Chapter 26


Princess Eruvelliel's POV

"Well...before when I was six years old, my father and I, went forest camping just the two of us" I continue talking as the three of them keep listening, my father ordered me to get some firewood and I did not know I already walk so far from our campsite and I got lost, ya know as a child I'm still untrained about my power and all," I said and they just nod in understanding and I continue saying,

"So I got lost and I wander around the forest hoping I could find the campsite again but I didn't, so I cried a lot and I was scared because inside the forest only light of the moon" I got interrupted by Eclipsa's sudden clap,

"yes thanks to me ah! okay, continue~" She said Proudly and I just roll my eyes and sigh in annoyance as I continue "So yeah..., But I get more scared when I heard a big sound of the roar and growl inside the cave beside me," I said.

Sidhiel and limiel gulp in fear while Eclipsa just being her, "So, I turned around beside me I use
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