my people report to me that someone releases a rain to the other kingdom. Was it your doing?" King Arador asked his only son furiously.

"No, I didn't," Prince Baragun answered straightly, wearing a steady expression.

"Then why are you wet?" King Arador persistently asked

"Father" Princess Loth call his father to calm him a little,

"Go back to your room, for now, loth" King Arador orders Princess Loth then she nods and walks away wearing a bother expression worried for her brother.

" I am wet cause I went to the unicorn realm and trained some of them. Now, Father has my answer, solve all your suspicions over me?" Prince Baragun answered King Arador just a deep sigh,

"If you don't need anything I'm going back to my room now I am tired" Prince Baragu
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