Chapter 34: A New Ally

Chapter 34: A New Ally


Kim woke up with a start, his entire body drenched in cold sweat and his senses already on high alert.

Even before he regained consciousness, his senses had alerted him to the threat in the room, but as he went to reach for the gun that he always placed under his pillow when he slept…not only did he not find any traces of the said weapon, but a sharp pain shot up the entire right side of his body, making him wince as he lowered his arm, trying to rake his memory as to what had happened.

“Take it easy there Nong,” a very familiar voice spoke from right next to him. “You just got out of surgery.”

Kim looked to his side, watching P’First’s lips tilt up in a smirk as he stared down at him from the seat next to the bed. “Good morning.”

“P’First…” Kim looked around the sterile white walls of the hospital, the sound of a monitor beeping next to his ears finally registering on his senses. “What…what happened?”

In all honestly…after the bullet had hit him in his che
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