The CEO and his surrogate bride

The CEO and his surrogate bride

By:  Adeo907  Ongoing
Language: English
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Christy had to do surrogacy for money, for a lot of money, for some reasons... She spent a turbulent night with a strange man in a strange villa for one, not one, many rounds of sexual intercourse, and eventually got pregnant. After giving birth to a twins of one boy and one girl and giving them away like agreed, her pain didn’t stop. She gave birth to another baby boy on the way back home. With overjoy, she kept the youngest son to herself and raised him by herself. Will she meet the other two babies of hers ever again? Will she meet the father of her three children ever again?

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I love this book so I thought of writing it in this app
2021-08-19 21:46:03
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I love this book can the writer pls update more often
2021-08-19 21:42:40
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Charis Avila Logarta
its nice story and i love it
2021-08-11 22:07:47
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Charis Avila Logarta
its nice story and i love it
2021-08-11 22:06:58
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Ruth Jacob
2021-08-21 06:44:12
12 Chapters
Surrogacy for a Ceo
"Christy, your father! He...he...he went over to the roof of the company building to kill himself! Come here quickly!”"What?!!" Christy Zhong jumped up in fear by this phone call with her mother's crying voice in it. Before she could reply more, she ran out of the girls' dormitory of the Academy of Performing Arts with her mobile phone. Regardless of the cold rain on her body, she ran all the way to the school gate.However, the college was located on the edge of the urban area, with sparse traffic and few taxis passing by. Christy was in such a hurry that she rushed down the road recklessly and opened her arms to intercept a speeding private car.Squeak!A silver Bentley made a sharp noise and stopped ten centimeters away from Christy!“President Feng, are you okay?" Ming Xiang, a special assistant to CEO, calmed his mind and asked the big boss sitting in the back seat."I'm fine." James Feng
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Twins? Triplets!
 Nonetheless, to save mom, there is no other choice!"Okay!" Christy Zhong burst out a word from her teeth, took the signature pen handed by Ming Xiang, and exhausted her life's efforts to force herself to sign her name on the last page.Ming retracted the agreement with satisfaction, started the car and drove to a large parking lot nearby, took out a black cloth again from the storage box, got out of the car and walked around to open the back seat door: "I have to blindfold you."Christy silently closed her eyes and let herself be at his mercy. After she was blindfolded, Ming helped her down and placed her in another car. Only then did he formally take her to the designated suburban villa and let her be taken care of by the exclusive housekeeper."Miss, I will take you to the hot spring first, and send you to the room later. As for what to do next, you should understand?" The housekeeper asked her with a low voic
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Mommy meets Daddy,Again
 One morning three years later, in an old apartment in City C.Dong dong dong!The knock on the door awakened Christy Zhong, and then her best friend Wen He yelled crisply, "My dear little rabbit, open the tree hole!"Before Christy's eyes widened, the little kid lying next to her rolled to the ground flexibly, ran over and opened the door for auntie Wen. Reluctantly sat up and rubbed her eyes, Christy said dumbly, "Why you come so early?"Wen's wet hair was still wrapped in a towel, and she curled her mouth in complain with folded arms, "It's not early, get up and take the bus back to City A, otherwise you will mess up the job interview!""My god! Thanks to my beloved princess for calling me get up, me the Queen will wash up and dress up soon." Christy remembered her interview and hurried right away."Dare to say so disgusting words like Queen!" Wen ignored her friend’s teasing words and took
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Is He Out of His Mind?
Is He Out of His Mind?Suddenly, a sound of a car engine came from the direction of the intersection, and a Bentley drove to the gate and stopped.The person in the driver's seat was Xinping Fang, and the back seat... seemed that a man lean against her!Christy Zhong quickly opened the door and greeted them out.Xinping got out of the car and opened the rear door, pointed at the man and said to Christy: "Quickly, help me help him into the house!" Christy responded and attempted to work with her to get the man out, but Xinping's cell phone rang.Xinping cursed and took her mobile phone to the side of the road to answer, Christy looked down at the man.What? ! Don’t this handsome face with sharp edges and corners look like James Feng? ! Christy leaned over to look at him obsessively."Water...I want water..." James whispered with his eyes closed, strange redness floating on his cheeks.Is this J
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Does she remember me
Christy keeps staring at the unconscious man beside her and she feel familiar with the a feeling of deja vu. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath and before she knew it she fell asleep.Ming couldn't help but stare at Christy and wonder how she came here out of all place and he couldn't help thinking what Fate has in store for her and his boss. ' Well I don't think this is just a coincidence maybe it's fate' He already thought that Christy and his boss wouldn't meet again after their last meeting.He stares at her again and found her snoring peacefully and he shook his head, how could she sleep in this kind of situation?. When junaid found her sleeping she got infuriated and yell 'How can she sleep after drugging master I'm going to make sure she pays for this' 'Im sure master won't spare her after he wakes up if he finds out that she drugged him' junaid just keeps getting irritated by the girls face and she feels like scratching out her h
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Angry Mr James
He is the man that did things to me in the car, how could I not remember him? He stared at me shocked for a moment but got over it in the next second. I wonder why he is shocked, "Then why aren't you doing anything?" He suddenly asked and i looked away "What do you want me to do? Huh?" Christy yelled slightly all of a sudden.James stared at her for a second and for the first time he couldn't predict her, if a woman give birth to children and haven't seen them for years, won't she ask about their well being? Or is she acting like this so things won't be awkward between them? He asked no one in particular. "You took me by surprise, how could I do anything you are stronger than me you know." Christy quickly explained when she saw his expression not changing."I'm speechless " James said when he had no idea what she was talking about. "Well you should be, and I expected an apology from you, aren't you supposed to apologize for what you did back there"Christy rushed and st
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Ming resemble Christy
"I-I'm sorry" Christy quickly fall out of his arms and apologize quickly and saw an angry face on mr James James glared at Christy what is she doing here? Does she actually remember everything and decided to take the children away from here I won't spare her if that's really her intention' thought James."Don't make me repeat myself,  what are you doing here?" James asked again in a cold calm voice. "I-I ju-just took a stroll around the house. I promise I meant no harm." Christy added when she saw James suspicious eyes staring at me as if I had come here to do something bad."Get out of here Right...." "Dad!" A little child came out of nowhere interrupting james.The little girl run to James and hugged him. 'Huh? He is a father?' Christy thought. Unbelievable."Dad,who is she?" The little girl asked and Christy saw James face as if telling her to leave. 'It seems that I'm not wanted in here'Christy thought. She started to walk away
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Need to know
Christy run to the room where she left junyan and she took her bag. "M.s Zhong!" Ming, James Secretary shout out but Christy did not stop and continued running until she was out of the house."I can't stay here, I can't!" She ran out running aimlessly. I need to go home right now! Christy continued running then suddenly a car come speeding and horning and Christy turned to look at the car and she closed her eyes but the car suddenly stopped before it could hit her.The man that was driving the car quickly came out and saw that she was standing closing her eyes. "Are you alright?" He asked and Christy opened her eyes. "Ahh yes!" Christy bow slightly to the man as a sign of appreciation."Where are you going? Should I give you a ride? It seems like you're lost." The man said and Christy quickly turned the offer down "don't you worry sir I'm fine on my own." She tried to walk but she slipped and she almost fell but she didn't thanks to the man that is driving the c
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Turn of events
"You have only two weeks to bring the money or..." Christy didn't wait for the doctor to finish his statement and ran off, no! Zing mustn't die!'. Christy ran home and checked her account balance, all she had was 50,000 yuan. Christy bit her finger "What am I going to do now!?, and just how did the illness got so serious without me noticing, just how for goodness sake.?" Christy questioned herself, crying 😭 profusely Christy suddenly stand up, "No, crying won't solve any problem, I need to find how I can find the money for his health issues." Christy wiped away her tears and took her phone. The first thing that came to her mind was loan. 'Yeah, if I am able to grant access to a loan then it would be great yeah' Christy smiled to herself. 5 minutes later..... "Even the bank won't grant me access to take a loan, I only have a house that's worth 3 million yuan,now everything is OVER!!!!, all my family member had died and I had only him,Xinping and
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Deal! Suspicious,. Something is fishy!
Christy quickly stood back on her feet and thanked the so called mr James and that was when Xinping arrived, Immediately she saw Mr James she became uneasy, "Christy, I need to go I'm sorry" She didn't wait for Christy to object and ran from there instead."Xinping..."Christy whispered when Xinping went out of sight, "Is your little brother in the hospital?James suddenly asked out of nowhere which caught Christy off guard, "Little Brother..?" She asked unaware of what he was talking about, she suddenly gasped 'Is he talking about my son?, right I shouldn't tell him the truth yet.' Christy thought and nodded to herself."Well actually yeah, my little brother in the hospital," Christy answered his question after few seconds of silence, "Do you want him to die?" His words were blunt stinging Christy like knife, 'Can't he be a little more gentle?' Christy asked himself, "No" Christy answer were brief and it only made him annoyed."Then if you really want him to live
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