The Heartless Handsome |✓|

The Heartless Handsome |✓|

By:  jobless.dreamer  Completed
Language: English
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"The heartless handsome". That's exactly what Aruna thinks about Sumit. But what comes as a surprise is when he doesn't hesitate to marry despite knowing her past. But then he too divulges his reasons for diving headlong into wedlock. The word 'love' seems to be nowhere in this matrimony. [Sequel : MEANT TO BE MARRIED]

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Sanskruti Sapre
amazing story
2021-08-22 02:14:21
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really interesting
2020-09-15 14:50:08
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Temam Timite
When are the next chapters
2020-09-01 10:25:59
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Hello all, author here :) The sequel: Meant to be Married is available on GoddNovel now. Hope to find your support :D
2020-08-31 15:11:09
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Temam Timite
2020-08-30 16:31:17
default avatar
Interesting story..
2020-08-01 15:00:32
36 Chapters
1. Life Isn't Only About Happy Memories
ArunaReading a book and sipping hot chocolate while its raining outside is something which I love. Its past midnight and I am sitting on the couch in my room and reading Menfreya in the morning.
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2. Brooding over the Past
ArunaThe weather was chilly and grey clouds were slowly filling up the sky, making the weather gloomier."Looks like another shower is about to start", I muttered to myself. Pulling my sweater tightly around myself, I increased my
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3. Agreeing To Meet Him
ArunaI knew what was waiting for me at home. I had the least interest to walk into the house and listen to my mother's reprimand and her usual sentimental talk. Unfortunately, I had no choice.
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4. Dumbstruck
ArunaThe following Sunday was arranged for meeting Sumit's family, namely him and his grandmother."What a tedious work", I muttered to myself as I picked up the Rajasthani pink salwar suit I had chosen though mom thought it was too 'simple'. But to me, it looks gorgeous. Anywa
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5. Unexpected
 ArunaMy mind raced and an idea popped up. I smiled mentally. Ma brought tea and snacks for all which took me by surprise because generally, it was the girl who is expected to serve tea and snacks. Anyway, they seemed to
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6. Wait...What?
ArunaAfter looking at my reflection in the mirror for the fourth time, I decide to leave the house. After perusing through my closet and rejecting a few attires, I chose to wear a dark purple gipsy sleeved top with a pair of black jeans and a black woollen shrug. I chose pumps to wear because I am not a big fan of heels.
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7. Heartless
 ArunaIt took me some time to process what he meant, I did get what he said. The atmosphere suddenly became tense. I waited for him to spill whatever he had to say with bated breath.Oh God,
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8. Arrogant Business Tycoon
ArunaHis eyebrows furrowed when he heard that I too had certain conditions.  My eyes held his gaze for a few moments before I gazed down at my lap, my hands clasped together tightly."Spill", was all he said. I let out a shaky
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9. Messed Up Life
ArunaSmudged kohl, tear-stained cheeks, dishevelled hair, in other words, the person who looked back at me as I stood in front of the mirror was a distorted me. Why did I cry so much even after determining that I'll be tough? Well maybe because I'm not what I try to be. I tried to be a lot of things before this, indifferent, hard-hearted, badass, nothing worked. I am too damn sensitive for my own good. 
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10. Best Friend
ArunaI groaned when my phone started ringing waking me up from my slumber. I squinted as I checked the gadget.It was freaking 4 in the morning!
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